4 best gaming projectors in 2023


    Finding the best gaming projector in 2023 can be difficult, as there is a lot of hardware to choose from that all come with different statistics, functions, and modes, making it hard to sort between them. 

    However, we’ll help you track down the best gaming projector with our list below, that covers four of the best for budget, mid-range, and high-end gamers looking for a fancy new piece of hardware. 

    So, read on to see what our picks are for the best gaming projector in 2023.

    How we choose the best gaming projector

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    Image via BenQ | Optoma | Artlii

    There are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing a gaming projector: response time, resolution, throwing range, and colour clarity. All these are important factors that make up a quality gaming projector, with response time being the most important for this medium in particular. 

    While a standard, cheap projector is fine for movies and TV, a gaming projector needs to be able to translate your actions to the projected screen, and you’ll need a good response time otherwise you’ll notice a lag between your inputs and the actions on-screen. 

    Essentially, all of our choices have good enough response times to warrant their use for gaming, with the other key factors highlighted above varying based on the price of the projector. It’s worth noting that gaming projectors are just expensive in general, with our cheapest one still coming to over $200 dollars on 43% sale, but they are worth it for the freedom and mobility they provide.

    Best budget gaming projector

    Artlii Energon2

    an image of the Artlii Energon 2, one of our picks for the best gaming projector

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    Image via Artlii

    Our budget choice for those looking for something much cheaper than a typical gaming projector is the Artlii Energon2.

    It’s mostly built for watching TV and film, but it can support gaming at a high-quality 1080p. Don’t use it for anything multiplayer as the response time lag will be noticeable in those situations, making your performances much worse. 

    It’s a simple-to-use gaming projector and comes with all the basic features you could expect, such as keystone correction, image projection size controls, and the ability to upscale to 4K.

    Best mid-range gaming projector

    Optoma HD146X

    an image of the Optoma HD146X

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    Image via Optoma

    Getting into the purpose-built gaming projectors, we have the Optoma HD146X as our mid-range pick. 

    This projector has a gaming mode built in that reduces the input lag to 16ms while boosting the shadows and darker scenes on the display for greater visibility when playing. It allows for an output of 1080p, so you can really make games pop on the display while enjoying them with almost no input lag. 

    It has a standard throw of 14 feet, making it perfect for larger rooms, and the keystone correction will ensure the display is set up correctly with minimal fuss. 

    Best high-end gaming projector

    BenQ TH690ST

    an image of the BenQ TH690ST, one of our picks for the best gaming projector

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    Image via BenQ

    Now we’re in the pricier range, but if you can afford the BenQ TH690ST it’ll be well worth it as a quality gaming projector.

    It features an HDR 1080p screen with an option for 4K upscaling, and has exclusive 4LED technology to auto-calibrate colours and leave them popping even as the projector ages.

    The response time can go as low as 4ms, with room to change depending on your refresh rate, as the projector supports up to 120Hz if you can manage that framerate. This one also has a gaming mode to help tweak darker colours to be more visible.

    The biggest setback is its short throw range, so it’s only really useful for smaller areas when you’re gaming.

    What is the best gaming projector?

    BenQ TK700

    an image of the BenQ TK700

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    Image via BenQ

    The BenQ TK700 is the ultimate gaming projector money can buy, offering a suite of quality features that are perfect for those looking to game on a projector. 

    Firstly, it supports 1080p gaming at a max of 240HZ, with a low latency of 4ms, and can go up to 4K 60Hz with 16ms, meaning it can suitably handle online competitive games in any of its modes. 

    It has a standard throw range of 14 feet, making it suitable for most ranges and a perfect projector for parties in larger spaces. An added benefit is the gaming-based surround sound, projecting audio quality to match the projection quality. 

    Finally, it has some of the best colour clarity you can buy for a projector, with 3200 lumens of brightness and detail enhancement on darker scenes. It has everything you would want in a high-end gaming projector.

    That’s all for our coverage of the best gaming projectors, and now you know four projectors at wildly different price points.

    For more hardware coverage and lists, stick with GGRecon.


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