8 DC Characters Who Would Have Won At Game of Thrones (& 7 Who Would Have Lost Big Time)


As Cersei Lannister instructed Ned Stark, “when you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die.” So, anybody who performs should perceive the implications of enjoying. Luckily, the DC Universe is filled with Machiavellian schemers who may take the Iron Throne with minimal effort. Gifted with a thoughts for political maneuvering or the flexibility to deploy sources, these people may grasp the severity of the seven realms.

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Still, different DCU denizens who would fail miserably from overconfidence, a too-good-natured spirit, or sheer stupidity offset these would-be contenders. They would not perceive the true nature of this savage game or belief somebody they should not, undoubtedly resulting in their eventual demise.

Updated October 20, 2022, by Anthony Jeanetta. Game of Thrones is amidst a revival in reputation due to House of the Dragon. This record is up to date to incorporate extra DC characters who would prevail on this fantastical realm and others who would fail spectacularly.

15/15 WIN: Deathstroke

Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, the world’s premier murderer, boasts a powerful array of skills to assist him survive conditions many would die simply occupied with. Besides his enhanced energy, reflexes, and accelerated therapeutic issue, Deathstroke is without doubt one of the slyest, most crafty warriors within the DCU.

As a former soldier, Deathstroke is used to giving and taking orders. Similarly, he is well-versed in navy technique, battle ways, and political intrigue. Few may cease him from seizing the Iron Throne if he desired it. Even in the event that they had been profitable in momentarily slowing him, it is uncertain they’d be adequately ready for the blowback they’d inevitably obtain.

14/15 LOSE: The Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter is without doubt one of the strongest beings within the DC Universe, and his record of powers rivals even Superman’s. As a shapeshifter and telepath with meta-human energy and the flexibility to fly, there could be little to cease J’onn J’onzz from strolling into the Red Keep and tossing out its present occupant.

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Still, a couple of elements would cease the Martian Manhunter from ruling Westeros. First, J’onn is a pacifist at coronary heart. He solely fights to defend and shield these in want. Second, Martian Manhunter is extraordinarily susceptible to fireplace. Typically, this weak spot to fireplace would not be a major issue, however in a world with dragons flying round, it is unlikely Martian Manhunter would make it out along with his inexperienced pores and skin intact.

13/15 WIN: Constantine

John Constantine is the DC Universe’s resident professional on all issues occult. The cynical, chain-smoking misanthrope can also be half gumshoe, half grasp of the mystic arts. These experiences coping with demons for a dwelling have made Constantine cautious of each potential menace.

Even when John Constantine is in peril, he can usually make it out alive by counting on his huge data of the occult and a touch of ingenuity. While securing the Iron Throne may take him a while, he may possible obtain it. Constantine is an actual contender due to his mystical mastery and uncanny skill to keep away from loss of life.

12/15 LOSE: The Flash

Ever the consummate hero, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is probably the most targeted and efficient when righting wrongs and correcting injustices via his tremendous velocity. Despite being the quickest man alive, Barry is persistently a couple of steps behind his competitors with regards to political maneuvering and energy consolidation.

This naïveté, paired along with his tendency to develop into absent-minded when not adequately engaged, makes The Flash unlikely to win the Iron Throne. As evidenced by actions from these like Ned Stark, these not singularly targeted on the game afoot, even when a world-class swordsman, or the quickest being alive, can simply fall sufferer to the game of thrones.

11/15 WIN: Bane

When it involves felony masterminds, there are few higher than Bane. After all, it takes a particular form of villain to outwit Batman, one thing Bane has completed twice throughout Knightfall and City of Bane. These are two examples of how his strengths far exceed solely the bodily.

Bane’s excessive intelligence highlights his formidable drive to succeed. Plus, he is able to growing probably the most deviously depraved plots and understands how you can play the lengthy game to attain his objectives. Bane has additionally proven a propensity for uplifting excessive loyalty in his subordinates. Finally, his prowess in martial arts, mixed with the Venom drug, virtually ensures Bane may safe victory on this lethal game.

10/15 LOSE: Hal Jordan

Cocky, brash, and borderline smug, Hal Jordan had a fame for headstrong impulsiveness even earlier than turning into a Green Lantern. Once he placed on the inexperienced ring, this fame kicked into excessive gear as he persistently dove headfirst into harmful conditions with little concern for his security.

Still, Jordan’s fame for brash motion is not conducive to successful the Iron Throne. The game takes shrewdness, cautious planning, and meticulous execution, not hasty actions carried out with the finesse of a battering ram. All it will take is one night time of sleeping with out his ring to finish Jordon’s bid for Westeros.

9/15 WIN: Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor, an evil genius extraordinaire, is liable for a number of the most dastardly plots within the DC Universe. These schemes embrace turning into President of the United States, utilizing his political and financial clout to virtually buy an earthquake-ravaged Gotham City, and altering his DNA to awaken the Dark God Perpetua.

Luthor can not help however constantly contain himself in some short- or long-term plot designed to extend his energy or broader affect. The solely factor matching Luthor’s ambition is his skill to foresee and forestall obstacles in his path. With this propensity to beat, even within the face of super-powered beings, buying the Iron Throne would possible be simply attainable if Lex set his thoughts to it.

8/15 LOSE: The Joker

The Joker is a power of pure, lawless dysfunction. As the final word chaos agent, Joker has confirmed his skill to disrupt civilized society within the DCU. He may certainly do the identical in Westeros — a land of continually shifting alliances and ethical ambiguity. The Joker’s skills appear an ideal match for Westeros, given it is ripe for the seeds of mayhem.

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Despite the match of expertise and alternative, The Joker would wrestle within the game of thrones. He’s prone to activate his Westerosi allies on a whim and on the most inopportune second, as a result of victory is not his endgame; it is bedlam and his perverse amusement. Such a person would rapidly discover themselves useless in a society that would not hassle with incarceration or reformation. The Joker’s enemies would kill him earlier than he noticed the within of the Red Keep.

7/15 WIN: Batman

It ought to come as no shock that Batman would discover himself amongst DC characters able to successful the Iron Throne. Aside from his bodily prowess, genius-level mind, and proficiency in fight, Batman persistently shows a capability to outthink any opponent.

Batman’s backup plans have backup plans. This forethought and preparedness would make it almost inconceivable for any adversary to get the drop on the Dark Knight in any significant approach. With sufficient time to plan, it is virtually a assure Batman would quickly have the Iron Throne someplace between the large penny and dinosaur trophies within the Batcave.

6/15 LOSE: Superman

With his in depth record of superpowers, claiming the Iron Throne may appear to be one thing Superman may obtain in his spare time. However, it is unbelievable Superman could be able to finishing up the actions essential to put on the Westerosi crown. First, undertaking this aim would require him to get rid of adversaries with the ruthlessness “The Big Blue Boy Scout” lacks.

Like the perennial good man, Ned Stark, Superman lives by a strict code of conduct that may lock him into shedding positions in opposition to opponents who aren’t unencumbered by such morality. Additionally, though the Man of Steel has just one weak spot, it is relatively obvious. If one among his political enemies acquired some inexperienced “dragonglass,” Superman’s bid for the throne may finish rapidly.

5/15 WIN: Vandal Savage

As an immortal with powers imbued by an encounter with a radioactive meteorite, Vandal Savage is a power to be reckoned with. Additionally, since he is been alive since primitive occasions, Savage has a breadth of information that is unparalleled. Thanks to the meteorite, he has super-powered energy and velocity.

These bodily powers alone make Vandal Savage a viable contender for the Iron Throne. Still, it is his intelligence and huge retailer of experiences that may make Savage an apex predator, even within the cutthroat world of Westeros. Vandal Savage would have the wherewithal to plan forward, courtroom the precise allies, and the ruthlessness obligatory to manage the Red Keep.

4/15 LOSE: Amanda Waller

At face worth, Amanda Waller looks as if a great candidate for the political scheming and ethical ambiguity obligatory to remain alive within the game of thrones. After all, Waller, the creator and chief of Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad, is well-practiced in maneuvering via purple tape and ranges of paperwork.

Waller’s experience in ways and politicking is past a shadow of a doubt. However, she has one obvious weak spot that may virtually definitely guarantee her eventual demise. As a pacesetter, Waller is intimidating and able to putting worry in even the toughest of individuals’s hearts. Still, like Ramsay Bolton found, worry alone is not sufficient to make one an enduring chief in Westeros. Similarly, Waller’s tendency towards intimidation would ultimately put on out her welcome in courtroom.

3/15 WIN: Ra’s Al Ghul

Serving as a kind of inverse to Bruce Wayne, Ra’s al Ghul has the wealth, intelligence, and fight abilities to go head-to-head with anybody within the DC Universe or Westeros. Plus, because the chief of the League of Assassins, al Ghul already has a military of professional warriors at his again.

Unlike Batman, Ra’s al Ghul has these capabilities, plus the pure brutality essential to take the Iron Throne. Similarly, due to his Lazarus Pit, not even loss of life would impede al Ghul’s rise to energy. As a grasp tactician with centuries of expertise to attract upon, Ra’s al Ghul has the smarts, abilities, and savagery to rule the Red Keep.

2/15 LOSE: Aquaman

Aquaman, King of Atlantis and a founding member of the Justice League, is without doubt one of the strongest beings within the DC Universe. With his tremendous energy, expertise in battle, and management of sea life, Arthur Curry may certainly contend for the crown.

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Still, like Superman or Martian Manhunter, Aquaman’s strict ethical code would hinder his succession in Westeros. Like these different protagonists, Curry is a hero via and thru. So, when it inevitably got here time to do some soiled work and kill-or-be-killed eventualities, it is robust to think about Aquaman having the abdomen to do all the pieces obligatory to sit down on the Iron Throne.

1/15 WIN: Black Adam

Black Adam, aka Teth-Adam, is the uncommon DC character who’s been each a hero and a villain at numerous factors. While this moral uncertainty made Adam’s place alongside the Justice Society of America tenuous at greatest, it additionally makes him a wonderful candidate to win the game of thrones.

Black Adam’s ethical flexibility and magical powers set up him as a power to be reckoned with within the DC Universe or Westeros. Unlike conventional heroes like Aquaman, Adam will not hesitate to take a life if he deems it obligatory for the better good, one thing required to rule over Westeros.

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