10 Ways Aegon II Is Even Worse Than Joffrey Or Ramsay


The realm of Westeros is one of constant political intrigue and as evidenced by house of the dragon, even a Targaryen ruler cannot keep the region under total control. Viserys I’s reign saw growing tensions develop within the royal family, culminating in the disputed crowning of his son, Aegon II, as King of Westeros.

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Unfortunately for the civilians of Westerosi, Aegon II is far from being one of the realm’s great rulers. The despicable habits of the cruel Targaryen have caused many fans to believe that he is even more reprehensible than game of ThronesJoffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Bolton. Considering what’s been seen of Aegon II so far, it’s getting harder and harder to argue otherwise.

This article contains spoilers for house of the dragon and mentions of aggression and violence.

10/10 Aegon participates in underground child fighting circles

house of the dragon He is no stranger to cruel behavior, but even by his standards, Aegon II is an exceptionally malicious individual. He teases others whenever he gets the chance, including his brother Aemond and his cousins ​​Luke and Jace Velaryon. However, the sixth king of Westeros’s affinity for Flea Bottom’s child-fighting circles makes his disdain for his family seem trivial.

Episode 9 of house of the dragon takes viewers into the slums of King’s Landing, allowing them a glimpse of the businesses that Aegon II frequents in his spare time. Here, fans discover that Aegon likes to bet on illegal life and death fights between children, solidifying him as one of house of the dragonThe most atrocious characters.

9/10 Aegon has a history of aggression

Gender relations in the world of Westeros are not kind to its disenfranchised population, especially with regard to women living on the mainland. As Aegon II’s assault on his servant Dyana demonstrates, women are in danger when around men of high rank.

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Aegon’s willingness to abuse his power is despicable, and given the influence he wields as king, he will only perpetuate the most harmful aspects of Westerosi society. While Queen Alicent can do her best to make up for her son’s actions, she can only do so much to limit the influence she wields from the Iron Throne.

8/10 Aegon’s status as heir is fraught with controversy.

most of house of the dragon The first season focuses on a single question: who will succeed Viserys I as ruler of Westeros? Although there is much back and forth regarding this decision, Viserys finally makes it clear that he wants his daughter, Rhaenyra, to succeed him. This makes it all the more shocking when Aegon II is finally crowned King of Westeros.

Viserys has the lords of Westeros pledge allegiance to Rhaenyra while he is still alive, undermining the legitimacy of his subsequent betrothal to King Aegon II. Any time an individual’s rise to the Iron Throne is as polarizing as Aegon’s, bad things await the people of Westeros.

7/10 Aegon has illegitimate children in Flea Bottom

Bastard children are a fascinating element of Westerosi politics. Those born to high-ranking individuals, despite their usual lack of social standing, are threats to the line of succession. They provide an opportunity for groups outside the royal family to make their own claims to legitimacy.

Aegon II’s control of the Iron Throne has been shaky since the beginning of his reign, so the fact that he is shown to have at least one bastard son in Flea Bottom is reason enough to sound the alarm bells. If that child, or any of the others fathered by Aegon, were to make themselves known, Westeros could immediately be plunged into political turmoil.

6/10 Aegon’s ascension alienated some of the most important figures in Westeros

Queen Alicent Hightower makes a grave mistake during the last hours of Viserys I’s life, misinterpreting his words as a request to make Aegon II the next king of Westeros. By fulfilling Viserys’s “last wish,” Alicent and Aegon alienate several of the most influential figures in Westeros.

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A fractured Westeros is a dangerous Westeros, especially for the less privileged members of its population. Aegon’s ascension to the Iron Throne made Rhaenys, Daemon, and Rhaenyra Targaryen, as well as others such as Harold Westerling, enemies of the Seven Kingdoms. This plunges the kingdom into an age of chaos.

5/10 The Targaryens did not want Aegon to become king

Most who sit on the Iron Throne can at least count on the support of their family, but in the case of Aegon II, this is far from true. His family recognizes his ineptitude and, as a result, most of his closest relatives would rather see someone else in his position.

Aegon’s father, Viserys, insisted that Rhaenyra should succeed him as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. His brother, Aemond, considered himself a far superior leader. His sister, Helaena, saw him primarily as an annoying drunk. While characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton at least earned some affection or respect from his parents, Aegon only gets scorn.

4/10 Aegon has no experience in combat or politics.

Not all great kings have political experience, nor do they need to have earned their stripes in close combat. However, most good rulers have some kind of experience in one of these areas; even Ramsay Bolton was a seasoned fighter. Unfortunately for him house of the dragon “green”, Aegon has no experience.

The firstborn son of Viserys I was largely ignored by his father, having little to no political experience. In addition to this, he preferred drinking and socializing to practicing with a sword, leaving him quite incapable of both. This makes him an inexperienced and vulnerable leader when Westeros is on the brink of all-out civil war.

3/10 Aegon is the product of the worst Targaryen family tradition

The royal families of Westeros have a nasty habit of inbreeding, which no doubt played a role in the slow decline of the Targaryen dynasty. While the negative repercussions of this tradition are most clearly seen on an individual like the Mad King, it is likely to affect Aegon II as well.

Joffrey Baratheon was also a product of this tradition, but Aegon II’s grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents were all brothers. While it’s unfair to label Aegon’s cruelty a byproduct of this inbreeding, it certainly perpetuates one of Westeros’s worst traditions.

2/10 Aegon’s heirs are at risk of serious health problems

Although Joffrey never conceived a child in Game of Thrones, Aegon has twins. Due to the genetic overlap in Aegon II’s family tree, his chance of producing healthy children is significantly compromised. His rise to power takes place during one of the most turbulent periods in Westerosi history, so any issues related to his successors and his health are a serious threat to the security of the kingdom.

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This topic becomes much more serious when fans take into account the mother of Aegon II’s two children: his sister, Helaena. Her genetic similarity puts her offspring at serious risk of congenital diseases.

1/10 Aegon doesn’t want to rule Westeros

Above all else, anyone serving as King of Westeros must have at least some sort of desire to get the job done. Unfortunately for Aegon II, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He literally flees the position when he is chased by Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk.

In addition to this attempt to flee the throne, Aegon also confides in his brother that he would be happy to escape to Essos and relinquish his status as king. This bodes ill for the future of Westeros, which is now directly under apathetic Targaryen control.

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