10 Worst Shonen Anime Fans Love (& Why)


Hundreds of new anime flood the market every year, many of which cover a wide range of narrative and visual genres. Yet for decades, it is the heightened nature and over-the-top action of the shonen genre that has been the most popular type of series in the medium.

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The shonen genre is aimed at a teenage male audience, which means that it sometimes lacks the depth of more mature series. However, even the laziest and most disappointing shonen series still have passionate and vocal fandoms.

10/10 Dragon Ball Z is full of iconic moments that justify the long journey

akira toriyama Dragon Ball Z has become a symbol of shonen anime, and the mark it has left on the genre is undeniable. the course Dragon Ball The franchise is still ongoing, so it might seem a bit harsh to lump it in with the weaker shonen series.

Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Z remains undeniably the underdog, but also the most popular, of the franchise series. Dragon Ball Z it suffers from poor pacing, repetitive battle formulas, and irrelevant filler deliveries. Dragon Ball Z it also contains many of the franchise’s biggest moments, which have helped carry the long series through.

9/10 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brings back the magic of its predecessor

naruto is without a doubt one of the most successful shonen series of its generation. The anime’s successful conclusion was followed by a series of spin-off sequels following Naruto’s son Boruto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations it means well, but many of its earlier episodes stem from its predecessor and cover comparable ground.

Granted, boruto gradually finds its own voice, but at over 270 episodes, it’s becoming a bloated expansion of the naruto science. However, Naruto’s continued love and intermittent appearances by old characters have caused boruto very popular.

8/10 Bleach Legacy Survives Its Anime’s Poor Execution

Ichigo Kurosaki’s quest to become a legendary Soul Reaper helped turn Bleach in one of shonen jumpThe most popular series of all time. Bleach it has an exceptional foundation, but its anime adaptation is full of filler, runs for over 350 episodes, and deviates wildly.

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BleachThe anime ends on a weak and unresolved note. However, the overwhelming emotion that has been shown for the anime thousand year blood war The return of the anime is proof that a mediocre ending is not enough to kill the interest of fans in BleachThe characters, the action and the narration of ‘s.

7/10 Fairy Tail bides its time and is based on stereotypes

Fairy tale is a sprawling shonen series set in a rich fantasy world filled with magic users and prolific guilds of heroic warriors. Fairy tale has found a devoted audience over its hundreds of episodes, but it takes a while for the shonen series to find its footing.

The first episodes of Fairy tale they are the weakest and feature the brash Natsu Dragneel at his most abominable. This slow start, Natsu’s stunted development, and copious cartoons are valid criticisms, but the adventure he eventually turns into is a satisfying one.

6/10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is a major turning point in the series

stardust crusaders is a fascinating chapter in the larger story of Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Serie. For many fans stardust crusaders is the most popular installment in the franchise and marks a crucial switch from the power of Ripple to Energy Stands. stardust crusaders is indispensable, but the positive reception of his anime is largely colored by nostalgia.

stardust crusadersThe anime is the longest of all. jojo’s Series of 48 episodes that are distributed in two parts. This results in some pacing issues and much of the stardust crusaders is random battles with Stand users across Egypt. stardust crusaders still a lot of fun, but would benefit from tighter editing.

5/10 One-Punch Man Teases The Bloated Superhero Genre

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of One Punch Man‘s third season, and the heightened shonen series couldn’t have come at a better time. One Punch Man it exhibits a lot of reverence for the shonen and superhero genres, but also lovingly pokes fun at them through its goofy heroes and overpowered characters.

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It might be an exaggeration to call One Punch Man one of the worst shonen series out there, but its premise wears off quickly and the noticeable degradation of the animation during season 2 has helped to humble the anime’s reputation.

4/10 Black Clover is the latest Underdog story to take its time

black clover is a magic-based shonen series that borrows a lot from other fantasy and action stories. Clover Kingdom is a world where magical powers are the norm. However, Asta, an orphan, struggles to develop this ability. Asta’s growth as an anti-magic user is juxtaposed with that of his brother Yuno, who is prolific with spells.

The biggest complaints with black clover involve Asta and how long it takes him to get rid of his nasty habits, but most audiences agree that it’s worth the wait. Yes black clover2023’s upcoming feature film is popular, so this is unlikely to be the last that fans have seen from Asta and company.

3/10 The Seven Deadly Sins’ Redemption Story Makes Up For Its Weaknesses

The seven capital sins adopts the popular shonen trope where a team of powerful magic users work together to fix a corrupt world. Meliodas and the rest of his team have been unfairly blamed for a crime they didn’t commit and are forced to go on the ultimate redemption tour.

This story of second chances is inspiring when it comes to shonen series, and its humanized characters work the best. Meanwhile, the anime is considered a lower level shonen series due to its low pacing and repetitive storytelling.

2/10 Toriko makes his audience hungry for a subversive Shonen story

Toriko was meant to be the next big Shonen hit at the level of Dragon Ball either One piece thanks to his unique take on action and adventure. As a famous Gourmet Hunter, Toriko searches the world for the best food and ingredients. Toriko himself is an odd anime hero that is sometimes enough to win over fans.

TorikoThe popularity of plummeted enough that its English dub was stopped after only 50 of 147 installments. However, both the anime and manga end on similarly abrupt notes. All this detracts TorikoThe legacy of, and the series hasn’t really returned in other forms.

1/10 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Offers Youthful Joy Despite Its Obvious Publicity

The hit duel-based battle shonen anime that has real-life counterparts like Yu-Gi-Oh! spawned countless imitators. Bakugan battle fighters involves transforming marbles that are used as a way to fight monsters.

There is nothing particularly original about the Bakugan franchise, and their efforts to sell toys are incredibly transparent. Nevertheless, Bakugan became a rare hit in North America during the 2010s, outgrowing its reputation in Japan and resulting in a wide range of sequel series. Bakugan battle fighters is a nostalgic guilty pleasure for many anime fans.

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