13 Anime To Watch If You Like Spy X Family, Ranked


Spy x Family was one of the most hyped anime series of the spring 2022 season. Its recently released sophomore has taken the internet by storm with its catchy opening and ending songs and more endless antics from the impromptu Forger family.

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Spy x Family stars Twilight, a spy who takes the name Loid Forger so he can start a makeshift family and infiltrate a school to take down a high-ranking politician before war breaks out between East and West. He marries Yor, a secret assassin, and adopts Anya, a young telepath. All three keep their identities secret, resulting in equal amounts of poignant and chaotic moments.

Updated October 23, 2022 by Sarah Martin:With Spy x Family second course currently airing, fans can look for other similar anime to watch as they wait for new episodes every week. We have updated this list with a few more Spy x Family anime fans who will definitely enjoy.

13/13 Usagi’s Drop

11 episodes

Usagi’s Drop is a critically acclaimed josei series starring Daikichi. Daikichi attended her grandfather’s funeral, but was shocked to discover that he had an illegitimate daughter named Rin. Rin has been treated like the black sheep of the family, so Daikichi stands up for her and adopts her.

Usagi’s DropI like it Spy X Family, shows the ups and downs of fatherhood, showing a touching dynamic between Rin and Daikichi. Daikichi may not be one hundred percent perfect, but he is doing his best to raise Rin in a loving environment, as she has never had one before.

49 episodes

Full Metal Panic! starring Sousuke Sagara. Like Loid, Sousuke is tasked with a secret mission. He is a member of the anti-terrorist military group called Mithril. However, unlike Loid, he doesn’t have to start a makeshift family. He just has to protect a high school girl named Kaname and try to assimilate with other teenagers his own age.

Full Metal Panic! is an exciting series of action and mechanics, but the chemistry between Sousuke and Kaname is undeniable. Their relationship is adorable, and fans will be rooting for them to become canon throughout the process.

11/13 The Househusband’s Way

10 episodes

The Househusband’s Way is a Netflix comedy anime starring Tatsu, a former yakuza boss who gave up his old life of crime to be a househusband to his successful wife, Miku. Like Yor’s Spy X FamilyTatsu has a hard time integrating into normal life and often alludes to illegal activities while doing basic things like cooking or doing laundry.

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However, Tatsu tries to be the best house husband possible for Miku and make her proud. He even converts other yakuza members to the life of a househusband. Tatsu’s softer personality belies his intimidating appearance, but he is one of the better jokes.

10/13 Kaguya-sama: love is war

37 episodes

kaguya-sama: Love is war it became an instant hit when the first season dropped. Fans fell in love with all the characters, especially Chika Fujiwara. The show’s premise is absurd but relatable as Kaguya and Miyuki are trying to taunt each other into confessing.

Viewers of the show are easily drawn into watching either Kaguya or Shirogane play mind games with each other, get cornered, and somehow make fun of each other. The show has a comedy very similar to Spy x Family that’s fun and chaotic, but also healthy.

9/13 Wonder Egg Priority

12 episodes

Wonder Egg Priority it is a visually stunning spectacle. Viewers immediately sympathize with and even identify with all the characters as the show showcases real-life struggles. Ai, the protagonist, goes through magical adventures as girls defeating monsters in hopes of saving her deceased friend from her.

CloverWorks successfully tackled heavy themes and thoughtfully discussed them throughout the narrative, something most shows fail to do. Viewers can’t help but smile when they see Ai, an introverted person, reaching out to others, sharing their struggles, and having fun. The show has a similar wholesomeness to Spy x Family.

64 episodes

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is considered the best anime of all time by many fans, according to MyAnimeList. viewers of Spy X Family I would love this show as they share common themes. Both stories focus on a war between two nations, and the protagonists want to avoid the conflict by any means possible.

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In addition to the theme of war, Ed and Al, the two leads, share a strong bond of brotherhood with each other. They also have a sibling relationship with Winry. viewers of Spy x Family I would enjoy this show as it also features a found family, with Ed and Al being raised by Winry’s grandmother from a young age.

7/13 attack on titan

87 episodes

attack on titan is possibly one of the most brutal anime out there. Though Spy x Family is not as graphic and violent as attack on titan i.e. the show is animated by Studio Wit, who is currently animating Spy x FamilyAnd they share some similarities.

attack on titan it also features a unique family dynamic, with Eren’s parents raising Mikasa. Fans can sympathize with Eren Jaeger’s desire to destroy the Titans after losing her parents. This is not unlike Loid Forger’s desire to make a world where children don’t cry after experiencing the tragedies of war.

6/13 Vivy: Flourite’s Eye Song

13 episodes

Vivy: Fluorite Eye Song is essentially the anime version of the terminator. It’s about killer robots and time travel. Vivy, the protagonist, must go back in time to prevent the Doomsday version of the story. Vivy: Fluorite Eye Song features stunning hand-drawn animated fight scenes. Produced by Witt Studios, Vivy: Fluorite Eye Song is recognized for featuring some of the most unique anime fights of the decade.

The battles are beautifully choreographed and heavily influenced by martial arts. viewers of Spy x Family you will surely enjoy by Vivi fight scenes. Most of them are melee battles, which is similar to Loid Forger’s fighting style.

5/13 my hero academia

138 episodes

One of the most beloved aspects of Spy x Family it’s Anya, Loid Forger’s daughter, who turns out to be a telepath. She can read minds and knows the true identities of her mother and her father, an assassin and a spy, respectively.

Anya is very similar to Eri, one of the youngest characters in my hero academia. all who have seen my hero academia took an instant liking to Eri after Deku and Mirio saved her from Overhaul’s abuse, much like fans of Spy x Family fell in love with Anya.

4/13 Murderer of demons

44 episodes

Like Eri from my hero academia and Anya from Spy x Family, demon slayer Nezuko has won the hearts of fans. Just like Anya, she just wants to do everything she can to protect the family from her.

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fans of Spy x Family I would also enjoy Murderer of demons for his family issues, as Tanjiro has the noble motivation to save his sister and avenge the family that Muzan has stolen from him. Tanjiro’s drive is similar to Loid Forger’s drive to protect his people from violence and war.

3/13 The quintessential quintuplets

12 episodes

A memorable moment in Spy x Family is when Loid Forger tries to help Anya study. It’s hilarious to see Anya burn out quickly, as this is something most fans can relate to. The quintessential quintuplets it also describes the struggle of many people for not wanting to study.

The five Nakano sisters are forced to study over and over again, and while they eventually become willing to sit down and study, it’s amusing to see how much effort it took for their tutor to get them to that point.

2/13 we never learn

26 episodes

we never learn has exactly the same plot as The quintessential quintuplets; the only difference is that none of the characters in this show are related. fans of both Spy x Family Y The quintessential quintuplets You will enjoy this show as it depicts the struggles of studying in an exaggerated and comedic way.

we never learn it’s just fun, and all the characters are lovable. The main character, Nariyuki, has a younger sister who is reminiscent of Anya Forger in how they both want to help her family.

1/13 The Promised Neverland

23 episodes

The Promised Neverland was one of the most popular anime series a couple of years ago. Aside from the much-maligned second season, many people enjoyed the show’s narrative, characters, and their desire to protect their found family.

fans of Spy x Family I would enjoy this show as it was also animated by the same studio, CloverWorks. It’s also fun to compare Anya to the characters in The Promised Neverlandas Anya’s powers would have been really useful during the orphans’ escape.

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