Love him or hate him, Squidward is likely one of the most recognizable and vital characters in cartoon historical past. While not precisely a fountain of information for youths in a child’s present, Squidward being an antithesis of SpongeBob offers SpongeBob Squarepants its personal particular character dynamics and distinctive model of humor that rivals grownup cartoons, a troublesome feat for a present aimed toward kids.

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Unlike the genuinely well-meaning however clueless SpongeBob, Squidward Tentacles is extra agenda-driven. As a consequence, he is completed plenty of each good and dangerous issues. Admittedly, it is largely the latter as he offers into his selfish and elitist aspect. Still, deep down, Squidward is an effective man. His pleasure simply will get in the best way of him displaying it.

Updated September 23, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Squidward Tentacles is likely one of the most iconic characters in cartoon historical past, partially as a result of he has a surprisingly deep persona. Squidward is usually a actual jerk, however he additionally has a real coronary heart and cares for the folks round him. We’ve revamped this record with much more details about the highs and lows of Squidward’s time on SpongeBob Squarepants.

Ways Squidward Is Really A Good Guy

Squidward Has A Genuine Concern For SpongeBob

At the underside of his inky coronary heart, Squidward truly cares for SpongeBob– sufficient to face up for him and even struggle for his rights. This is particularly noticeable when Mr. Krabs offered SpongeBob for 62 cents within the Season Five episode “Friend or Foe.” Squidward instantly leaps to SpongeBob’s protection, at the same time as he cannot imagine he is doing so.

Squidward additionally stood up for SpongeBob within the basic Season One episode “Pizza Delivery.” After an indignant buyer berates SpongeBob and drives him to tears, Squidward takes issues into his personal palms and slams the pizza into the person’s face. Squidward might get irritated together with his yellow neighbor, however he virtually at all times comes by for him when it actually issues.

Becoming Handsome Revealed Squidward Has Pure Intentions

Squidward changing into good-looking within the Season Five episode “The Two Faces of Squidward” was an enormous enhance to his inventive ambitions. He rapidly obtained the eye he needed and even grew to become a sensation together with his music regardless of being a mediocre clarinet participant. He quickly found that not all that glitters is gold and life as a good-looking creature might be taxing.

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This was a humbling lesson for Squidward and he rapidly needed to revert again to his previous self. When he inevitably returned to his authentic look, he appeared happy. It demonstrates a depth of character and a love for the real that not many different SpongeBob characters reveal.

Squidward Passively Puts Up With All The Nonsense Around Him

Despite his annoyance with SpongeBob and Patrick’s shenanigans and even with Mr. Krabs’ unfair therapy, Squidward demonstrates a superhuman degree of endurance. He places up with Bikini Bottom’s nonsense each single day of his life with little various grouchy remarks.

The location of Squidward’s home makes issues even worse. He’s caught proper between SpongeBob and Patrick, fairly probably the 2 most annoying neighbors an individual might ask for. But there have been solely a few episodes the place he tried to maneuver out. Instead, he quietly bears it with out complaining.

Squidward Keeps To Himself And Practices His Art

The residents of Bikini Bottom are continuously getting in one another’s enterprise. Whether it is SpongeBob and Patrick disturbing everybody with their noisy antics, Mr. Krabs pestering his prospects for extra money, or Sandy and SpongeBob tearing up the city in a karate battle, Bikini Bottom has a critical situation with disturbing the peace. Squidward is an unimaginable exception.

Squidward likes to maintain to himself. He has a ton of hobbies like music, portray, cooking, and extra. He’d be content material to work a shift on the Krusty Krab, then come dwelling and revel in his free time peacefully alone. The identical cannot be mentioned for everybody in Bikini Bottom.

Squidward Gave Gifts To All Of Bikini Bottom As Santa Claus

There’s little a fictional character can do to reveal their altruistic nature than taking part in Santa Claus. Squidward does simply that within the Season Two episode “Christmas Who?” After Squidward receives an extremely heartfelt present, Squidward units out to unfold vacation cheer to your entire city.

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Squidward spared no expense in his Chirstmas extravaganza, freely giving all his worldly possessions to make his neighbors joyful. Even the true Santa Claus acknowledges the purehearted intent behind this act, delivering Squidward a stunning observe in a bottle to that impact.

Ways Squidward Is The Worst

Squidward Kicked SpongeBob Out When He Had Nowhere Else To Go

Unfortunately, Squidward does not at all times prolong a tentacle to assist SpongeBob in his moments of want. When SpongeBob’s pineapple home will get destroyed within the Season One episode “Home Sweet Pineapple,” he tried to bunk up with Squidward. Squidward responds by booting him out into the chilly night time.

This betrayal is made even worse by the truth that SpongeBob let Squidward stick with him within the Season Three episode “Can You Spare a Dime.” After quitting his job on the Krusty Krab, Squidward finds himself destitute, and SpongeBob welcomes him in with open arms.

Squidward Went Overboard With A Violent April Fool’s Prank

There’s little question that Squidward is essentially the most erratic character in SpongeBob Squarepants. He’s continuously leaping between extremes, and his disinterested demeanor typically offers technique to a fervor at sudden occasions. That’s precisely what occurred within the Season One episode “Fools in April.”

In this episode, a disgruntled Squidward goes to nice lengths to humiliate and injure SpongeBob in an elaborate prank. The guilt finally drives Squidward to the depths of despair, however the preliminary act and his reticence to apologize converse volumes.

Squidward Ruined A Perfect Friendship

One of the worst issues about being neighbors with two uber-optimistic dorks is the noise they create once they’re having enjoyable. Squidward can’t stand SpongeBob and Patrick’s shouts of pleasure due to his unhappy life. In the Season One episode “Naughty Nautical Neighbors,” he goes to nice lengths to destroy their friendship.

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Squidward’s deception was a surprisingly efficient motion and SpongeBob and Patrick rapidly grew to despise each other. The ruese finally backfired on him as Patrick adopted Squidward as his new greatest buddy, which is precisely what he deserved.

Squidward Nearly Killed SpongeBob’s Snail, Gary

One of Squidward’s most egocentric moments got here within the iconic Season One episode “I Was A Teenage Gary.” He initially agreed to handle SpongeBob’s pet snail Gary for the weekend with a purpose to get every week of peace and quiet. But in true egocentric Squidward style, he as a substitute prioritized his personal leisure.

When SpongeBob returns from his journey to search out Gary at dying’s door, Squidward rapidly tries to cowl up his mistake. The episode ends with Squidward getting his comeuppance, however neglecting a freind’s pet is a really heinous act.

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