10 Weird Shazam Villains Black Adam Shouldn’t Fight


While Shazam and Black Adam started out as archenemies, the latter slowly became an antihero. This led to him sharing a rogues gallery with Billy Batson’s alter ego. now that black adam Released, the film follows Teth-Adam as he joins forces with the Justice Society of America to stop Sabbac, one of Captain Marvel’s most feared villains. His clash turns into an epic battle, but this isn’t the case for all of Shazam’s baddies.

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Since his debut as Captain Marvel in 1940, Shazam has fought many different types of villains. Whether it’s because of their tonal differences or because Warner needs to save them to fight Shazam himself, some of these miscreants would feel out of place in a Black Adam movie.

10/10 Rowdy Sparkle is not a threat to Black Adam

The self-proclaimed “World’s Toughest Guy”, Rowdy Sparkles, is a shadowy Shazam villain who only appeared in Shazam! #5, by Elliot S. Maggin and CC Beck, in 1973. He was a violent boy who fought against Captain Marvel before the hero was renewed in crisis on infinite earths.

Rowdy belongs to a time before Shazam claimed his place as one of DC’s most charismatic superheroes. He has no powers or bad intentions beyond being rude. Black Adam would finish it off in just a second, which doesn’t make for good cinema.

9/10 The Arson Fiend is too pedestrian for a Black Adam story

Created by Rod Reed and George Tuska, George Tweedle was a salesman who became corrupt when his employers forced him to offer fire insurance to their customers. To extort money from his clients, he created an alter ego, the Arson Fiend, who would threaten to burn down his house if they didn’t take out insurance.

Teth-Adam is one of the most powerful beings in DC. While he has the power of various deities, the Arson Fiend is an insurance salesman whose life is slipping out of his hands. When it comes to lore, personality, and power, Tweedle is pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of the DC Universe.

8/10 Oggar couldn’t deal with Shazam, so he won’t beat Black Adam

A former student of Shazamo, Oggam betrayed the wizard in an attempt to seize his power. However, he was not strong enough to defeat his master, so he was sentenced to live among mortals. After this, Shazamo became Shazam. When he found out that Shazam would have a successor, he also tried to depower Shazam from Captain Marvel.

Until now, the public doesn’t know who is stronger in the DCEU between Shazam and Black Adam, but they are probably on the same level. If Oggar can’t defeat the former Captain Marvel in DC Comics canon, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance against Black Adam. A battle between them would be quite boring.

7/10 Madame Libertine has a very strange ability

Katrina Krieger, also known as Madame Libertine, is a villain who debuted in 1995 in Shazam’s power #5, by Jerry Ordway, with art by Pete Krause, Mike Manley, Glenn Whitmore, and John Constanza. Although he only made three appearances, Krieger made an impression on fans thanks to his ability to release an aerosol that makes people reckless, making them victims of their own repressed desires.

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Madame Libertine is not a boring villain. In fact, her super ability would set the stage for an interesting development in Black Adam’s personality. Unfortunately, her backstory isn’t interesting enough to be the main villain, and she isn’t strong enough to beat Black Adam. At best, she could be another villain’s henchman.

6/10 Mister Banjo wouldn’t even scratch Black Adam

During captain marvel adventures #8, by Otto Binder, with art by CC Beck and Pete Costanza, the hero now known as Shazam squared off against Kurt Flipots, aka Mister Banjo, for the first time. A former agent for the Axis powers during World War II, he delivered sensitive information in the form of physical notes, using only his banjo and a small pistol in battle.

Mister Banjo is a comic character who lives up to his stupid name. He would make a great cameo that would be immediately noticed by hardcore fans, but overall, it’s ridiculous. Neither his banjo nor his weapon would do anything against Shazam’s power.

5/10 There is no room for Captain Nazi in today’s cinema

There have been two iterations of the Nazi Captain: Albrecht Krieger, who was genetically modified to serve the Axis Powers by his father, and Lester Abernathy, a neo-Nazi who works with an organization called the Sons of Valhalla. Of course, they both have the same thing in common: they embody the far-right fascist ideology that made Hitler infamous.

Captain Nazi is a bad taste villain. Unlike other Nazis in the comics—Helmut Zemo, Dr. Poison, and the Red Skull—Captain Nazi is overly blunt, to the point where he has a swastika on his suit. This character hasn’t aged well, not even for a villain.

4/10 The mannequin is pretty creepy, but on the wrong track

One of DC’s weirdest villains is The Dummy. This ventriloquist puppet pretends to be controlled by a human but is actually sentient. The comics have never explained whether he is actually a wooden doll or a human, but he has no powers beyond his clever inventions. Since he debuted in 1941 as Vigilante’s archenemy, The Dummy has belonged to such associations as the Legion of Doom and the Monster Society of evil.

The fact that no one knows the true nature of The Dummy makes him one of the scariest characters in the DC Universe. His paranormal background would make him a great villain in a horror story, but it’s hard to think of Black Adam as the kind of superhero who would take him seriously.

3/10 Ibac should fight Shazam instead.

Born Stanley Pintwhistle, Ibac was a low-level criminal who was nearly killed in an explosion trying to blow up a bridge. Before he died, Lucifer saved him and offered him the opportunity to become his champion. In exchange for his soul, Ibac received superhuman stamina, durability, strength, and stamina belonging to Ivan the Terrible, Cesare Borgia, Attila the Hun, and Caligula.

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Ibac is one of Shazam’s most important enemies. They have a similar backstory, share the same set of powers, and are on completely opposite sides of a moral compass. Given this, Warner shouldn’t be pitting him against Black Adam because it would be better to reserve him for Billy Batson’s alter ego.

2/10 Crocodile Man isn’t interesting enough to be a main antagonist

Crocodile Man, created by Otto Binder and CC Beck, is an anthropomorphic crocodile in a suit. Since 1943, there have been several different Crocodile Men such as Sylvester, Jorrk, and Herkimer. They all belong to an alien race from the planet Punkus and work as loyal minions of Mister Mind and the Monster Society of Evil.

The Crocodile Men have already appeared in Shazam!, but beyond their illegal activities, fans don’t know anything about them. The fact is that they are cannon fodder in a larger war. No writer has ever bothered to give them proper development; they’re always just henchmen for bigger villains, so they’re not material for a franchise like the DCEU.

1/10 Mister Mind is too surreal for Black Adam

Mister Mind is without a doubt one of Shazam’s most bizarre villains. Created by Otto Binder and CC Beck, Mister Mind is a sentient worm with an unknown backstory. With intelligence superior to that of any human, he has advanced telepathic abilities and the ability to weave strong silk to ensnare his enemies.

Mister Mind’s strange appearance and lack of background have no place in black adams plot pointless. He would be better as a villain for Billy Bastion in a Shazam! continuation. Black Adam’s seriousness doesn’t mesh well with Mister Mind’s weird aesthetic, but Shazam just might.

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