15 Best Games That Copied The Matrix’s Bullet Time (But Aren’t Matrix Games)


Since Keanu Reeves shocked thousands and thousands along with his slow-motion, computer-generated motion in The Matrix, individuals have dreamt in regards to the energy to decelerate time. Whether it is actually or mentally, the flexibility of a godlike response time has develop into enmeshed in in style tradition. This energy has develop into referred to as “bullet time.”

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Besides motivating numerous individuals to do their finest Reeves-inspired limbo, bullet time has impressed some of the enjoyable and cinematic video game mechanics. Whether the game makes use of it to assist a participant’s avatar gun down waves of enemies or grapple with a vicious boss, bullet time has permeated nearly all genres of gaming. This mechanic grants gamers the dear seconds crucial to alter the tempo of their game and cope with the impediment earlier than them.

Updates October 19, 2022, by Anthony Jeanetta. Bullet time stays an important game mechanic throughout nearly each kind of game. This listing has been up to date to incorporate extra video video games that finest permit gamers to decelerate time to their benefit.

15/15 The Max Payne Trilogy Practically Defined Bullet Time

While The Matrix has spawned a number of video video games, satirically, none have been as important at defining the in-game bullet time mechanic because the Max Payne trilogy. These video games glorify the motion one expects from a franchise with zero subtlety, therefore the identify Max Payne.

Surrounding the titular cop turned hero of the evening, Max Payne permits gamers to tackle hordes of drug sellers and gang members in excessive shootouts. Bullet time considerably enhances the collection’ iconic cinematic and action-packed gameplay. After slowing time, Max can dive into any set piece with the panache of probably the most boisterous motion film hero.

14/15 Fallout 3 Introduced V.A.T.S.

Before Todd Howard labored on the enduring Fallout franchise, it was an uneven, turn-based game. Each flip, gamers might select which enemy and what particular physique half to shoot at. Fallout 3 was the collection’ preliminary foray into first-person, open-world motion, and the game built-in an analogous fight system to the primary few entries.

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With Fallout 3’s Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (or V.A.T.S.), gamers can cinematically decelerate time and decide particular person physique components to focus on. This mechanic is far more than a callback or gimmick. V.A.T.S. has now engrained itself as a staple of contemporary Fallout titles, together with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

13/15 Red Dead Redemption’s Deadeye Mode Is Great For A Shoot Out

Rockstar Studios, the creators behind Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto, have utilized a model of the bullet time mechanic in a number of video games. With the discharge of their Western-themed Red Dead franchise, they tweaked this capacity particularly for his or her open-world Wild West journey, dubbing it “Deadeye.”

Starting with Red Dead Revolver, skillful gameplay, like correct and important pictures, builds up a participant’s Deadeye meter. Filling this meter permits gamers to decelerate time and goal enemies for a flurry of fast pictures. This cowboy model of bullet time has solely improved because the collection has continued.Red Dead Redemption and its sequel have offered numerous Western adventurers with some intense and exhilarating cowboy shootouts.

12/15 John Woo’s Stranglehold Shows Beautiful, Slow-Mo Action

If there’s anybody extra well-known for slow-motion gun fights than The Matrix administrators, the Wachowskis, it is Hong Kong auteur John Woo. The motion film icon is answerable for a number of the most trendy cinematic motion films ever, like Face/Off and Hard Target. In the mid-2000s, Woo switched artwork types, collaborating with Midway Games to make the video game, Stranglehold.

Stranglehold was a direct sequel to Woo’s landmark motion film (and slow-mo side-diving pioneer) Hard Boiled. The game continues Investigator “Tequila” Yeun’s journey to spend as many bullets as potential. Given Woo’s involvement, it is no shock the game would incorporate some traditional bullet time components to go with Woo’s idiosyncratic directing fashion.

11/15 Bayonetta Brings Witch Time To Demon Fights

Bayonetta hardly ever finds herself in the midst of gunfights. Still, her franchise has included a type of bullet time, making Platinum Games’ iconic melee fight all of the extra rewarding and thrilling.

In Bayonetta, activating “Witch Time” permits Bayonetta and the Umbra Witches to decelerate enemies inside their instant neighborhood. Similarly, gamers can use this energy to hurry enemies as much as unleash speedy, vicious assaults. This capacity is gratifying throughout the Bayonetta franchise and immensely irritating if enjoying towards her within the Super Smash Bros. video games.

10/15 Mirror’s Edge Reaction Time Is An Adrenaline Rush

While fight and gunplay are essential elements inside DICE’s Mirror’s Edge franchise, they are not a precedence. The Mirrors Edge video games concentrate on the franchise’s well-known use of pace and parkour. Faith Connors is a courier answerable for effectively delivering messages sure teams should not get their arms on. So, these deliveries typically put her at odds with numerous enemies.

As Faith, Mirror’s Edge gamers are finest suited to keep away from enemies in most cases. This tilt towards avoidance of direct battle is the impetus behind Faith’s unimaginable capacity to sprint and leap by elaborate metropolis skylines. The game encourages gamers to proceed their uninterrupted marathons and attain prime pace, even within the face of gunfire. Doing so unlocks “Reaction Time,” which slows down Faith’s world and helps her combat and disarm enemies with relative ease.

9/15 TimeShift Is As Advertised For Combat

There are many video video games about time journey, however few of them correctly make the most of this idea for his or her fight. Such misuse is not the case for TimeShift, the place time journey permeates each side of the game, from its story to its fashion and the way gamers tackle enemies.

Using a particular mech go well with, TimeShift gamers can cease, decelerate, and even reverse time to finest go well with their wants in fight. Correspondingly, customers can both keep away from assaults, get higher angles on enemies, and even steal individuals’s weapons. Despite its age, the game’s mastery of this mechanic makes TimeShift a forgotten gem.

8/15 Vanquish Makes People Feel Like They’re Wearing A Superpowered Suit

Platinum Games has a approach of constructing trendy and interesting gameplay that favors gamers at any ability degree. It does not matter if somebody is new, a long-time gaming vet who hasn’t engaged with Platinum, or somebody who has performed their video games for over 1,000 hours; the studio’s video games are merely enjoyable to play and replay.

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Even in a time when video video games and anime are rife with mech fits, Platinum Games nonetheless managed to face out with Vanquish. In Vanquish, customers can activate bullet time (or AR Mode because it’s referred to as) when in the midst of actions like melee combating or sliding throughout the bottom. This usability makes AR Mode greater than only a cinematic mechanic; it is a satisfying strategy to segue between motion whereas accentuating combos.

7/15 F.E.A.R. Attempts To Make Players Fearless

Despite being a horror game, F.E.A.R. tries to buff up the participant to inspire them to have interaction in motion. In the game, the consumer controls a member of the “First Encounter Assault Recon,” whose subsequent case is the franchise’s major villain, Paxton Fettel.

Tackling supernatural threats solo could seem foolhardy, however the members of F.E.A.R. are geared up with unimaginable powers to assist them cope with main threats. These talents, together with a kind of bullet time, permit gamers to each decelerate and shoot at quicker charges. Through this slow-mo, customers can provide themselves a cushion of time to crowd management hordes of enemies in a horror game that might in any other case overwhelm the unprepared.

6/15 SUPERHOT Is Basically Bullet Time: The Game

There are few higher examples in gaming, not to mention another medium, that seize sluggish movement in a gratifying and perpetually thrilling style, corresponding to SUPERHOT. In SUPERHOT, bullet time is not only a ability or power-up; it is how time features within the game. The world, enemies, and gunfire decelerate when the participant stops shifting, and game pace resumes at typical charges as soon as they decide up the controller once more.

These mechanics may seem to be they’d make the game ridiculously simple on paper, however SUPERHOT masterfully makes use of its enemy placement and setting to overwhelm gamers with data and choices. Bullet time in SUPERHOT does not empower customers. Instead, it encourages them to suppose extra critically about how they shoot, slash, or sprint by ranges. It’s as a lot a puzzle game as an FPS.

5/15 Katana Zero Offers Slow Motion Slashing

Given its identify – bullet time – it is smart most video games that includes time-slowing mechanics are first- or third-person shooters. Still, not each game with this machine facilities on gunplay, and Katana Zero, a side-scrolling, slash-em-up, is a superb instance.

In Katana Zero, gamers management a samurai murderer struggling to recollect their previous. Able to regulate time, they will even peer into the longer term, however these traits aren’t merely for aesthetic causes. In Katana Zero, the titular hitman kills enemies in a single slash, however can solely take one bullet himself. Slowing down time to dodge bullets doesn’t simply really feel cool; it is necessary to make it out alive.

4/15 Access “Arrow Time” In Horizon Zero Dawn

From studio Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn marks a big shift from the studio’s best-known video games, the Killzone collection. Horizon Zero Dawn throws gamers into a wonderful, post-apocalyptic, open-world game crammed with gigantic animalistic robots.

As Aloy, the game’s major protagonist, customers spend a lot of their time in Horizon Zero Dawn searching these robots for his or her components. Aloy’s fundamental weapon of selection is her bow. Wielding this bow, gamers can decelerate time by a number of mechanics, making it simpler to hit a shifting goal. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy can enter this “arrow time” by charging her bow, sliding, leaping, or whereas horseback using.

3/15 Sniper Elite 5 Delivers Glorious Gore

The Sniper Elite franchise has delighted customers with its high-quality, satisfyingly gory use of bullet time since its second entry in 2012. The WWII-based collection differs from different third-person shooters by emphasizing stealth and technique over direct shoot-em-up skirmishes.

Sniper Elite rewards gamers for using their sniping expertise by way of a slow-motion, x-ray kill cam that shows the total results of a profitable shot. This function present’s an anatomically correct x-ray of the bullet’s impression on the goal’s physique because it rips by muscle, bone, and/or organs. It’s a deliciously grisly bonus for many who take their time to line up the proper kill.

2/15 Viewtiful Joe Provides A Unique Slow-Mo Experience

Initially launched for GameDice, Viewtiful Joe is a side-scrolling motion game with vibrant cartoon graphics. While it is now nearly 20 years previous, the game options some of the entertaining makes use of of bullet-time. Already a talented martial artist, Joe enhances these skills by supernatural talents referred to as VFX Powers.

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For followers of bullet time, probably the most related VFX Power in Viewtiful Joe is the Slow capacity. Using Slow, gamers can dodge enemy assaults, entry areas they in any other case could not, or guarantee they hit their goal. Plus, what separates Joe’s Slow, is the flexibility to mix it with different powers.

1/15 Quantum Break Takes Bullet Time To The Next Level

After introducing bullet time to generations of avid gamers by way of the primary two Max Payne entries, Remedy Studios upped the ante with their 2016 launch, Quantum Break. It was the studio’s first main launch since 2010’s Alan Wake and one of many first Xbox One exclusives. Quantum Break delivers wonderful time-manipulating motion, which followers of earlier Remedy video games desired.

In Quantum Break, gamers assume the position of Jack Joyce, who beneficial properties the ability to bend time following a time journey experiment gone incorrect. How these powers manifest differentiates Quantum Break from different shooters with bullet time. As Jack, gamers can freeze enemies and even bullets in a wave of time, sluggish time whereas aiming, or many different time-manipulating actions.

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