2.D Metroidvania RPG Afterimage Coming to PC and Consoles April 25th



    Walnut Creek, California-based Indian Games publisher and Shanghai-based Indie Games Limited announced their hand-drawn 2D metroidvania RPG Afterimage will be available for PC on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch April 25, 2023.

    New trailer showcasing Engardin and all the wonderful creatures which inhabit this site is in the format of the news release.

    When a catastrophic cataclysm called The Devastation threatened the natural world, mystical forces attacked the remaining settlements of the world. Renee, eagerly to find the truth, said goodbye to her abandoned village and entered the journey with the discovery of the truth. For such a reason, she set off a series of events, which would affect the fate of the new world.

    Afterimage combines an unrivalled aesthetic with deep RPG elements and a metroidvania-like world to challenge its players to explore and travel the land of Engardine. Explore the treacherous surroundings, defeat challenging bosses and uncover the secrets that unite Engardin and its other inhabitants.

    The non-linear world of Engardin allows players to explore it themselves. Afterimage lets players take control of their own journeys in over 200 pieces of gear. Using 6 different weapon classes, and with talented points to master a wide range of skills, it lets players take control of their own journeys.



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