12 best PS2 games on Steam


    Although several new games come out every week, sometimes you just want to go back in time and enjoy forgotten classics. The PlayStation 2 was a memorable console that brought several masterpieces that attracted first-time gamers. If you want to revisit some of the best PS2 games, don’t worry as I just have the list for you.

    The best PS2 Steam games to play

    For this list, I selected titles that have been bestsellers on Steam and are highly rated by the community. I also made sure to include games from various genres, i.e. RPGs, Shooters, Horror, Racing, and Platformers, so there’s something for everyone.

    It’s also not a ranking list, so go through all the games and select the ones you prefer to play.

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    Image via LucasArts

    While the recent Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017) was released not long ago, gamers still consider the original 2005 game a masterpiece and one of the best games in the franchise. This sci-fi third-person shooter tells the Star Wars story from the perspective of a veteran Stormtrooper and also features a fun online PvP mode.


    Image via Might Rocket Studio

    Obscure is a survival horror game in which you take control of five students at Leafmore High School, which has seen several unaccounted for disappearances. Use weapons, the character’s special abilities, and your survival skills to solve the mystery and come out alive. The sequel, Obscure 2, also follows the same concept, but there’s more to do and a new story to enjoy if you like the first game.


    Image via Rockstar Games

    Bully is one of the most loved games produced by the developer Rockstar Games. In this open-world third-person adventure game, you play as Jimmy, a mischievous 15-year-old boy at a boarding school. It’s a fun single-player story where you complete missions, while getting into school fights and enjoying high school drama.


    Image via Double Fine

    A platform adventure game that follows the story of a young psychic who wants to join the Psychonauts, an elite group of psychic spies. In his attempt to join the Psychonauts summer camp, Raz discovers that someone has stolen the brains of his campmates. Your job here is to rescue the lost minds while fighting demons and misfits using your special powers.

    TY The Tasmanian Tiger

    Image via Krome Studios

    Yet another platformer on this list is the story of one of the last surviving Tasmanian tigers in Australia: TY. You come to know that your family is still out there and you need to rescue them from a mysterious portal. Set out on an adventurous journey to find five talismans to unlock the portal while fending off the evil Cassowary: Boss Cass.

    Final Fantasy X/X-2

    Image via Square Enix

    The HD remastering of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 is a title that you cannot stop playing if you like JRPGs full of stories. This turn-based combat and adventure game is one of the most beloved of the entire FF franchise. While the first game tells the story of a star blitzball player who goes on a quest to save the world of Spira, X-2 continues a quest to find answers to new mysteries.


    Image via Capcom

    Killer7 is a different shooting game with a violently surreal presentation. A hidden gem that I thought should be included on this list, this action-adventure game follows the story of a group of elite assassins called Killer7 tasked with taking down Kun Lan and stopping his plan for global domination.

    Plane 2

    Image via Bugbear Entertainment

    This list wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t added a racing game to the mix, so I suggest Flatout 2, a combat racer with lots of destruction and a quality soundtrack. Your goal during high-speed races will not only be to be first but to inflict as much damage as possible to objects, terrain and, most importantly, opponents. Crazy Taxi is another good racing game that you can try after Flatout 2.

    Max Payne

    Image via Rockstar Games

    This list would be incomplete without the classic third-person shooter Max Payne. Max is a fugitive undercover cop framed for murder who is being targeted by both the police and the mafia. The game’s cinematic plot and action-packed gameplay are enough to captivate you, but Max Payne is known for introducing the bullet time effect that slows down time to make gunfights look even cooler.

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Image via Sega

    A sequel to Yakuza 0, this game is a third-person action RPG set in an open-world environment. The story-rich plot tells you about the rivalry between Kazuma Kiryu and Ryuji Goda, members of two renowned yakuza clans. While Kiryu wants peace, Ryuji isn’t going anywhere without a fight.

    Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    Image via Ubisoft

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory continues the story of Sam Fisher, a black ops agent working for the NSA. If you were waiting for a stealth shooter, this one is for you. To prevent cyber and electronic attacks on the country, infiltrate hostile territory and gather intelligence by being tactical and hidden out of sight of enemies.

    persona 4 golden

    Image via Atlus

    For the final entry to the list of the best PS2 games on Steam, I present to you Persona 4 Golden. This JRPG turn-based combat game not only has story-rich gameplay but also an exceptional soundtrack. This is the journey of a high school student who investigates mysterious murders with his friends while summoning physical manifestations of his spirit called Persona.

    While this is the end of my list, some other games I will suggest are Mafia, Resident Evil 4, Quake 3 Arena, Okami, Katamari Damacy Reroll, and Hitman Blood Money. For more video game recommendations, check out The Best Games That Support Ray Tracing and The Best Games to Play When You’re Short on Time.

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