10 Worst House Of The Dragon Characters, Pre-Time Skip


HBO’s ongoing Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon, is without doubt one of the yr’s hottest exhibits. Set to cowl the Dance of the Dragons arc, the present’s creators all the time implied that there can be a big time bounce. Now that the time bounce has occurred with episode six, followers have been launched ten years into the longer term.

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The first 5 episodes have been designed to present a stable background on the characters and the scenario resulting in the warfare between Princess Rhaenyra and her youthful brother. While this backstory helped arrange the tip objectives of the sequence, there have been nonetheless a number of downright terrible individuals within the sequence earlier than the time bounce occurred.

10/10 Caraxes May Not be a Person, But He is Awful

Daemon Targaryen’s long-necked dragon, Caraxes, is one downright merciless dragon. Mirroring his rider in some ways, viewers watch as he ruthlessly burns individuals to demise in droves beneath the command of his grasp. While the arguments may very well be made that he is simply following orders, he pays little thoughts to the struggling of others.

The present even emphasizes him touchdown on and crushing a captive of the Crabfeeder. Believing Prince Daemon and his dragon have been there to free him; it is troublesome to look at as he is crushed to demise by the large weight of the dragon carelessly touchdown on him.

9/10 Larys Strong Has Big Littlefinger Vibes

Larys Strong, son of Lyonel Strong, Otto Hightower’s alternative as Hand of the King, did not play an enormous function within the sequence pre-time skip. He did not make an look till episode 3, and he was portrayed as somebody who would all the time be missed.

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Due to this, nonetheless, it grew to become obvious early on that Larys was scheming on his personal. Many followers have claimed that he mirrors Littlefinger in some ways, and whereas that is in the end the scheming meister function that everybody likes to hate, if he lives as much as the hype, he’ll actually trigger issues.

8/10 Queen Alicent Hightower Starts Off Sweet

Alicent Hightower begins off as Princess Rhaenyra’s pal. Portrayed as a younger girl her father manipulates into a wedding that makes her the subsequent queen, Alicent is seen as a candy, well mannered, well-behaved younger girl and queen. When Rhaenyra’s advantage known as into query, she believes her pal’s lies that it is not true. She even defends Rhaenyra’s declare to the throne over her son’s proper to be king.

When she learns that Rhaenyra has lied to her because of Ser Criston’s confession that he slept with the princess, her whole demeanor modifications, her dramatic entrance into the festivities main as much as Rhaenyra’s marriage ceremony, interrupting the king’s speech within the course of, foreshadows what’s to come back.

7/10 We’re Rooting for Her, however Rhaenyra is not Innocent

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen has confirmed to be a powerhouse of a younger girl. While most followers are already rooting for her future success, she is without doubt one of the key gamers within the devastating Dance of the Dragons. Because of how a lot harm her warfare together with her brother will ultimately trigger, the pre-time skip episodes wanted to indicate cracks in Rhaenyra’s basis.

During the primary 5 episodes, we see Rhaenyra’s strongest moments of dedication to be a great future ruler, however we additionally see her slipping by means of the cracks on a couple of event. Rebellious, mouthy, and sometimes ignoring the affect of different highly effective individuals, she’s not precisely the level-headed and calm girl that makes for a stable Queen.

6/10 Corlys Velaryon Has His Own Agenda

While he cannot be blamed for taking his household’s pursuits to coronary heart, Corlys is responsible of one thing many characters all through Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are responsible of. He’s looking for himself and making an attempt to play the game of energy to one of the best of his skills.

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This has him making an attempt to marry his very younger daughter of 12, Laena, to King Viserys I after the demise of his spouse. When Rhaenyra ultimately goes on to marry his son, he tries to push for the throne by saying that Rhaenyra and her kids ought to take his surname. He is not delicate about his grabs for energy.

5/10 Viserys I Proved a Descent King, But Had Bad Priorities

King Viserys I Targaryen was the fifth Targaryen to take a seat upon the Iron Throne. All-in-all, Viserys was a fairly good king. Although he managed to maintain the peace the vast majority of the time, he denounced his youthful brother, Daemon, as inheritor when he believed Daemon was not match to rule, removed Otto Hightower when he questioned his loyalty as his Hand, and caught to his weapons about making his daughter inheritor.

All that stated, Viserys additionally prioritized his unborn son over his first spouse, leading to her demise over a child who did not survive the night time. He additionally married Alicent Hightower, Rhaenyra’s greatest pal and implied love curiosity. His reign as king in the end units the groundwork for the Dance of the Dragons.

4/10 Otto Hightower Plays the Game a Little Too Hard

As the Hand of the King, Otto Hightower’s function is to advise the king in ways in which he believes shall be greatest, not just for the king however for all of the kingdoms. Unfortunately, Otto, very similar to many of the characters in his franchise, has his personal agenda. Not solely does he efficiently dangle his daughter in entrance of the king, however he additionally actively protests Rhaenyra’s declare to the throne.

Otto turns into a bit too bold, as many males who’re so near energy typically are. When he tries to smear Rhaenyra’s title by reporting her actions together with her uncle within the brothel, Viserys rids himself of Otto’s assist, believing his notion is not reliable. But, with Alicent nonetheless Queen, Otto is not down for the depend.

3/10 Ser Criston Cole Seemed Kind At First

For many of the sequence pre-time skip, Ser Criston Cole got here off as a likable and reliable private guard for the younger princess. Relatable to the widespread folks as a result of he got here from nothing, Ser Criston all the time appears grateful for the place that he is gained and carries his sword with honor.

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At least, proper up till he sleeps with the princess. This incident makes him take a flip for the worst. Growing possessive and jealous of Rhaenyra and indignant that her rank retains her from belonging to him, he does some fairly heinous issues. Not solely does he out Rhaenyra’s time with him to Alicent, however he additionally ruins her engagement get together by killing Ser Laenor’s lover in such a brutal vogue the person has no face left.

2/10 Craghas “Crabfeeder” Drahar is Terrifying

Prince Craghas Drahar (aka the Crabfeeder) acquired his nickname for his heinous behavior of staking his enemies on the seashores throughout low tides and leaving them there for the crabs to feast upon. In House of the Dragon, he is a radical who makes use of any means essential to make developments. Pushing for the occupation and blockade of the Stepstones, Crabfeeder pulls Prince Daemon and Lord Corlys into warfare.

Although he suffers from greyscale, Crabfeeder heads the Triarchy, an alliance between 3 of the Free Cities. Although Daemon in the end kills him, he brings lots of ache and struggling to many individuals.

1/10 Prince Daemon Targaryen is a Menace, But Fans Love Him

Prince Daemon has confirmed to be a robust chief who instills loyalty within the individuals who observe him. That stated, he has additionally confirmed ruthless, prepared to do something he deems needed to realize the benefit, and was disinherited as Viserys’ inheritor. Naming each doubtful and underhanded factor he is executed earlier than the time skip can be troublesome, however he is completely the worst the present has to supply.

Faking give up to ambush his enemies, stealing a dragon egg, stealing Rhaenyra’s innocence in a brothel the place anybody might see, and even killing his spouse to rid himself of her are just some of the horrible issues he is executed.

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