10 Ways Marvel’s Smartest Villains Were Caught-Off Guard


Marvel has created many different villains over the years, each bringing something different to the table. Many villains are known to be clever and develop plans to trap their heroic enemies and allow them to use their advantages against them. However, even the smartest villains make mistakes. They cannot plan for every eventuality. This has led them to be taken by surprise many times.

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Often these surprises cost them everything their plans made possible. Where victory was basically assured, they suddenly found themselves caught in the jaws of defeat and at the mercy of their enemies.

10/10 Loki never expected Rick Jones to form the Avengers to stop him.

Among Marvel’s most charismatic villains, Loki is a special case. The god of mischief is excellent at using manipulation to get his way, but he also has the power to use brute force. Loki is extremely dangerous and the threat of him rallied the Avengers. However, that would never have happened were it not for Rick Jones.

Rick Jones used his ham radio network to rally Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Hulk to help Thor defeat Loki. Never in a thousand years would Loki have imagined that a human sidekick with a radio would have brought about his defeat.

9/10 Hydra Cap Never Expected The Original Captain America To Return

Hydra Cap made an almost perfect plan. First, she became head of SHIELD, gaining the power to declare martial law and create a shield around Earth. Hydra Cap did exactly that when the Chitauri attacked. He then attacked America with Hydra, using Kobik’s power to change Mjolnir’s enchantment and defeat the army or heroes arrayed against him.

Hydra took control of the US and was able to defeat the heroes who resisted at all times. However, there was a fly in the ointment: the original Cap still existed inside Kobik. She finally released him. This directly led to Hydra Cap’s defeat, as the real Cap beat him like a drum.

8/10 Daredevil taught the Kingpin a lesson about losing everything.

The Kingpin thought he had it made when he finally figured out Daredevil’s identity. The Kingpin set about hatching a plan to destroy his enemy, using his knowledge to take everything from Matt Murdock. He dismantled all of Daredevil’s life and then waited for his enemy to crumble from the losses he suffered.

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However, he was completely caught off guard by what happened next. Daredevil did not give up. He didn’t lay down and die because of what the Kingpin did. Instead, ol’Hornhead taught the Kingpin a painful lesson: a man with nothing to lose is truly a man without fear.

7/10 The beast never expected Jean Gray to turn on him.

There are villains that only the X-Men can defeat, one of which is the future version of the Beast. Possessed by the bacteriological life form Sublime, he was able to wipe out most of Earth’s population, with only the X-Men standing in his way. And once he got his hands on the Phoenix Egg, he hatched it and brought back Jean Grey, lying to her to work with him.

He was also able to use it to obtain a facsimile of the Phoenix’s powers. When the X-Men attacked, she devastated them. As she put Wolverine down, Jean came to her senses. She attacked him, taking away his powers and ending the threat from him.

6/10 The Celestials never expected humanity to find out the truth and fight back.

Marvel’s Celestials are extremely powerful and nearly impossible to defeat. The Celestials have played a very important role in the creation of life in the universe, and Earth X revealed his end game. Every planet the Celestials visited was implanted with a Celestial egg, and eventually, the inhabitants would mutate to defend the egg.

It worked so well because no one found out about it until it was too late. However, the heroes of Earth, with the help of the Inhumans just returned from space, were able to figure it all out. They rebelled with Reed Richards by summoning Galactus, now his son Franklin, to stop the Celestials and save Earth.

5/10 Galactus never expected the Watcher to help humanity

Nobody in Marvel has a higher body count than Galactus. The Eater of Worlds was driven to Earth by the Silver Surfer in the early years of the Marvel Age, preparing to eat the planet and destroy humanity along the way. Uatu the Watcher warned the Fantastic Four that Galactus was approaching and gave them a fighting chance.

However, it gave them more than a fighting chance, ultimately giving FF the knowledge of the Ultimate Nullifier. This allowed the FF to scare Galactus away. There’s no way Galactus could have expected something like this to happen, especially since he knew about the Watcher’s oath of non-interference.

4/10 Magneto trusted Fabian Cortez too much and paid for it

Omega-class mutants are the most powerful, with abilities that can shake the world. It should come as no surprise that Magneto is among them, but he’s still known for relying on others. One such group was the Acolytes. When they first joined Magneto’s fight, they were led by Fabian Cortez and helped Magneto capture the X-Men’s Blue Team.

Cortez lied about his powers to Magneto, making him believe that he could control Blue Team. However, once they used his powers, Cortez’s “control” over them ended. By this time, he was already gone and a SHIELD attack destroyed Asteroid M, turning Magneto and the other Acolytes into martyrs that Cortez could use to gain power over others, as well as give him points in the Upstarts game.

3/10 Moira MacTaggert never thought Mystique would take Destiny’s resurrection into her own hands.

Moira MacTaggert’s many lives changed her. In her tenth life, she had a plan. She would use Xavier and Magneto to create a mutant nation where all mutants would congregate. She would then use the mutant cure that she had created in a previous life to wipe out the mutant race. The mutant nation of Krakoa was established, and she made sure that Xavier and Magneto would never agree to resurrecting precogs who might see what Krakoa’s future held.

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She especially didn’t want Destiny to be resurrected. However, Xavier and Magneto found Mystique useful, so they motivated her by promising to bring Destiny back. Eventually, tired of her stalling, she put everything into gear, retrieving Destiny and going after Moira.

2/10 Thanos never expected Nebula to lash out at him.

Thanos gaining the Infinity Gauntlet was a huge catastrophe for the Marvel Universe. He set out to kill half the universe and then took his granddaughter Nebula and her brother Starfox to his newly created base in the stars. He removed Starfox’s mouth and put Nebula in a state of constant pain.

After defeating Earth’s heroes, he pierced through the cosmic beings of the universe, ultimately defeating even Eternity. She then took the place of Eternity, becoming the personification of the universe. However, her empty body with the Gauntlet sat on a throne, and Nebula took a chance. She took the Gauntlet and became a god, robbing Thanos of victory from him.

1/10 Doctor Doom realized that Reed Richards was better than him

Doctor Doom is a role model for Marvel villains. He has won his battles against the heroes multiple times over the years. When the incursions occurred, Doom took action and gained powers from the Beyonders and Molecule Man to salvage remnants of existence, creating a patchwork universe. He then used his divine powers to mess with the minds of the survivors and did his best to maintain existence.

However, something happened that he never imagined: the heroes of the 616 universe survived. He was finally confronted by Reed Richards and did something no one expected. He told Reed Richards that Reed would have done a better job as God. He handed over his power to Reed, who fixed everything.

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