10 Ways Black Adam Is Better As An Anti-Hero


Black Adam’s big screen debut has gotten more people interested in the character and his story than ever before. Adam debuted as a villain, fighting Shazam and his associated heroes before DC acquired them. In DC, Adam was a C-list villain, but the post-crisis on infinite earths The ’90s gave him a higher profile in the Shazam mythos. So, he gave her the best thing that ever happened to her.

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As a member of the Injustice Society, Adam betrayed that group and joined the Justice Society of America. This led him to become an anti-hero and one of DC’s most popular characters. He was a good fit for the character and it’s a role he should stay in. He has moved back down the spectrum of good and evil, but Black Adam’s greatest successes were as an anti-hero.

10/10 Being an antihero brought Black Adam to the party

DC is great at making amazing characters popular. Black Adam was more amazing than most. DC has a remarkably deep bank of characters, and getting a boost came as a shock to longtime fans of the publisher. Black Adam never achieved much popularity as a villain; he was known to Shazam fans, but other than that, he was a background character in one-shots of event book villains.

Becoming an antihero was what made Black Adam popular. It happened at just the right time, when edgy heroes were coming into fashion and reaching their saturation point in 2000s comics. Adam as an anti-hero is what most fans want from him.

9/10 Black Adam can provide DC with more advantages

DC has a reputation for being pretty bumbling when it comes to superheroes. The publisher has been chasing the glories of the Silver and Bronze Ages in recent years, leaving behind the more mature and sometimes edgy content of post-publishing.Crisis DC Universe that so many fans love. Black Adam as an antihero can definitely play into that.

Mail-Crisis DC enabled the growth and made the popularity of Black Adam possible. Nervous isn’t always a good thing, but Adam’s more pragmatic approach to superheroes can give DC a Wolverine or Deadpool-type character. He has the requisite tragic backstory and everything. He could become very important in bringing back lost readers.

8/10 Black Adam’s status as a surly superhero monarch is unique.

Aquaman is the sullen superhero monarch of OG, an approach that gave the character a lot of popularity in the ’90s. However, Atlantis was never really a source of international controversy and everyone accepted Aquaman. The same cannot be said for Black Adam. Since the beginning of his tenure as leader of Kahndaq, he has been a problem for the international community.

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As a hero, Adam has had to overcome his long history of villainy, betrayal, and genocide. These two factors give it an interesting place in the DC universe that can be explored and expanded upon. This would give creators and fans new storytelling options.

7/10 Seeing Shazam and Black Adam as partners is good for both characters.

Shazam and Black Adam have been at each other’s throats for years. For a long time, Shazam was the more popular of the two, but that was years ago. Shazam’s days of mega-popularity are long over, and Black Adam has eclipsed it in popularity. A fun part of Adam being an antihero is that readers get to see the two old enemies come together like never before.

Shazam and Black Adam’s long history of feuding brings the two together in a delightful proposition for fans. Seeing two old enemies working together, patching up their differences and gaining a new respect for each other is great, and it can only happen with Adam as an anti-hero.

6/10 Black Adam’s Anti-Hero Story Can Be Explored More

Black Adam has a rich backstory that includes his heroism in ancient times as Mighty Adam. Readers have caught a glimpse of this, but only in a positive way while he was an anti-hero. stories like JSA: Wild Times Y Justice League: Endless Winter showcased Mighty Adam’s adventures in a heroic light, while storylines featuring him as a villain, such as the New 52 Shazam’s backup to League of Justice, focused on the negatives.

The anti-hero Black Adam means getting to see more Mighty Adam stories that could open up cool new corners of the DC universe and seeing him team up with old DC heroes to fight the worst threats from the old world.

5/10 Black Adam’s bloodshed can be used in multiple ways

Black Adam is a known assassin, something that can be used in much more interesting ways as an anti-hero than a villain. For example, Adam can be used for trimming fat, so to speak, killing off weird villains. This can allow creators to create new versions or recover old ones. It also opens up stories about the morality of being a superhero who kills.

There have been many times that readers have asked why the heroes don’t kill a certain villain and Black Adam, as an anti-hero, can speak to this question. Why is it bad for heroes to kill? Why is it good if they do? A well-written Black Adam story can deepen this debate.

4/10 The best Black Adam stories are the ones where he’s an antihero

Black Adam has been in some great stories, but many of them share one thing in common. The best comes from those times when he was an anti-hero and not an outright villain. Black Adam as a villain is powerful, but boring. He is just like every other villain out there. Black Adam as an anti-hero is interesting, where the stories can be about a man trying to recapture his heroism of old in a complex new world.

Adam works much better as a character who tries to do the right thing wrong or who does the wrong thing but doesn’t understand why it’s wrong if it helps people. Black Adam as a villain is just an arrogant killer. Black Adam as an antihero is complex and much more fun to read.

3/10 DC needs a superior antihero without problems like Black Adam

DC, like Marvel, often turns a popular villain into an antihero in order to popularize him with readers. Black Adam is a great example of this today, as is Harley Quinn. However, Quinn is different, as she has become a white bread hero. That leaves Adam vying for the top spot with an older antihero with a much worse backstory: Deathstroke.

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Deathstroke was long DC’s main antihero, despite the inappropriate relationship between him and Terra and the transformation of two of their children into deranged assassins. Black Adam as an anti-hero can easily supplant Deathstroke in the public consciousness. He is not as troublesome as Deathstroke.

2/10 Team options for Black Adam are better as an anti-hero

Black Adam has joined many teams as a hero or villain. However, his place on villain teams is rarely as interesting as when he’s on hero teams. On villain teams, he’s just another powerhouse. On hero teams, he is a dangerous presence and no one knows which path he will take. This also makes it more interesting for teams.

Black Adam teaming up with DC’s greatest heroes opens up a lot of potential storylines. Seeing him contrast with other heroes is great, and every team can change it up. Adam works well playing other characters and there are more options as an anti-hero.

1/10 Watching Black Adam fail is more interesting as an antihero

Black Adam has done horrible things. When he’s a villain, that’s to be expected. When he’s an antihero, he’s different. 52 It starts with Adam vowing to become a new kind of hero and ends with him committing genocide and being hunted down by the world’s heroes. Would that story be as popular if he was a villain?

Black Adam’s journey as an antihero means plots like this have more of an impact. They also open up the possibility of redemption, as readers wonder how he’s going to get back from them. His role as an antihero creates a more interesting narrative than him as a stereotypical villain.

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