30 Things You Might Have Missed In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


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    Alright, so you have Pokemon Scarlet and/or Violet, and you’re making your way through Paldea. But this game can be a little bit hands free when it comes to tutorials. In a way, that’s great: you can figure things out for yourself, but it can also make you feel a bit lost.

    Fear not, intrepid trainer! We’ve cataloged 30 things we think everyone should know about the game, from interesting facts and easter eggs to useful information that will save you time and energy.

    Let’s go!

    30 Things You Might Have Missed In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

    1. School can be rewarding

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    Don’t skip class! You can learn valuable things. Not really! We don’t just say that because we love homework. By completing classes and taking trials, you can receive real rewards such as Tera Shards and Pokémon, as well as learning about game mechanics such as how Tera Types work and how to calculate attack bonuses for super effective type matches.

    Talk to the woman at the Academy reception to take classes.

    2. A fun little reference to salt

    If you know your chemistry, you may have already figured this out, but Nacli, the Rock Salt Pokémon, is a reference to NaCl, the chemical compound of salt! Wow, learning!

    3. Cinematography 101

    Does the camera work in this game bother you? Feeling a little claustrophobic? Zoom out by clicking the R stick and click again to zoom back in.

    4. Cha Cha Slide

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    If you’re running and you press B to sneak, your character will go from running to sneaking with a cool little slide. It’s honestly one of the best animations in the game.

    5. Breeding is now DIY

    No more nurseries. No more old people taking care of your Pokémon. No more running around trying to hatch an egg; okay, never mind, that still exists, but now the breeding is done completely on its own, and the eggs magically appear in your picnic basket if you get it right.

    We have a separate guide if you want to know how babies are made:

    6. Nicknames are for nerds

    You can turn off naming your Pokémon entirely, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t. ever give their pokemon names. This setting can be found in the Options menu, under “Give nicknames”.

    Turning this setting off will save you a fair amount of time, even if you’re someone who likes to name Pokemon: if you’re gaming, hunting shiny, EV training, etc., it’s best to have it turned off.

    7. Hats off

    You can take off that stupid school hat, even if it’s not obvious.

    Press left on the D-Pad to bring up the outfit menu, go to the hats and press X to remove them. You can also do it with socks, gloves and glasses.

    8.BLJ FTW

    It’s short for “long jump back to win”, which means you can break the sequence in this game by using Miraidon or Koraidon to jump back over hills and mountains.

    Simply place your bike-mon with your back to the hill and jump while moving the bike backwards, and keep repeating until you reach the top. Just keep in mind that breaking the sequence will put you up against monsters MUCH stronger than you… but you can always run in, grab the higher level items and TMs, and run out!

    9. Pokédex Rewards

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    This one is important! Make sure to enter your Pokédex from time to time by pressing the minus button, then enter the Pokédex and press X to earn rewards for the number of Pokémon you’ve caught so far. These rewards include rare evolution stones!

    10. Winks at red and blue

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    Alfornada has Gen 1 Pokémon sprites tiled across the battlefield floor and walls, as a small nod to the games that started it all.

    11. What’s in a name?

    If you’ve lost interest in your Pokémon’s nickname, you can change it without even going to the Name Sorter! Here is a guide:

    12. Lock that map

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    Open the map with Y and click on the stick, and it will lock it to the north, it will no longer rotate!

    13. Make a backup

    There is a secret backup that you can access at any time, if things go really bad or the game crashes. Here is a guide on how to load it:

    14. Pokemon Dad

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    It turns out that Pokémon like to hang out in the overworld in groups. You’ll see flocks of bird Pokémon and herds of deer Pokémon, and you’ll think that yes, it makes sense.

    But have you noticed that sometimes those herds and herds contain a much larger parent? We’ve seen Yungooses being cared for by Gumshoos, Hoppips being herded by Skiploom,

    15. Picnics > Potions

    Don’t waste your precious potions and revive, just have a picnic! making a sandwich will cure Y revive all your Pokémon. And it only costs the cost of a sandwich!

    That’s the first half down. How many of those had you not noticed? Turn to the second page to see 15 more tidbits…


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