11 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Starfield


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    It can be hard to know what exactly you should be doing in Starfield. That’s because the game really throws you into the world with a million decisions you get to make on your own. I found, after hours and hours of gameplay, there are some things I and other players should probably do differently. So what are they?

    11 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Playing Starfield

    I should clarify that mistakes will mostly not make or break your gameplay. There’s little you can do to truly mess up your save file (as long as you avoid getting caught stealing, for example), but you may miss opportunities or majorly slow you down. Here are the mistakes you should avoid!

    One – Selling Useful Items

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    There are certain items you really don’t want to sell in Starfield. Two of the most important of these are med packs and digipicks. The value of selling these is not equal to the value of having them for use. Many resources early in gameplay, as well as other medications (trauma packs, injectors, etc.) also fall in this category, unless you have a major surplus.

    Two – Not Being Thoughtful About Skills

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    Skill building may seem like an activity in Starfield that you just do as you go, but this is not the case if you’re looking to get the most out of your skills. Instead of choosing your skills separately each time, consider having a loose game plan.

    You don’t need to plan every step of your skill choices, but take some time at the beginning of Starfield to familiarize yourself with the skills available. From there, you’ll have more structured and helpful enhancements through your gameplay.

    Three – Ignoring the Research Lab

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    The Research Lab is an essential tool for improving your food, weapons, spacesuit, and pharmaceuticals. Think of it as a way to give you more access to the other workbenches in Starfield. If you neglect to care for or use the Research Lab, you will have a much harder time improving yourself! So make sure to check in on it often to add necessary materials.

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    Four – Not Saving Before Important Decisions

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    While Starfield does have autosave, you shouldn’t rely on this tool entirely. Instead, you should be cognizant about times in which saving beforehand would be advantageous to you. Doing this will make mistakes less crippling if you can simply load your last save to go back and fix it.

    Five – Missing Chances for Romance

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    This technically isn’t a big deal if you aren’t big on romance in Starfield, but it should be a consideration for those who find romance a very important part of gameplay. If you skip an opportunity to flirt with Barrett, Sarah, Andreja, or Sam, you’ll get a chance again. But it may not be for a long time. So if you are in a hurry to have a romance in Starfield, don’t delay!

    Six – Not Using Enhance!

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    You don’t have to use Enhance!, the franchise of appearance-changing stores in Starfield. But if you really don’t like your name or image, don’t hesitate to use the service! Unlike other games, changing your appearance and name in Starfield is simple and easy. Just go to one of the many Enhance! locations and pay just 500 Credits to instantly alter your looks.

    Seven – Neglecting to Learn Space Combat

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    While you will get a bit of experience with space combat via quests in Starfield, it’s not nearly enough for a player to from beginner to expert. If you want to greatly increase the rate at which you excel in spaceship fighting, try going to the UC Vanguard and using their flight simulation tools. You can also try practicing out in the field, given you save often beforehand.

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    Eight – Ignoring Legendary Weapons, Suits, and Packs

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    While you may find some equipment that has some great damage without legendary status, just know that finding items at higher rates (without mods) can be even more useful. Pay attention to the base stats of weapons, space suits, packs, and helmets. Improving these items will make them absolutely legendary in the end.

    Nine – Not Using Your Ship & Companions for Weight

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    Especially in the early days and hours of Starfield gameplay, weight can really become a problem. Some players may forget that they aren’t the only ones who have to deal with the burden, though! The best tip around weight (especially for players early in their game) you will get in Starfield is to use your companion, ship crew, and your ship storage to offload some of the burden.

    You can even store items at The Lodge if you want, though this makes them less portable (but you can fast travel there most easily enough). Additionally, leveling up the weight skill and storing items at outposts will make for more long-term weight solutions as you progress in Starfield.

    Ten – Giving Your Companion Too Much Ammo

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    There is a little open secret dealing with ammo and companions in Bethesda games, and Starfield is no exception to this secret. As long as your companion has the appropriate weapon to match their ammo, they will only need one round of that ammunition. With only one round of ammo, they can endlessly shoot that gun as a sort of “unlimited” ammunition hack.

    Don’t make the mistake of giving valuable rounds you could use for yourself when your companion will only need one. Some Starfield players will even find it beneficial to give a companion one round of every ammunition type. With this method, you can just trade out whatever weapon you want for your companion with no fuss.

    Eleven – Not Having Fun

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    A tip reminding you to have fun in Starfield may sound silly, but I promise this is an issue for some players. Don’t let fears over having the correct method or tips make it to where you are no longer playing Starfrield as a game. Getting too caught up in gameplay perfectionism can really drain your enjoyment, so be wary of this possible issue!

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