10 Ways Adult Rhaenyra Is Better Than Young Rhaenyra In House Of The Dragon


House of the Dragon is arising on its Season 1 finale this week, and followers wait on the sting of their seats in anticipation. Many guide followers know what’s to come back, and present viewers can guess that issues should not going to finish effectively, significantly between Aegon and Rhaenyra because the pair battle for the throne.

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Rhaenyra is a fancy character, and like many characters within the Game of Thrones universe, she makes many errors. The characters in HotD and GoT are human beings; none are totally good or dangerous, and there are flaws in whichever aspect one chooses. However, it does turn into simpler to assist Rhaenyra’s trigger as she turns into higher with time and age.

10/10 Adult Rhaenyra Claims What Is Rightfully Hers

When Rhaenyra was younger, she was ceaselessly indignant and bothered on the world, significantly following her mom’s dying, and wished to run away. She was mad at her father for ignoring her, not selecting her as inheritor, and at him and Alicent for his or her sneaky behaviors.

The distinction between younger Rhaenyra and grownup Rhaenyra is that she now stands agency and claims what belongs to her. She speaks freely about being the rightful inheritor, plans her future round it, and stays assured in her place. There is a certainty and self-assuredness that Rhaenyra did not have earlier than that she has constructed for herself.

9/10 Adult Rhaenyra Is Defensive Rather Than Vengeful

When Alicent turns into vehemently indignant and goes to assault a toddler with a blade, slicing Rhaenyra as an alternative, followers see the princess stay very collected and assured. This is maybe as a result of she is aware of she has her father, the king’s, favor and would not have to turn into unstable.

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A younger Rhaenyra might have acted very in a different way, maybe in anger, and may’ve sought additional motion. However, she is now a mom, and all she needs to do is defend and shield her youngsters, which is additional proven in her lack of need for revenge. Rhaenyra’s response exhibits energy, braveness, and true development within the face of somebody who wished her hurt.

8/10 Adult Rhaenyra Uses Action Rather Than Words

Rhaenyra helps her husband, Laenor, totally. She is totally conscious of his sexuality, accepts him, and nonetheless needs to marry him as they make an incredible match. And whereas younger Rhaenyra is nice on this approach, she develops and turns into even higher as an grownup.

Rhaenyra has children with another person to supply heirs and sustain the phantasm of their marriage, and she or he additionally manufactures a state of affairs the place Laenor can depart and be along with his lover, and she or he will be with hers. Rhaenyra did this with herself and Daemon in thoughts, but it surely was affirmative motion in serving to Laenor past simply phrases. It proved their simple bond and need to see the opposite thrive.

7/10 Adult Rhaenyra Accepts The Inevitability Of Her & Daemon

When Rhaenyra was younger, she and Daemon flirted and danced round their attraction for each other. They are uncle and niece, however incestuous relationships are widespread amongst royalty, significantly the Targaryens. And Daemon’s seduction of Rhaenyra, and her response, may’ve been the beginning of their romantic relationship.

The pair wait many, a few years earlier than marrying. Rhaenyra lastly actively pursues Daemon when they’re each grown adults, and her acceptance of the inevitability of their love is romantic and really passionate. Rhaenyra was by no means shy about what she needed, besides when it got here all the way down to marrying for love, which is what she lastly does.

6/10 Adult Rhaenyra Becomes Dutiful While Remaining Herself

Rhaenyra is a rebellious, sturdy girl via and thru, and she or he carried her mom’s energy along with her all through her life. But younger Rhaenyra wasn’t excited about her royal duties. Despite being pleased with her Targaryen title, she was unwilling to uphold the duties that got here together with it and pushed again in opposition to Viserys and Alicent in each approach she may.

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When Rhaenyra turns into an grownup, she remains to be the outspoken and sassy particular person she all the time was. Except now, she accepts her place because the king’s daughter and future inheritor to the Iron Throne. Rhaenyra performs the anticipated duties; she marries Laenor, who’s from a rich and revered household, has youngsters to hold on the Targaryen reign and title, and bears a lot accountability on her shoulders with grace.

5/10 Adult Rhaenyra Puts Safety First & Leaves King’s Landing

Rhaenyra would somewhat depart King’s Landing and be protected along with her household than keep and unnecessarily combat and put her household in danger. She left for Dragonstone with Laenor and her youngsters because it not feels protected alongside Alicent and her children. She isn’t working away as a lot as maneuvering purely out of protectiveness.

Otto had plans to kill Rhaenyra, her youngsters, and anyone who supported her declare, so staying in King’s Landing was hazardous. Although it additionally value her the seat on the Iron Throne as Otto and Alicent moved extremely rapidly to place Aegon in her place. A younger Rhaenyra was a risk-taker, however the grown model of her is a mom and a supplier, placing household above the fray.

4/10 Adult Rhaenyra Is Indifferent Toward Criston Cole

A youthful coronary heart may be damaged by the horrible conduct of a former lover, however grownup Rhaenyra harbors nothing for Criston Cole. Rhaenyra pays him completely no thoughts, whereas he considers her in each transfer he makes, attempting to result in her downfall out of bitter emotions of rejection.

Young Rhaenyra did use logic in selecting Criston to hitch the King’s Guard, but it surely was nearly definitely swayed by some attraction towards him. That is not there anymore. She would not even hate Criston when she rightfully may for his random murders and the way far he goes out of his technique to get again at her. But Rhaenyra proves how far above him she is in her complete indifference.

3/10 Adult Rhaenyra Earns Respect & Influence — It Wasn’t Handed To Her

Episode 9 focuses totally on the Greens in King’s Landing. Rhaenyra is safely away from there along with her household, so she would not characteristic within the penultimate episode. Yet, the characters and the viewers stay centered on her for a lot of the episode.

Rhaenyra has turn into such a commanding presence that followers really feel the distinction when she is not round, and she or he is such a risk to the Greens that they focus on her at size and even plan to kill her to maintain her from difficult Aegon’s reign. Now, that is energy and dedication constructed and earned with time. Aegon has carried out nothing to earn the throne and has actively prevented responsibility and accountability. No one was afraid of the younger lady who was made inheritor; all of them doubted her future reign. But not anymore, and so they all concern her affect if she lives.

2/10 Adult Rhaenyra Becomes Much More Likable With Age

Rhaenyra turns into arguably way more likable over time. Many viewers disliked younger Rhaenyra resulting from her avoidance of conferences and duties, the truth that she engaged sexually along with her uncle and her guard, and her rejection of Criston.

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However, evidently Rhaenyra redeems herself as a grown girl. She turns into way more of a gentle and assured determine all through the present. And, even when some viewers proceed to doubt or dislike her, Rhaenyra definitely turns into essentially the most favorable choice for ruler between her and her half-brother, Aegon. Fans discover themselves rooting for her out of dislike for him and since Rhaenyra develops the appropriate temperament to rule with age.

1/10 Adult Rhaenyra & Viserys Finally See Eye To Eye

Rhaenyra’s relationship with Viserys is extremely distinctive as he’s not solely her father, but in addition her king. Viserys holds the very best seat within the realm, a place he would not take calmly. But Viserys can also be very severe about his “only child” and beloved daughter, Rhaenyra.

Rhaenyra would not worth her father a lot as a younger girl, and she or he stands firmly in opposition to Viserys as he tries to see her married, regardless that it’s his try, in his personal approach, to assist her. Rhaenyra finally sees how a lot Viserys regrets his errors along with his spouse, her mom, Aemma, and his mistake in not naming her inheritor earlier. Rhaenyra values and loves him very a lot by the tip, and their relationship adjustments for the higher, which is gorgeous to see.

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