50 Best Decals & Emblems Share ID Codes in Armored Core 6



    Apart from fancy paint jobs, one of the best ways to show your personality in your mech builds is to use custom decals and emblems. While designing your decals/emblems is the way to go, it has a long learning curve due to the various customization features. So, instead of breaking your head to design a logo from scratch, you can always copy one of the decal/emblem codes that match your vibe below.

    How to input Share IDs in Armored Core 6

    Before browsing the list of various decal IDs, learn where to input these codes.

    • Open your Garage and click on Decals.
    Image by MyFullGames
    • Choose Custom Decals and head to the Downloaded section.
    Image by MyFullGames
    • Press the + icon and input any Share ID codes in the textbox.
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Remember, all the Decals or Emblem codes are platform-specific. So, please copy the code according to your device.

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    Best Decals & Emblems Share ID Codes

    1. Bloodlust Diablos Monster Hunter: X4VD6BTPBTPM
    2. Adepta Sororitas: KZ7N527SGT5J
    3. Anti- Rain: K3PWUR56RH6V
    4. Outer Heaven Metal Gear: HGR3W16CTWPV
    5. Punisher: KU214VATVWNS
    6. Cut the Rope Omnom: AGSM6301QMQ5
    7. Trish DMC Logo: F24UM4W284MC
    8. Raven: KDPAD12R65V0
    9. The Witcher Logo: VQ3VWE59T4AK
    10. Hellsing Logo: 9HYHD5DJZNBY
    11. GFL 404 Logo: RKTVZK6Z75CQ
    12. Kedama Korone: EX7GVTUVL5MY
    13. Kirby: 91BGD9FB2SHJ
    14. Barcode: KHTRCCBY0EXQ or 7730XH27JF0F
    15. Jaeger #5: BN4ECATK7TFT or 5DQ5L546MCK2
    16. 7 Eleven: TNFLXBBCZDL6 or ULX2GEDXTXMV
    17. Pokemon Pikachu: 9VL2WJ9L246Z
    18. Rimaru: LNNY56CEB1K2
    19. Autobot Logo: DGSDR3J0A814
    20. Moonlight Greatsword: 600UZ85ERESH
    21. Decepticon Insignia: CV0H73X1NLQ0
    22. Caution Laser: K2G3UFDLKKJ0
    23. Warning Keep: 5QZADS6V8EEA
    24. Release Valve: EYF68JKZLYDT
    25. High Voltage: R7MM0N86HAUS
    26. Metal Gear: S4K5V94ND3VX
    27. Nerv Logo: PSGE9DJRZKBB
    28. Berserk: ETHV3PD95S09
    29. Student Driver: XSGT36GP1CFT
    30. Amuro Logo: P3C9T5G4H477
    31. Arknights: ET8K8DNFS667
    32. Ejection Seat: SSCNW3Z5LVYC
    33. Caution: 72K39JZDNMGM
    34. Gundam 00: NTQDCXWCB6FM (PS5)
    35. Sieg Zeon: 0SG3EVER147H
    36. The Laughing Man: 3564W5DC2HYN (Xbox)
    37. Red Pill/ Blue Pill: ABABGB26CGPG (PS5)
    38. Chess 619: 9L4QJBAMHFB1
    39. JoJo Bizzare Adventure: UZC2SQYTVD19
    40. Silly Toon: 20X47410MYDK(PS5)
    41. SCP: YG87DDPQNVQ0
    42. The Pierce: JDP8JBB95ANT
    43. Vigilo Confido X-Com: L0VSV2G3V2DL (Xbox)
    44. Principality of Zeon: DB822CTYMZ8Z
    45. Ammo Bay: 2R69QFEEXX0Q
    46. Burning Eye: N2HNX3LBLNF7
    47. 8 Ball Pin: CCRSQ7C730EC
    48. Pixel Onigiri: GS6DSGVSYMBS
    49. Praise the Sun: XCHW6AZZ3UV4
    50. Doom: 768F6MHMVSNF

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