10 Ways DC’s Smartest Villains Were Caught-Off Guard


DC Comics heroes are often overwhelmingly powerful, which is why some villains use their brains instead of their brawn. They are masterminds, plotting to entangle their enemies to make up for the difference in power between hero and villain. They think that their plans are completely airtight, but it has been shown that this is not the case. These clever villains have been outwitted in many ways over the years.

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As smart as they are, even villains like Lex Luthor and the Riddler can’t make a plan for every eventuality. They have been caught off guard many times, leading to their eventual downfall, teaching them a lesson on how to plan and underestimate their enemies.

10/10 The Batman Who Laughs Never Thought Wonder Woman Would Go Off Script

There are many versions of Batman, but none as dangerous as the Batman Who Laughs. After taking his place at Perpetua’s side and being his enforcer on the remnant of Earth, the Batman Who Laughs was used to lording it over everyone and seeing them play his tune. However, he never thought that Wonder Woman would be the one to beat him.

The Batman Who Laughs never expected her to riot under his nose all along, working to create a weapon and a plan that could defeat him once and for all. He never expected the heroes to go along with her plan to stop him, and he definitely wasn’t planning on her hitting him. He made a classic mistake: he underestimated Wonder Woman.

9/10 In JLA: The Nail, Jimmy Olsen never expected to find Kal-El.

JLA: The Nail took place in a universe where the Kents hammered a nail into their tire and never found baby Kal-El. However, his ship was found and Kryptonian genetic material was isolated. Lex Luthor used this to experiment on Jimmy Olsen, enhancing his intelligence and giving him Kryptonian powers. Olsen then worked behind the scenes to destroy the superhuman community in order to create a new Krypton.

When he finally made himself known, he and the Justice League had a huge battle that ultimately saw him discover Kal-El on an Amish farm. He had always assumed Kal-El was long dead, and the fact that he didn’t join Olsen immediately shocked the villain to the core.

8/10 Alexander Luthor never thought that the heroes would overcome his plans

In the period prior to Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor made what he thought was a foolproof plan. He took advantage of the schism between the heroes, getting him involved by posing as Lex Luthor and recreating the Secret Society of Super Villains, having Superboy-Prime move planets to change the center of the universe, and creating a machine to create the perfect Earth. .

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Luthor’s plan seemed completely foolproof and it would have been, but the unexpected happened. Trinity came back together with Earth-2 Superman and Superboy, Wonder Girl and Nightwing took the fight to her house. He was completely taken by surprise by these developments, and they led to his downfall.

7/10 The Batman Who Laughs killed Perpetua

Perpetua was the biggest threat the Justice League faced. She empowered the Legion of Doom and defeated the League every time she faced them. Perpetua was a Hand, a being with the power to create multiverses who knew the secrets of creation, and had intelligence as well as power. Her mistake was trusting the Batman Who Laughs.

She decided to pit the Batman Who Laughs against Lex Luthor to see who should serve her. The Batman Who Laughs won. After Perpetua defeated the League, the two ruled together, but the BWL eventually hatched a plan that gave her godlike power. This allowed her to kill Perpetua, something she never predicted.

6/10 Arnold Wesker and Flashpoint Batman betrayed Bane

Batman faces many violent enemies, but some of them are more multifaceted. Bane has always combined his capacity for violence with his planning skills to take down the Dark Knight. His latest plan against Batman involved all the villains in Batman’s rogues gallery, controlled by the Psycho-Pirate. He even lured the Batman out of the Flash point universe.

However, that was the problem with the plan. Bane and Flashpoint Batman had two different goals in mind. Working with Arnold Wesker, Flashpoint Batman surprised Bane and helped his otherworldly son defeat the villain.

5/10 Prometheus never expected the JLA to have an ace up its sleeve.

DC villains often outgrow the evil of their parents, with Prometheus transforming into a machine against the Justice League to get revenge on his dead criminal parents. Using the JLA’s media day to infiltrate the Watchtower, he defeated every member of the team in no time, using plans he came up with and technology he created specifically for that purpose.

Prometheus was about to triumph when Metropolis reporter Cat Grant intervened. However, it was Catwoman all along, who was asked to sneak into the Watchtower disguised as an insurance policy. She used her whip to hit Prometheus in a vulnerable area below the belt, foiling her carefully thought out plan.

4/10 Anti-Monitor didn’t expect anyone to see through his final trick

Anti-Monitor is DC’s deadliest villain and he proved it by destroying countless universes. crisis on infinite earths saw the heroes of the multiverse foil their destruction of their universes several times, with the latest one involving heroes and villains coming together in a plan that sent them to other points in time. This apparently brought victory to the heroes, but it was all a trick.

The problem was that Anti-Monitor’s fake Earth didn’t take into account duplicate heroes like Earth-2 Superman and Dick Grayson or like Helena Wayne who could only exist on their Earth. This allowed the heroes to realize that they were being tricked before he could destroy them all, giving them a fighting chance.

3/10 Darkseid underestimated Earth’s greatest heroes

last crisis saw Darkseid enact his most foolproof plan yet. In the early stages, he took four of Earth’s greatest heroes off the board. Lois Lane was critically injured in a bomb blast and Superman left the Orrery of Worlds to find a way to heal her. Batman was captured by Darkseid’s minions and imprisoned in D-Command. Wally West was brought into the Speed ​​Force trying to find Barry Allen. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps were manipulated into inaction by Granny Goodness.

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Darkseid stomped on the heroes, not expecting those four to come back and thwart his plans. Yet they all did, each destroying another part of their carefully orchestrated scheme.

2/10 Batman showed the Riddler why learning his identity was pointless

The Riddler has outwitted Batman several times, proving why he is the smartest villain in Gotham City. During batman: hush, The Riddler worked with Tommy Elliot behind the scenes, setting up all of Hush’s manipulations of the Batman and Gotham villains. In the end, the Riddler learned the one thing he ever wanted to know: Batman’s secret identity.

As the Riddler overpowered Batman, the Caped Crusader realized why he was useless: The Riddler loved knowing things no one else knew, so if he used Batman’s secret identity to attack him, everyone else would learn it too. This moment caught Riddler completely off guard as he realized how useless this new information was.

1/10 Lex Luthor Never Envisioned Perpetua Bringing The Batman Who Laughs

Lex Luthor is DC’s greatest villain role model, which is why Perpetua made him her second-in-command when she began her plan to use the power of Doom to remake the multiverse. Luthor did everything Perpetua needed him to do, leading the Legion of Doom and outsmarting the Justice League. So she brought the competition.

Perpetua brought in the Batman Who Laughs and had the two fight over who would serve her. Luthor never expected this curveball and lost his place at Perpetua’s side just as the plan they had both created came to fruition.

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