10 Ways Bleach Is The Worst Of The Shonen Big Three


The three great classics of shonen anime are those of Eiichiro Oda. One pieceMasashi Kishimoto narutoand Tite Kubo Bleach. Their original manga series sold incredibly well, with each of them boasting a loyal legion of fans around the world. However, they are not always the same.

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Both subjectively and objectively, shonen anime fans argue over which of the Big Three series is the strongest or the weakest, and why. It could be argued strongly that Bleach, in particular, is the weakest member of the trio. that does not decrease BleachIt has a lot of good points, but it goes to show that no anime, even a big three title, is foolproof.

10/10 Bleach has the lowest manga sales volume

The three big shonen titles sold millions of manga volumes each, with One piece selling the most volumes of any manga series, ever. In the big three One piece has sold more than 500 million volumes, while naruto sold about half, 250 million. Bleach it falls behind in third place with approximately 130 million sales.

In the world of manga in general, Bleach it’s impressive as a best-selling shonen manga title, and that’s commendable. However, within the big three, Bleach is just over half narutosales of and about a quarter of One piece‘s.

9/10 Only the manga and anime of Bleach were officially canceled

by masashi kishimoto naruto concluded just in time, and Eiichiro Oda’s One piece is still ongoing. Presumably the mega-popular One piece it will be concluded on Oda’s own terms. On the contrary, Tite Kubo himself Bleach he was officially fired in the 2010s.

This cancellation was the result of Bleachdeclining popularity, and Bleach stands as the only Big Three series to be eliminated. That explains the sudden and hasty end of Bleachbut fans can make up for it with the You can’t fear your own world novel series.

8/10 Bleach has fewer linked games

The three big shonen titles have numerous tie-in games, but Bleach seems to have the fewest and the worst games among them. the naruto franchise has many great adventure/fighting games like the ninja storm series, but there is no bleach storm to rival that.

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Bleach fans, especially those in the West, have few options for tie-in video games. There have even been naruto games on Xbox consoles, but not Bleach titles Mobile games are the best choice for Bleach games, but a AAA Bleach The console game is long overdue.

7/10 Bleach has highly invented victories

An artificial victory is when an anime fighter wins a battle through sheer plot armor or convenient last-minute power-ups. Most shonen anime series are guilty of this, but among the big three, Bleach does it much more often, and it stays Bleach back.

too many of BleachFights in , including the best ones, end only because the hero had the benefit of a last-minute boost that no one saw coming. Surprises in battle scenes are always welcome, but not if they feel cheap and forced, thanks to a sudden shikai or bankai out of the blue.

6/10 Bleach’s World Building Isn’t That Deep

The construction of the world is suitable for BleachThe storytelling needs themselves, such as the essentials of life in Soul Society or the general feel of the unforgiving deserts of Hueco Mundo. Fans of in-depth world building will be disappointed by what they see in Bleachnevertheless.

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The construction of the world in naruto it is more expansive and even provides a political and historical context for the story. One piece‘s own worldbuilding sets a new standard for all shonen, surpassing both. naruto Y Bleach with its islands, geography, history, nations and much more.

5/10 Bleach’s protagonist lacks compelling dreams

On the positive side, BleachIchigo Kurosaki’s leading man, has a down-to-earth punk attitude that contrasts all the noisy himbos in shonen. In return, Ichigo lacks any serious dreams to strive for, which makes his character feel aimless.

Both Naruto and Luffy inspire viewers by dreaming big, and Naruto even achieved his goal of becoming Hokage. Ichigo just wants to protect his friends from him, and while that’s a noble motive, he’s not that inspiring or convincing after a point.

4/10 Bleach lacks cool monsters and natural scenery

the monsters in Bleach they are Hollows, tormented souls mutated into bestial forms of all shapes and sizes. That was exciting at first, but over time the focus shifted to more humanoid enemies, and fans of kaiju-style monsters were disappointed.

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naruto Y One piece both have more giant monsters to excite fans and expand the combat system. naruto has the tailed beasts and the likes of Gamabunta, while One piece it has everything from krakens and whales to Kaido, the human dragon.

3/10 Bleach’s protagonist has few combat moves

A shonen series is much more exciting when the heroes learn a variety of cool combat moves. Naruto Uzumaki has many jutsu at his disposal, from Rasengan variants and Sage Mode, while Luffy can use many Gum-Gum moves, Haki, Gears and more. But Ichigo Kurosaki is more limited.

Ichigo can swing his sword, Zangetsu, and use a ranged energy attack called Getsuga Tensho. Aside from donning his Hollow mask, that’s about all Ichigo can do, and he feels frustratingly limited. If Naruto can come up with clever new Rasengan variants, surely Ichigo can expand his moveset as well.

2/10 Bleach anime has a big gap

Bleach is sometimes the weakest title of the big three not because of its material, but for real-world reasons such as relatively weak manga sales or a discontinued anime. the naruto the anime had a solid run, and One piece still going strong after 1,000 episodes. BleachFor his part, he had worse luck.

BleachThe anime itself had a comparatively short run from 2004 to 2012, with fans eventually forgetting about it and moving on. Now the anime is back, but it may be too little, too late to catch up again. naruto Y One piece.

1/10 Bleach’s main team is not iconic

In naruto, Team 7 is an iconic anime squad made up of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, along with their famous mentor Kakashi Hatake. Anime fans also love the “found family” Straw Hat pirate crew, emphasizing the “nakama” concept. BleachThe main squad itself falls short.

It’s fun to watch Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Uryu, and Orihime fight together as friends, but this squad lacks the cohesiveness of Team 7 and the Straw Hat team. This squad doesn’t even have a name. It’s just Ichigo and his closest allies.

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