12 House Of The Dragon Theories We Hope Come True


On August 21, 2022, audiences were transported to Westeros once again, this time 200 years before the events of game of Thrones. Based on the book, fire and bloodby George RR Martin (who will also be one of the show’s producers), house of the dragon shows the events leading up to the Targaryen civil war. This conflict, known as the Dance of the Dragons, marks the beginning of the end of the Targaryen dynasty.

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theories about game of Thrones prequel has been making the rounds on the internet since the show’s announcement in 2019, and with the show’s first season now underway, fans have more clues than ever about its upcoming events.

Updated October 22, 2022 by Kennedy King: What house of the dragon As the first season draws to a close, fans continue to hypothesize and speculate about the future events of the show. George RR Martin’s novels provide a loose track record for the series, but contain very little detail about Viserys’ reign and the subsequent A Dance with Dragons. So there’s still plenty of room for fan theories that, while unlikely, can help fans anticipate events that haven’t happened yet..

This article contains spoilers for house of the dragon Season 1.

12/12 Larys Strong is a direwolf

House Strong is one of the few prominent families in Westeros that maintains a connection to the Old Gods. Although this is not something house of the dragon explored directly during its first season, the series could very well address it in future episodes.

If the show’s creators choose to explore House Strong’s connection to the Old Gods, Larys Strong could provide the perfect route. The spymaster seems to have eyes everywhere, and given the plethora of rats on display in Red Keep, it would certainly make sense if he could harness his House’s ancient ability to see through the eyes of the spymasters. animals. Bran demonstrated this ability, known as “warging”, in game of Thronesso the decision would not be unprecedented.

11/12 Mysaria could finally answer the questions surrounding Quaithe.

Despite playing an incredibly minor role in the events of game of Thrones, the enigmatic Quaithe is at the center of an inordinate amount of tinfoil hat theories about the series. Thanks to house of the dragon In the first season, fans speculate about a connection between Shadowbinder and a new character: Mysaria.

Mysaria begins the series as Daemon Targaryen’s romantic partner, eventually moving on to work as a spymaster in King’s Landing. She was allegedly set on fire during the events of house of the dragon 9th episode, but if he was able to survive, there’s a chance he found a second life as a priest of Asshai, much like Quaithe of the Shadow.

10/12 Corlys Velaryon will not die from his wounds

Corlys Velaryon serves as the head of House Velaryon for most of house of the dragon first 10 episodes. However, after sustaining an injury during a fight on the Stone Steps, he is left clinging to life. As of this moment, he does not appear in the series, but remains off-screen while Driftwood’s succession is debated.

Despite Corlys dire circumstances, there is a strong possibility that Corlys will return before the end of house of the dragon. Her return would generate a lot of narrative for the series, if only for one last hurrah.

9/12 Rhaenyra will find a way to pass on the song of ice and fire

While the game of Thrones Y house of the dragon The TV shows don’t address the “Prince That Was Promised” prophecy as much as its textual counterparts, it still plays a big part in every series. Viserys has King Aegon’s prophecy, titled “The Song of Ice and Fire” in house of the dragon — engraved on one of the Conqueror’s swords, showing that the series and its creators are very interested in exploring the history of the prophecy.

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Currently, King Aegon II is in possession of the dagger containing this prophecy. However, neither he nor any of his immediate family members know of his existence, leaving only Rhaenyra Targaryen to carry on his father’s legacy. At some point during the following seasons of the show, it seems inevitable that he will get this dagger once more.

8/12 How other houses fit into the story

With a title like house of the dragon, it is quite evident that House Targaryen is the star of the show. However, he wouldn’t be Westeros without the power-hungry Houses. fans of game of Thrones you’ll recognize Houses like Stark and Baratheon, who play minor roles in its prequel; however, Houses Hightower, Velaryon, and Strong play much more prominent roles on the show, leaving fans wondering what other groups will appear in the near future.

In addition to Houses Hightower, Velaryon, and Targaryen, it is likely that a few other ancient families played important roles in house of the dragon upcoming seasons. House Celtigar, another Valyrian blood family, and House Stark have yet to appear in the series, so it’s clear the show’s creators plan to bring more Houses.

7/12 Archmaester Gyldayn tells the story of fire and blood

In the books, one man is known for documenting Targaryen history: Archmaester Gyldayn. In the book fire and bloodthe source material for the show, the story is told by Gyldayn in the first person and reads like a history book. As with most historical texts, there are mysterious events with pending information, some of which may be cleared up on the show.

It is unclear if Gyldayn will appear on screen at any point during house of the dragon. The cast list does not include Gyldayn; however, that doesn’t mean she won’t eventually show up in possible later seasons.

6/12 The history of Westeros will continue to be revealed

house of the dragon It takes place about 200 years before the events of game of Thrones. However, if there’s one thing fans know about Westeros, it’s how the past dramatically impacts the future. game of Thrones fans can’t wait to see house of the dragon give a more detailed account of the historical events that occur during the Dance with the Dragons.

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Several significant historical events were mentioned during game of Thrones. However, flashbacks of these events were rare. house of the dragon has the opportunity to shed more light on some of the shocking events that shaped Westeros during the fall of the Targaryen dynasty.

5/12 The Show Will Fix Daenerys’ Character Arc

One of the biggest complaints from fans about the game of Thrones The series finale was Daenerys’ unusual decision to burn down King’s Landing and its innocent civilians. Because Dany’s father, King Aerys II, was known as the “Mad King,” it was suggested that Dany might succumb to the same affliction that some say afflicted the Targaryen line.

Because Season 8 shortened the number of episodes for the final season, fans complained that her story wasn’t given enough time to develop or make her transformation make sense. Some fans believe house of the dragon will rectify this by explaining why the Red Keep is so important to Dany and her ancestors and help viewers better understand the madness that is believed to be a Targaryen family trait.

4/12 There will be more Targaryen premonitions

According to the lore of George RR Martin’s books, those of House Targaryens have specific traits, such as platinum or silver hair, black eyes, and tolerance for heat. However, fans of the show may not be aware that Targaryens are prone to premonition-like dreams.

While this ability did not appear in the show, in the books Daenerys has dreams that foretell the birth of her three dragons and continues to have prophetic visions throughout the series. Earlier in the Targaryen story, a vision Daenys the Dreamer had 12 years earlier saved them from the fall of Valyria. Although a character in house of the dragon You may have already demonstrated this skill, several other candidates could as well.

3/12 Helaena will provide more premonitions about the future

Throughout the first season of house of the dragon, Helaena Targaryen seems to drop subtle hints about future events in the series. Her premonitions about Aemond’s eye and the “beast under the boardsBoth seem to contain some validity, making her one of the most unique characters in the series thus far.

Targaryen dreamers have not been uncommon throughout history, but they have featured very little in the events of the franchise’s television episodes. Seeing Helaena demonstrate her supernatural gifts would be a future audience pleaser.

2/12 Fans will see more of the Targaryens’ dragons

There are famous dragons that longtime fans of George R.R. Martin’s books can’t wait to see on the show. game of Thrones shows dragons returning to the world, while house of the dragon represents a world where dragons reign. When Martin announced the game of Thrones The prequel was in the works, he said the show would feature 17 dragons. However, he did not mention their names.

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Up to this point, house of the dragon has only shown viewers about half of these 17 dragons (assuming that number actually turns out to be true). This has fans very excited about the inclusion of more flying beasts as there are plenty of opportunities to feature them in the future.

1/12 There will be more time jumps and flashbacks

To condense George RR Martin’s Song of ice and fire series in game of Thronessome characters were aged so that the same actor could continue his role, such as Daenerys. house of the dragon took this one step further, incorporating time jumps on a regular basis throughout the show’s first season.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Queen Alicent Hightower, and several other characters undergo cast changes due to time jumps in the first season. Whether this trend will continue in season two remains to be seen, but regardless, fans will certainly enjoy it.

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