20 best games like Phasmophobia


    Phasmophobia is incredibly addictive and fun, with its specific ghost hunting mechanic. However, it is not complete, so players may quickly run out of maps to try. Luckily, several games with similar aesthetics, mechanics, and ideas can offer players a good alternative. The hardest part is finding them! We made it, so that you can enjoy playing the best games like Phasmophobia.

    20 Phasmophobia-like games to play

    20. I am on observation duty

    Image via Nonovia

    There are four I’m on Observation Duty games, all of which require players to work as some sort of supernatural security. Players can only affect gameplay by reporting anomalies and unknown entities within the rooms they are in charge of. Players will survive their night’s work if they say enough within the allotted time and prevent an entity from sitting in a room without being reported. This is not very similar, but offers similar puzzle-solving gameplay with unsettling supernatural creatures in a horror setting.

    Image via CyberLight Game Studio

    BIGFOOT is a multiplayer Bigfoot hunting game. Players must work together to distract, catch, and hunt down Bigfoot before he destroys the entire group. Crawl across the forest floor towards the larger cabins in the woods and try not to yell, as any excess noise can cause Bigfoot to fall on players’ heads. This option is great for players looking for more action and a little less mystery.

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    18. Hunt: Showdown

    Image via Crytek

    Hunt: Showdown is an online multiplayer FPS where players can play PvE and PvP as a late 19th century monster hunter based in the Louisiana Bayou. Players must search for rewards to earn money and upgrade their equipment, working against dangerous otherworldly enemies and other hunters. This is a high risk, high reward game that is highly competitive and action packed. It won’t work for all Phasmophobia lovers, but those who want some extra challenge should give it a try.

    17. The Middle

    Image via Team Bloober

    The Medium is a single-player story-based game in which the player is a medium, able to interact with the dead and grant them peace. This story sees the player go through both the spiritual and physical realms to find out more about the main character’s past and a dark entity that is stalking his family. While not as action related, The Medium offers that setting of horror and mysterious puzzle solving with a great story.

    16. Ghost Exorcism INC.

    Image via StudioGoupil

    Ghost Exorcism Inc. offers all the adorable aspects of Phasmophobia with stylish graphics and additional scary situations. Instead of having a four player maximum, this one has a six player maximum. Players’ gear is mostly based on their income from completing contracts, so they won’t have everything at the start. However, they will gain access to powerful tools such as a surveillance system, a threat detector, and a neutrino cannon.

    15. WARNED

    Image via Dreambyte Games

    Forewarned is a very similar multiplayer game where players explore an Egyptian tomb to find out what kind of entity is inside. As a group of archaeologists, players have some slightly different tools than what is available in Phasmophobia ghost hunting, but with a similar concept. In addition to this, players must avoid various booby traps within the tomb to reach specific areas of the entity with clues as to what it is.

    14. Masks of Deceit

    Image via Reflect Studios

    Masks of Deception combines Phasmophobia and Among Us, where you deal with a demon. That hellish creature is one of six players, so you need to find out which one is the devil in disguise. Interestingly, if you die, you will come back as a ghost that has to collect items scattered around the map. By doing this, you are helping the innocent (non-demon players) to exorcise the demon.

    13. Midnight Ghost Hunt

    Image via Coffee Stain Publishing

    Midnight Ghost Hunt has often been described as a hellish game of hide and seek. But unlike Phasmophobia, you won’t feel helpless thanks to Midnight Ghost Hunt’s weapons, gadgets, and perks. Interestingly, you can also play as a ghost and haunt the hunters. That is especially true at midnight when you are dominated and the hunters become the hunted.

    12. Ghost Watchers

    Image via Render

    Ghost Watchers is one of the most Phasmophobia games you will find. The premise is the same; You will also tour interiors in search of supernatural occurrences here. Here you can identify ghosts, determine their age and even catch them. So it’s essentially Phasmophobia with the bonus of seeing spirits.

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    11. Paranormal Hunter

    Image via EALoGAMES

    Paranormal Hunder is another game similar to Phasmophobia where up to four people explore spooky houses looking for ghosts. So why would you play this game? First of all, this horror title is VR compatible, so you can get even more scared!

    10. Phantom Exile

    Image via LostOneTeam

    You’d never guess this, but Ghost Exile is a cooperative horror game where you hunt down ghosts, try to identify them, and then banish them. So as you can see this is completely different than Phasmophobia. To improve your odds against unholy creatures, it is recommended to bring equipment on the expedition to be able to exile the ghost.

    9. Escape from the back rooms

    Image via Pixiphase Studios

    Don’t be fooled by the pixelated graphics, as Flee the Backrooms is a horror game with a great setting. Your team of four is tasked with completing a backup of the computers on the map while preventing the entity from pursuing them (played by the fifth player).

    8. Silence signal

    Image via Render

    Sign of Silence is a scary game that will make you jump out of your seat, especially if you play it at night. Some may say it’s even scarier than Phasmophobia, even if you have ways of fighting back. Unlike Phasmophobia, the game mostly takes place in a forest full of unholy creatures, so it’s possible to get lost while running away.

    7. Somewhere in the shade

    Image via Alexander Simashkevich, Nikolay Kules

    Somewhere in the Shadow is a multiplayer game that can be described as an escape room game. To do that, you will solve puzzles and get really scared while doing it. The setting is similar to Phasmophobia but it is much more violent, so if you are looking for a creepy and bloody experience, this is a title you must try.

    6. Inside the back rooms

    Image via MrFatcat

    Inside the Backrooms is a strange horror game where you try to survive in seemingly endless corridors. Some monsters will gladly take your life if those creepy yellow hallways are not enough. So the goal is simple, find the final escape exit.

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    5. Devour

    Image via Straight Back Games

    It’s never a good idea to join a cult, especially if it has something to do with demons. In Devour, you are in the role of a cultist who has realized that the cult is evil and that those monsters from hell are real. In this Phasmophobia-with-demons cooperative horror game, you’ll have to outwit the possessed cultists to defeat the evil and send it back to hell.

    4. Obsidian

    image via Kyle’s Garage

    In Obsideo, you will get really scared while exploring a haunted house in a team of up to four priests (players). You can play alone, but it’s much more fun to experience paranormal activities with your friends. To detect ghosts, destiny in God is not enough, so you will use the Geiger Counter, among other scientifically proven elements. Everything you know about Phasmophia is here: different types of ghosts, ghost hunting equipment, bugging (to talk to ghosts!), and exorcism.

    3. Escape Tales

    Image via OnSkull Games

    Finally, a game that has more than four players in co-op! Tales of Escape is a terrifying escape room game where up to six players try to escape their fate. While not a Phasmophobia clone, it is a great option if you want to experience dread. VR support adds value so you can immerse yourself in the game. Also, Tales of Escape is free to play, so it doesn’t cost anything to try it out.

    2. Pacify

    Image via Hitchcock Games

    Pacify is a horror game that combines teamwork with the sheer joy of running for your life. There are several scenarios in which you can play with a team of four players. To add to the fear factor, a possessed girl will chase you as you try to escape.

    1. Labyrinthine

    Image via Valko Game Studios

    Labyrinthine is a horror game that focuses more on atmosphere than jumpscares. One of the main reasons for this is the location. The game is set in mazes where it is very easy to get lost and scared by creepy things, even if you have three other friends playing with you.

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