10 Worst Comedy Anime With The Best Reputations


Comedy stays one of the widespread genres of leisure, and anime usually elevates humor to ridiculous heights that will be inconceivable in live-action media. Anime’s limitless nature has helped a lot of genres thrive, and comedy is not any exception.

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The daring swings that anime comedies take can flip into shock hits or missed alternatives. Comedy is in fact subjective, nevertheless it’s fascinating to notice how a number of lackluster anime have nonetheless managed to turn out to be breakout hits.

10/10 Attack On Titan: Junior High Gets Detention Over Its Lazy Reimagining

A peculiar pattern that’s taken over the anime trade is to create a gag comedy spin-off of the preferred shonen, shojo, or isekai sequence. These experiments are normally low-hanging fruit, however a few of them really ship on the subject of their unusual premises and humorousness.

Attack on Titan: Junior High is sadly not such a case, and the odd school-based riff on the person versus monster motion sequence struggles to search out its voice. None of the jokes or the sillier takes on Attack on Titan’s characters work, however the reputation of Hajime Isayama’s supply materials signifies that Junior High remains to be widespread.

9/10 Inferno Cop Is A Low-Budget Tale Of Vengeance That Mocks Its Very Nature

Inferno Cop is such an anomaly that many suppose is a joke somewhat than a honest try at storytelling. Inferno Cop’s bare-bones price range and brief runtime restrict its scope. The lazy revenge story is not prone to depart many impressed. Inferno Cop’s humor is born out of its scrappiness and ultra-edgy material.

It desires its viewers to snicker at it as a lot as they’re laughing together with it. Inferno Cop stays a morbid curiosity for many and lots of who’ve checked it out in recent times have executed so due to the prolific fame of Studio TRIGGER.

8/10 Dagashi Kashi’s Gags Are Secondary To Its Passion For Snacks

Lots of anime are constructed across the thought of teaching an viewers on an missed topic. Dagashi Kashi is a passionate love letter to Japan’s many sweet and snack meals. Dagashi Kashi is technically extra of an commercial for the various sweets that the sequence options, however there’s a pure comedy to the awkward chemistry between Hotaru and Kokonotu “Coconuts” Shikada.

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Dagashi Kashi can be an anime that isn’t afraid to embrace fan service with its energetic feminine characters, which has helped inflate the sequence’ fame. However, those that are searching for a pure comedy that’s not so involved with gross sales pitches might be dissatisfied by Dagashi Kashi.

7/10 Shimoneta Thinks That Fan Service Is Funny Enough To Replace Jokes

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist successfully units up its off-kilter universe in its overly lengthy title. The comedic anime is ready in a dystopia the place lewd humor is outlawed. Tanukichi Okuma, a easy highschool scholar, unintentionally turns into a member of a radical terrorist group that goals to return soiled jokes to the plenty.

Shimoneta makes some efficient factors about censorship, however lots of its comedy relies on the crudeness of feminine characters. Many are drawn into the flashy fan service of Shimoneta solely to study that there is not a lot happening beneath.

6/10 Baka And Test Can’t Rise Above Its Simple Stereotypes

Baka and Test experiments with the concept that educational excellence necessitates a pristine fame. The finest college students at Fumizuki Academy are handled to fixed perks, whereas the late bloomers should battle in squalor.

This is an honest setup for comedy, however the college students in Baka and Test by no means turn out to be greater than skinny caricatures. Depth and improvement are deserted in favor of broad gags and loud characters. There are much better school-based comedies on the market, however there’s a simplicity to Baka and Test that’s made it many individuals’s responsible pleasure.

5/10 Tomoko’s Efforts To Grow In Watamote Induce Anxiety Rather Than Laughs

Watamote‘s introverted and socially awkward Tomoko Kuroki is a personality the anime hopes its viewers connects with and understands on some degree. Tomoko thrives on the subject of anime, manga, video video games, and escapist popular culture, however her makes an attempt to face out in the actual world are often disastrous.

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It’s simple to root for Tomoko as she progressively conquers her fears. The largest hurdle that the anime has to face is that Tomoko’s frequent social fumbles are extra embarrassing than they’re humorous. Cringe humor works in loads of anime, however Watamote cannot resolve if it pities or loves Tomoko.

4/10 Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Operates Like An Affront To Anime

Gainax’s Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is influenced by crude Western animation. Panty and Stocking are disgraced angels who use superpowered underwear to defeat ghosts on Earth. It’s as ridiculous because it sounds and the anime likes to poke enjoyable on the very nature of its medium.

This heightened comedy is hit and miss, and the identical goes for the anime’s abrasive artwork fashion. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is unusual, however that’s its enchantment for some. However, an upcoming return to this chaotic universe signifies that extra audiences might give Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt an opportunity. Or maybe extra episodes will solely additional alienate the anime’s current area of interest crowd.

3/10 Lucky Star’s Low Stakes Stories & Pop Culture-Based Comedy Haven’t Aged Gracefully

Slice-of-life anime that do not have a robust story to fall again on often really feel aimless to some audiences. Lucky Star is low-stakes silliness that tackles the every day lives of 4 highschool ladies. Lucky Star is content material to take a threadbare plot and double down on it. Most of the present’s comedy comes from these ladies’ obsession with different anime.

Non-stop popular culture references might be enjoyable, however they fall flat for individuals who aren’t in on the joke. Furthermore, Lucky Star is now 15 years outdated, which signifies that its references are fairly dated and it will possibly’t examine to trendy slice-of-life comedies.

2/10 Prison School’s Encouraging Premise Doesn’t Do Enough With Its Comedy

Prisons are often miserable locations of penance and rehabilitation, however they’re current in a shocking variety of comedic anime. An sudden jail sentence in a peculiar jail might be humorous. However, Prison School cannot discover the suitable components to promote its misguided comedy.

The first 5 male college students at an all-girls faculty shortly show why the other intercourse hadn’t beforehand been admitted. Prison School’s comedy largely comes out of those inmates’ unscrupulous schemes. There’s not sufficient substance behind these easy gags, however the alluring premise remains to be sufficient to herald viewers.

1/10 Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo’s Nonsense Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, as its ridiculous identify would possibly recommend, is simply as a lot a heightened parody of the shonen style as it’s an precise shonen sequence. Bobobo is a tribute to nonsense, and the anime’s excessive non-sequiturs should not for everybody. The result’s a polarizing mixture of comedy and motion that confuses as many audiences because it entertains.

It’s simple to dismiss Bobobo’s efforts to take down the Maruhage Empire and restore full heads of hair to the land as lazy writing. However, few anime are higher at constant nonsense than Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, which has helped it discover a devoted viewers.

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