10 Ways Bleach Is The Best Of The Shonen Big Three


The unique shonen “big three” titles are Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, and Tite Kubo’s Bleach. These shonen titles are like Dragon Ball‘s three heirs. In phrases of recognition, gross sales, and affect, they dominated the shonen scene of the 2000s and early 2010s. However, many followers view Bleach because the runt of the litter.

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Number-wise, it is true that Bleach did not promote in addition to Naruto and definitely not the still-ongoing One Piece. That being mentioned, passionate Bleach followers know that their favourite shonen sequence can excel in just a few methods the others by no means did. Fans who look previous Bleach‘s iffy repute will discover lots to like about it.

10/10 Bleach Has A More Unique Soundtrack

Most trendy shonen anime sequence have fairly nice music, from the thrilling OST of Attack on Titan to the hit observe “You Say Run” from My Hero Academia‘s soundtrack. Then, there’s the Bleach OST, composed by Shiro Sagisu, which actually stands out above the remainder.

Naruto and One Piece have loads of cool tunes, however Bleach‘s OST is extra artistic, memorable, and thematic. It options ethereal, experimental synth and choruses to match the sequence’ supernatural components, that are balanced by the onerous rock battle songs and the fashionable Spanish-inspired music of the later story arcs.

9/10 Bleach Has More And Better Representation Than Naruto And One Piece

Representation and inclusion are difficult subjects on this planet of Japanese anime, and a few creators merely do a sloppy job with it. The massive three shonen sequence tried to have good illustration, however arguably, Tite Kubo’s Bleach did it higher and extra typically than its opponents.

Bleach options a number of Black characters who’re a pleasure to observe within the anime, from the visor-wearing Captain Kaname Tosen to the wily Yoruichi Shihoin to the monk-like villain Zommari Rureaux. Those characters are tastefully designed and all have main roles to play in Bleach.

8/10 Bleach Characters Have Cool Alternate Outfits

Bleach characters’ cool alternate outfits are extra of a enjoyable bonus than a key a part of the story, however cool extras like this could actually push a shonen sequence to the subsequent degree, they usually present how a lot the writer loves their very own creation. Plenty of manga/anime sequence have bonus artwork for his or her characters, however Bleach does it higher.

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Unlike Naruto and One Piece, the Bleach franchise typically depicts its characters in fashionable, memorable outfits as a result of Tite Kubo loves trendy trend a lot. In the phrases of the anime neighborhood, these characters have some severe “drip,” way over Naruto or Luffy do.

7/10 Bleach’s Protagonist, Ichigo, Doesn’t Grate On Viewers As Much

Anime followers will all resolve for themselves how a lot of an annoying, loud character they’ll deal with. For some followers, Naruto’s and Luffy’s loudmouthed methods make them extra enjoyable to observe. However, loads of different followers disagree and discover these characters fairly tiring, and it is simple to see why.

Ichigo Kurosaki could also be a jerk, however he is additionally a cool tsundere who will not simply gobble up everybody’s meals on impulse, shout all his dialogue, or bask in rest room humor. Ichigo is extra grounded and introverted than that, making him a welcome break from all these shonen himbos and shouting characters.

6/10 Bleach Has Cool Isekai Elements To It

A shonen sequence would not really need an isekai sequence to be compelling, however Bleach discovered a strategy to naturally embrace isekai components to its story with out resorting to fillers or sidetracking itself. The sequence had substantial causes to ship Ichigo and his buddies to supernatural realms just like the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.

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The precise isekai subgenre feels oversaturated by now, however it could really feel contemporary and thrilling over again in Bleach, which avoids all of the worst isekai clichés. Neither Naruto nor One Piece tried something like this, although Luffy did go to some really odd islands.

5/10 Bleach Has Cool Reverse Isekai Elements, Too

Bleach is the one massive three anime to incorporate reverse isekai components, and it dealt with that a part of the story nicely. Rukia Kuchiki is not simply Bleach‘s model of Sakura or Nami. She is a reverse isekai character, and she or he had enjoyable exploring 2000s-era Japan.

Rukia ultimately returned to the Soul Society, this time with just a few buddies. Renji, Toshiro, Rangiku, Ikkaku, and Yumichika additionally launched into a reverse-isekai journey, which was a blast to observe. Not even Soul Reapers understand how merchandising machines or automobiles work, in any case.

4/10 Bleach’s Humor Isn’t So Crude

The shonen massive three anime sequence all have nice humor, however for many viewers, crude and infantile jokes might be overused or uncomfortable to listen to. It’s surprising how typically Naruto, for instance, used rest room humor within the pre-Shippuden days.

However, Bleach is not so crude. This sequence has a greater humorousness, typically utilizing Ichigo’s and Uryu’s outrageous reactions to issues to make viewers chortle, and their facial expressions are priceless. This humor would not all the time hit, however it’s higher than South Park wannabe gags.

3/10 Bleach’s Worldbuilding Is Easier To Follow

For really devoted One Piece followers, it is well worth the effort to maintain up with Eiichiro Oda’s expansive worldbuilding throughout 1,000+ episodes, however there’s a formidable barrier to entry. It additionally takes some work to maintain up with Naruto‘s world, and Naruto‘s main nations are solely cosmetically completely different for essentially the most half.

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However, Bleach well limits its worldbuilding to a few worlds and makes them wildly completely different from each other. This is a few environment friendly, memorable worldbuilding that any shonen fan can get pleasure from. They get real-life Japan, a feudal Japanese fantasy land, and a nighttime desert world to discover.

2/10 Bleach’s Combat System Feels Like Three In One

All of the large three titles have nice fight programs, and they’re roughly on par by way of high quality and depth. What units them aside is that Bleach‘s fight system is extra like three in a single, however in a great way. These three sub-systems are distinct however nonetheless play off one another nicely.

The first fight system entails zanpakuto, or spirit swords, and the kido spell that Soul Reapers use. The second system is that of the non secular Quincy tribe, emphasizing bows and arrows together with distinctive tools. The third system entails all Hollows and Arrancars and their pure monster-like talents.

1/10 Bleach’s Manga Has The Best Art

Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto all have nice art work, however Bleach has the very best, particularly because it borrows a few of the gritty realism of seinen manga whereas nonetheless feeling distinctly shonen. Bleach feels and appears much less cartoony, and that is an actual boon for Tite Kubo’s manga.

Bleach employs incredible visible strategies which have change into logos of the sequence. One main instance is the spit-second timing between panels, with Bleach convincing readers {that a} character or merchandise moved with lightning pace earlier than different characters might react. The relative lack of grey additionally makes the Bleach manga pop, and the digital camera’s angles and closeup photographs are masterfully executed.

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