10 Ways Iruma-Kun! Breaks Shonen Clichés


Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-kun! is a shonen/isekai anime series starring the blue-haired protagonist Iruma Suzuki and his adventures in the demonic underworld. In general, Iruma’s adventures are distinctively shonen, as can be seen in the power of friendship, the virtue of perseverance, and all the comedy and action.

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In other ways, the Iruma-kun! The anime is a total subversion of shonen anime. This series often reinvents or eschews certain shonen conventions and tropes, often because it’s both isekai and shonen. everything he does Iruma-kun! it feels fresh and exciting as a hybrid genre story, making it a great pick for any anime fan who is getting tired of conventional shonen anime.

10/10 Iruma Suzuki doesn’t have big ambitions

Typical shonen protagonists have a clear goal in mind and spend the entire series striving to achieve that goal. Classic examples include Monkey D. Luffy aiming to become the Pirate King and Naruto Uzumaki dreaming of becoming Hokage. Iruma Suzuki gently subverts that trend.

In Iruma-kun!, the story is about the journey, not the destination. Iruma Suzuki takes life as it comes, and enjoys his life for what it is now, not what it could be. That doesn’t mean that Iruma lacks motivation, but she also lacks a big dream to pursue.

9/10 Iruma’s Hidden Power Is Disappointing By Design

Many shonen series depict a hero with a hidden dark side or secret power that is hard to control. Naruto’s powerful Fox chakra is a great example, along with Ichigo Kurosaki’s terrifying inner Hollow. Iruma-kun!The protagonist of also has a secret power, but it’s not scary.

Iruma sometimes changes into his “evil” form, which is simply a more assertive and confident version of himself. Other demons in Babyls turn into true monsters in their evil phases, but Iruma Suzuki, as a gentle and kind boy, would never do that. His evil form is only relatively evil compared to his normal self.

8/10 The Iruma-kun! Anime actually discourages ambition

Most shonen anime series portray ambition and goal setting as noble and inspiring, but the Iruma-kun! The anime goes in the opposite direction. Iruma himself politely rejects any ambition in this isekai adventure. The same goes for his first true friend, Asmodeus Alice.

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Sabnock Sabro once criticized Alice for not putting in the effort to achieve her own goals, such as becoming a demon king. But in Iruma-kun!In Alice’s narrative, the power of friendship is greater, as Alice soon learned, and that makes him much happier than any ambition.

7/10 Iruma’s parents are terrible people.

Shonen protagonist parents tend to be one of three things: dead, absent, or sane. Izuku Midoriya’s single mother Inko is very supportive, while Yuji Itadori’s parents are unknown and Naruto’s are dead. the Iruma-kun! Meanwhile, the anime took the fourth route and made the hero’s parents evil.

Iruma Suzuki’s parents selfishly sold their only son to the demons, all so they could get rich and enjoy the life they always wanted. Few, if any, shonen heroes have parents like that, and that sets Iruma apart from all other shonen orphans. He is separated from his parents for unprecedented reasons.

6/10 The protagonist of Iruma-Kun! not aggressively masculine

Shonen anime series generally portray their heroes as manly men relative to their age, such as BleachIchigo Kurosaki is a tough-talking punk or Fairy taleNatsu Dragneel is loud, aggressive, and reckless as a hot-headed shonen boy. Iruma-kun!The hero himself is a gentler youth than that.

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Iruma Suzuki is comfortable with his masculinity and doesn’t see the need to prove it to everyone. Iruma lets his actions and personality speak for themselves, and surprisingly, he’s perfectly comfortable dressing up as an idol or a maid as well.

5/10 Iruma Suzuki rarely trains for combat

Iruma Suzuki sometimes trains in the Iruma-kun! anime, such as her new training regimen earlier in season 3 with Bachiko Barbatos the tsundere. However, unlike most shonen anime, Iruma-kun! does not have a training sequence in every story arc.

Naruto, Ichigo, and Izuku train before almost every big fight, but Iruma Suzuki doesn’t. the Iruma-kun! The anime is about friendship, acceptance, and adventure rather than endless combat. So constant training just isn’t necessary for Iruma’s survival.

4/10 Iruma-kun! It lacks artificial enhancers

An unfortunate shonen cliché is the use of last-minute artificial power-ups that get the hero out of trouble. This is especially common in Bleach Y Fairy tale, which can make the heroes’ victories seem undeserved. A good way to avoid this is to rarely buff heroes.

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Iruma-kun! avoid this problem altogether. Rarely does this anime show the heroes fighting, let alone powering up, so nothing feels forced or too convenient. Every time Iruma-kun!Heroes win a fight, it feels well won, and that makes for satisfying combat sequences.

3/10 Iruma-kun! Has minimal tournament bows

Tournament bows are fun when done right, but the idea is becoming a tired cliche now. Fans make exceptions for big tournaments like the UA sports festival in my hero academiabut Iruma-kun! anime does the smart thing and avoids tournaments.

The upcoming Harvest Festival may feel like a tournament, being a school-sponsored combat event with rules, but that’s an exception. There is no Tournament of Power in Iruma-kun! – this anime is really about friendship and school life, not about the leaderboards.

2/10 Iruma-kun! Skip the Free Fan Service

some female characters Iruma-kun! he can be very attractive, like the succubus master Raim, but anime generally eschews cheap fan service. the girls in Iruma-kun! keep the clothes on and contribute to the plot in much more substantial ways, which is refreshing to see.

Some shonen girls are famous for their fanservice, like fire forceby Tamaki Kotatsu and Bleachit’s Rangiku Matsumoto, but Azazel Ameri and Valac Clara are not like that. This keeps the Iruma-kun! The familiar and tasteful tone of anime as a shonen series.

1/10 Iruma-kun! has few rivalries

Sabnock Sabro and Asmodeus Alice are casual rivals, but otherwise the Iruma-kun! The anime eschews the concept of shonen-style rivals. Done right, this can jumpstart a character’s arc in exciting ways, but no shonen anime is required to include a rivalry.

Iruma Suzuki isn’t even the type to form or enjoy rivalries. He is a quiet boy who prefers to get along with everyone as an equal than to compete and prove that he is the best. If Sabnock or Jazz tried to form a rivalry with him, Iruma would laugh and deflate the tension.

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