Wonder Woman has been round for the reason that Nineteen Forties, utilizing her unimaginable powers and god-forged weapons to combat evil and injustice in all its kinds. The Amazonian warrior is thought for her energy and robust morals, however like all hero, she has her weaknesses.

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Even the someday daughter of Zeus makes errors, and a few have managed to make use of Wonder Woman’s most well-known attributes in opposition to her. Diana could also be a demigod, however she’s by no means been omnipotent. With such a protracted historical past, it is not a shock that a few of her enemies have discovered some intelligent methods to show her weaknesses in opposition to her.

10 Wonder Woman Can’t Be Bound By A Man

Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, had some uncommon concepts for his heroine, a few of which included themes of bondage. In her unique tales, and up till the Eighties, Diana’s fundamental weak point was being sure by a person.

If captured and sure by a person, Wonder Woman could not entry her powers. If a lady tied her up, nevertheless, Diana remained as robust as ever. To a contemporary viewers, it appears unusual to have a hero meant to be a feminist icon weakened by a person on this method. Thankfully, this weak point has been left to historical past.

9 Her Bracelets Restrict Her Powers

One of Wonder Woman’s most recognizable weapons is her Bracelets of Submission, however these really operate as a weak point. Based on sure origin tales, Wonder Woman is a demigod, making her immensely {powerful}.

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Wonder Woman’s bracelets have been made to assist her management her powers. Most followers hyperlink the bracelets to Diana’s means to deflect bullets and different assaults, however the bracelets really restricted Wonder Woman’s powers. It appeared an odd factor, however with out them, her powers and her rage may get out of hand. Diana willingly accepted lesser powers if it helped her train management.

8 Her Lasso Of Truth Can Be Used Against Her

Diana’s different iconic weapon is the Lasso of Truth. Anyone sure by this unbreakable lasso was compelled to inform absolutely the fact. Wonder Woman usually used the lasso to search out out essential data or to defeat her foes. The lasso was definitely {powerful}, but it surely generally proved a hinderance for Wonder Woman, too.

If another person was to make use of the Lasso of Truth in opposition to Diana, she’d be compelled to inform the reality. In Superman/Batman #15 by Jeph Loeb, Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino, Laura Martin, and Richard Starkings, Superman used the lasso to strangle and kill Wonder Woman.

7 Wonder Woman Is Vulnerable To Firearms

A number of readers might imagine somebody as {powerful} as Wonder Woman is invulnerable to bullets. She’s near immortal, has regenerative talents, and is known for her means to deflect bullets. However, gunshot wounds can hurt and even kil her.

Luckily for Wonder Woman, she heals from non-fatal wounds, though her therapeutic energy is not practically as quick as different heroes identified for his or her therapeutic issue. It’s a fortunate factor she’s so helpful with these bullet-deflecting bracelets. Without medical help, a important wound will hurt Wonder Woman like it might anybody else.

6 The Gods Gave Her Powers And Can Take Them Back

Whether Zeus is her father or the one who dropped at life a clay statue, he and the opposite Gods of Ancient Greece have at all times been intently linked to Diana’s origin story. The Gods gave her powers to guard and lead the Amazons. This meant the Gods may additionally take these powers away from her.

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Both in their very own myths and of their depictions in DC Comics, these Gods rapidly take offense and develop into indignant. Diana has crossed the Gods on a number of events, so it is not unreasonable to assume she’s risked punishment. Zeus can return Diana to a powerless state any time he feels prefer it.

5 The Joker Brainwashed Wonder Woman

The Bind of Veils is an Ancient Greek artifact, that has been likened to Superman’s Kryptonite. Appearing in comics solely as soon as, Joker discovered it and used it on Wonder Woman. The Bind of Veils brainwashed Wonder Woman, inflicting her to assume Batman was her enemy and assault him.

Wonder Woman additionally believed she had killed the Joker. Batman managed to subdue her, and Wonder Woman lastly broke freed from the brainwashing. This {powerful} artifact hasn’t been seen since, however one other villain may simply use it to show Wonder Woman in opposition to her buddies.

4 Batman Planned To Poison Wonder Woman

Batman created plans to defeat each member of the Justice League, simply in case any of them turned evil. He analyzed Wonder Woman’s biology and got here to the conclusion that the easiest way to defeat her could be to poison her.

Even although she’s half god, Diana’s human aspect remained susceptible to toxins and poisons, making it attainable for an attacker to get a poison into her bloodstream. One time, Wonder Woman’s outdated enemy Cheetah used a particular poison on the Amazon warrior, inflicting her to assume everybody round her was Cheetah and sending her right into a rampage.

3 Her Upbringing Can Make Her Cold

Wonder Woman grew up on Themyscira, an island populated completely by Amazon warriors. Raised to be a warrior, Diana knew nothing of what the Amazons referred to as the “Man’s World” till she was referred to as upon to reserve it. This separation and coaching from a younger age generally made it arduous for Diana to know and relate to people and their considerations.

Wonder Woman deeply cared about humanity, particularly her buddies, however her struggles to narrate may make her seem distant and chilly. She’s been identified to say the fallacious factor in delicate conditions, and it price her friendships previously.

2 She Can Be Injured By Piercing Weapons

Wonder Woman favors the classics on the subject of weapons, selecting issues like swords and arrows. She’s been skilled to make use of weapons like these, like all expert Amazon, however her coaching additionally revealed she could be injured by piercing and edged weapons like these.

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Wonder Woman’s stronger than common, however she could be injured, and a number of other comics painting her with wounds or bleeding. Diana’s not immortal and even died, though she’s at all times returned. Wonder Woman’s personal armor could cause her an issue on this space, because it leaves her legs and arms fully uncovered to incoming assaults.

1 Superman Could Defeat Her

Wonder Woman and Superman have labored alongside one another on the Justice League for a very long time. They’ve been buddies, colleagues, and even DC’s final energy couple. As a part of Batman’s have to know how you can combat all his teammates, he concluded that the one hero robust sufficient to cease Diana was Superman.

According to Batman, Clark Kent was the one one who may match Wonder Woman’s energy and defeat her. Besides his energy, it is attainable the Man of Steel may exploit his romantic reference to Diana, convincing her to let her guard down.

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