15 Marvel Characters Black Adam Could Beat


Black Adam’s reputation has grown exponentially over time. The villain turned anti-hero has gone via many ups and downs, bouncing forwards and backwards in morality and becoming a member of groups just like the Justice Society, the Secret Society of Supervillains, and the Justice League. He’s as highly effective as he’s widespread, his powers coming from the identical supply as Shazam.

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There aren’t many who can beat Black Adam, and he has defeated many DC heroes and villains. Pitting him in opposition to Marvel’s characters would make for some blistering battles, lots of which Adam would win. With his brutal code of conduct and excessive energy ranges, he can defeat practically anybody.

Updated by David Harth on October twenty second, 2022: With the premiere of Black Adam, followers are extra curious than ever about simply what he can do. Marvel’s heroes and villains current a novel menace to him, however Adam’s powers have at all times allowed him to defeat all comers. There are much more highly effective Marvel heroes and villains who would problem the monarch of Kahndaq however would fall earlier than his may.

15/15 She-Hulk Is Powerful, But Black Adam’s Mobility Advantage Is Too Much For Her

She-Hulk made individuals love Jen Walters once more, bringing her again into the highlight. She-Hulk has at all times been a tricky cookie, her powers equal to that of her cousin. She has even been an Avenger and a member of the Fantastic Four. She positively has the facility to problem Black Adam, however he has too many benefits over her, together with an enormous one: mobility.

She-Hulk’s management over her anger means it takes her longer to achieve energy than it does her cousin. This will maintain her energy down, however fortunately for her, Adam may be fairly infuriating. However, Adam has her beat within the pace and flight departments. He can do fast hits and fade strikes, hitting her exhausting and making it unattainable for her to counter-punch. He can take her down earlier than she ever will get successful in.

14/15 Hercules’ Strength Can’t Match Black Adam’s Speed And Cunning

Hercules is Marvel’s premiere demi-god, having been a member of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Prince of Power is a fierce hero who loves preventing as a lot as he loves anything. He’s a talented fighter with years of expertise, however he is not at all times the neatest fighter which is able to permit Adam to take him.

Black Adam is as sensible as he’s robust, and that can make an enormous distinction on this combat. Hercules’s energy has no observable higher restrict, so Adam’s pace and intelligence would be the deciding issue. Using flying assaults, his tremendous pace, and lightning blasts, Adam would make quick work of the son of Zeus.

13/15 Ulik The Troll Is At A Severe Disadvantage Against Black Adam

Ulik the Troll has been main the Trolls’ wars in opposition to Asgard for years. The Cave Troll is a robust combatant, a squat mound of muscle with years of preventing expertise. He’s proved to be a problem for Thor, which makes him nothing to sneeze at, however Black Adam would take him down with out an excessive amount of fuss.

Ulik is overwhelmed by Black Adam in just about each space. Black Adam has Superman-level energy, large pace, superb sturdiness, and might fireplace lightning blasts. Ulik is not even Thor-level and might simply punch. Adam can take all the things the Troll throws at him, however Ulik would not have the ability to say the identical.

12/15 Annihilus Would Get Pulverised By Black Adam

Annihilus is the scourge of the Negative Zone and the grasp of the Annihilation Wave. He’s introduced untold devastation to the phrases of the Marvel Universe. Even with out the Wave, he is a robust menace with huge cosmic powers and uncanny energy. However, Black Adam would not have a lot bother taking him down.

It’s a matter of stage. Marvel energy ranges are usually a lot decrease than DC’s. Adam is on a stage with Superman, in order that’s planet-shattering energy. Annihilus is on the Thing’s stage, which is someplace within the fifty to a hundred-ton vary. That’s a ridiculous energy disparity, to the extent that Black Adam might beat Annihilus with one punch.

11/15 Thanos Would Fall To Black Adam

Thanos’s repute as a butcher of worlds is well-earned. The Mad Titan has traveled the celebs attempting to kill as many beings as doable, each to get the eye of Death and to train his nihilistic imaginative and prescient of creation. He’s superlatively highly effective and a menace to any hero he battles. Black Adam would tear him aside.

Thanos is Marvel highly effective, however that is a far cry from DC highly effective. Black Adam has him overwhelmed in all the things however intelligence, and Adam has an influence for that one. Thanos’s cosmic energies are his finest wager, however Adam’s pace and flight would let him keep out of their means. By the time it got here all the way down to a slugfest, Thanos would get hit tougher than he ever did earlier than and fall rapidly to Adam.

10/15 Wonder Man Would Face Another Resurrection After Battling Black Adam

Wonder Man is among the Avengers’ most underrated heavy hitters. His physique was reworked right into a furnace of ionic vitality, giving him large energy and sturdiness. On high of that, as an vitality being, he is functionally immortal, so even when he’s killed, he comes again to life. That’s positively going to turn out to be useful in opposition to Black Adam.

Wonder Man is powerful, however he isn’t even near Black Adam’s stage. Add in Adam’s pace, sturdiness, and lightning blasts, and Wonder Man is in for a beating not like any he is gotten earlier than. Wonder Man can take a variety of harm, so it would not be a fast combat, however he simply could not win.

9/15 Adam’s Greater Mobility And Strength Would Spell Doom For The Abomination

Abomination and the Hulk have had some brutal battles, proving simply how harmful Abomination is. He does not get stronger as he will get angrier, however he is nonetheless bodily highly effective and a wise fighter, which has made a variety of distinction over time. However, Black Adam has him beat in all places it counts.

Black Adam’s on Superman’s stage, which eclipses Abomination by loads. He’s additionally far more cellular, his combat and pace giving him a bonus that Abomination cannot match. Abomination would not get successful in except Black Adam wished it. Meanwhile, Adam could be thrashing the gamma monster to submission.

8/15 Doctor Octopus Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Black Adam

Doctor Octopus has made a residing being extra harmful than individuals anticipate. His octopus arms are his bodily equalizer, however they are not his solely weapon. Doc Ock is so harmful due to how clever he’s; he can outthink many opponents and create weapons in opposition to ones he cannot. While all of that has made him a legend, it will not make one little bit of distinction in opposition to Black Adam.

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Ock’s arms aren’t robust sufficient to carry Black Adam. He’d rip via them, taking away the great physician’s solely offense. At that time, it is a scientist in respectable bodily situation in opposition to a person infused with the facility of the gods who likes to pop heads. The solely query there may be if Ock survives.

7/15 Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Wouldn’t Save Him

Spider-Man faces probably the most violent villains in New York City and past, at all times triumphing. Many of them are extra highly effective than him, however his sheer tenacity and spider-sense have helped him win. Defense wins a variety of Spider-Man’s fights, giving him the possibility to mount a come-from-behind victory. That’s not going to be doable with Black Adam.

Spider-Man’s spider-sense works as a result of he is sooner than most of his foes. He’s not sooner than Black Adam. He’d keep away from some pictures, however that may be it for Spider-Man as soon as Adam turned up the pace. He could not take the form of punches Adam could be hitting him with for too lengthy.

6/15 Apocalypse And Adam Would Have A Titanic Tussle, But The Mutant Would Lose

Apocalypse is a lethal Marvel villain, having spent millennia culling the weak from the robust. His mutant powers are assorted and highly effective, enhanced by Celestial know-how, and he wears nigh-impregnable armor from the house gods as nicely. He’s a formidable foe for total groups, and he would positively be a problem for Black Adam. However, he would not be an insurmountable one.

Both Apocalypse and Black Adam have benefits over the opposite, with Adam successful in energy and pace. The secret’s who can outlast the opposite. Apocalypse’s armor offers him a bonus there, however he additionally does not have the facility to harm Adam rapidly. Eventually, Black Adam would simply go for the mutant’s head, repeatedly bludgeoning him or simply ripping it off.

5/15 Ultron Doesn’t Have The Power To Beat Black Adam

Ultron is one in every of Marvel’s premier synthetic beings and the Avengers’ deadliest menace. His adamantium shell is what makes him so harmful; whereas he is robust and well-armed, the truth that he can take large harm has made beating him earlier than he kills somebody very exhausting. It’s not going to make a variety of distinction in opposition to Black Adam, although.

Ultron can often outlast his foes, however that is not the case in opposition to Black Adam. He cannot match somebody with Adam’s energy. That’s additionally why he’ll lose; his shell is adamantium, however his insides aren’t. Adam’s blows are going to do inside harm to the robotic. Add in Adam’s lightning blasts, and Ultron is headed for the scrap heap.

4/15 Loki’s Magic Is No Match For Black Adam’s Power

Loki has confronted down Marvel’s strongest heroes for years. When he is overwhelmed, he comes again stronger than ever, prepared with a brand new plan to bedevil his foes. His magic, energy, and preventing ability make him a fierce opponent for anybody, and his crafty has allowed him to match wits with the very best. Unfortunately for him, his magic would not assist him a lot in opposition to Black Adam’s energy.

Loki might positively trick Black Adam for a time, however controlling him is unattainable in the long run. Once he realized he was manipulated, he’d spring into motion. An indignant Black Adam is not like something Loki has ever confronted; he does not have the facility to face up to Adam, and the God of Mischief would fall.

3/15 Iron Man Wouldn’t Be Able To Take Black Adam’s Assault

Iron Man has made a reputation for himself on the high of the superhero neighborhood. His armor is a robust work in progress, one thing that he is continuously tweaking in an effort to turn out to be a extra formidable hero. He’s defeated many highly effective foes, each on his personal and with the Avengers, however he’d discover Black Adam to be a street too far.

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Iron Man’s base armor is potent, however it’s not going to have the ability to stand as much as somebody of Black Adam’s energy. Even his Hulkbuster armor would discover that unattainable, as Adam is on Superman’s stage. Iron Man has been in a position to suppose his means out of numerous conditions, however Black Adam would not give him sufficient time to take action.

2/15 Thor’s Strength Pales In Comparison To Black Adam’s

Thor is the best warrior within the Marvel Universe, his godly powers and millennia of expertise serving him nicely. Mjolnir’s powers performed an enormous position, permitting the God of Thunder to triumph when the chances have been down. Even although Black Adam is way stronger than Thor, the God of Thunder would nonetheless have an opportunity if it wasn’t for Adam’s pace and flight.

Thor personally does not fly, relying on Mjolnir to drag him alongside. This places him at an obstacle in opposition to Black Adam; a person used to utilizing his quick flying assaults. These will take their toll on Thor and provides Black Adam the victory.

1/15 Black Adam Is Savage Enough To Beat Hulk

Hulk has a violent repute amongst Marvel’s heroes. He’s the strongest one there may be, and his energy is just about infinite. Fighting him is principally an train in futility, as any blow that does not take him out makes him indignant, and he simply will get stronger. However, that is precisely why Black Adam would win.

Black Adam barely holds again. The key to beating the Hulk is to be stronger and meaner, two issues that Black Adam is definitely able to. When Hulk continues to be up after a number of hits, Black Adam will kick it into overdrive. Between his superlative energy, flight, and pace, he would take Hulk out earlier than he acquired too robust to deal with.

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