10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Could Defeat Black Adam


Black Adam is definitely probably the most highly effective characters in DC Comics historical past, and he is lastly made his means onto the massive display screen. His powers embody tremendous power, superhuman stamina, knowledge, pace, genius-level mind, and braveness. Due to his spectacular powers, Black Adam has endured standing toe-to-toe with a few of DC’s strongest heroes, together with Shazam, Green Lantern, and Superman.

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But DC shouldn’t be the one comedian universe stuffed with highly effective superheroes, and Black Adam shouldn’t be unbeatable. Despite his spectacular energy, Black Adam does possess weaknesses, resembling vulnerability to magic and thunderbolts. Several heroes within the Marvel Universe could be greater than a match for Black Adam in battle. Many of the Marvel heroes who stand an opportunity at beating Black Adam are additionally severely underrated characters.

10/10 America Chavez’s List Of Powers Rivals Black Adams

Heroes expertise problem preventing Black Adam due not solely to his energy stage but additionally as a result of sheer variety of superpowers that he possesses. The listing of powers is sensible, as his authentic major opponent was Shazam, who boasts an equally lengthy listing of powers.

In the Marvel Universe, America Chavez’s powers embody superhuman power, pace, sturdiness, bulletproof pores and skin, and flight. America can even teleport and journey by dimensions. Considering that Black Adam can use the facility of Aten to journey by dimensions, America is without doubt one of the few Marvel heroes who could possibly overcome him.

9/10 Monica Rambeau’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Powers May Overcome Black Adam

On one hand, Aten’s energy fuels a magical lightning bolt for Black Adam, and Black Adam makes use of that lightning bolt to remodel, as a weapon, and to journey by dimensions. Yet highly effective bolts of lightning can even trigger extreme hurt to Black Adam, to the purpose that he transforms again to his alter ego, the un-powered Theth-Adam.

Although Monica Rambeau has performed solely a small function within the MCU, she has a protracted and highly effective historical past within the comics. The character possesses the power to transform her complete physique into any type of electromagnetic vitality. As Black Adam’s weaknesses embody lightning, Monica’s skills could enable her to defeat him.

8/10 Nico Minoru Can Cast Any Spell

In the DCEU movie, Black Adam can be at odds with Doctor Fate. As probably the most highly effective magical beings within the DC Universe, Fate’s spellcasting skills positively have the power to cease Black Adam in his tracks.

In the Marvel Universe, Nico Minoru from The Runaways is without doubt one of the strongest magic customers. With the Staff of One as her weapon, Nico can forged any spell she needs. She additionally possesses magical teleportation and shielding. Nico might simply forged a spell to remove Black Adam’s powers and scale back him again to his un-powered self.

7/10 Clea Harnesses Powerful Magic

While Black Adam is susceptible to magic, not all magic can have an effect on him. Since Adam’s powers are derived from magic, solely extraordinarily highly effective magical customers have the power to harm him. This is without doubt one of the causes he’s pitted towards Doctor Fate when preventing towards the Justice League.

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A one-time chief of the Dark Dimension, Clea has additionally taken over for Doctor Strange because the Sorcerer Supreme. In addition to mastering magic, Clea possesses the power to wield vitality bolts and fly. She’s additionally extremely proof against vitality, can teleport, and might carry out telekinesis. As one of many extra highly effective magical beings within the Marvel Universe, Clea might simply de-power Black Adam.

6/10 Blue Marvel Operates On The Same Power Level As Black Adam

Black Adam’s spectacular ranges of power have allowed him to defeat the Earth-3 Superman. For a Marvel hero to combat towards Black Adam, they’ve to have the ability to deal with that stage of energy.

Blue Marvel, whose actual title is Adam Brashear, makes use of anti-matter vitality absorption because the supply of superhuman power and invulnerability. This offers him enhanced psychological powers to match Black Adam’s genius-level mind. It additionally offers Blue Marvel the power to control vitality and matter on the molecular stage. These are the sort of powers that instantly goal Black Adam’s vulnerabilities and match his power.

5/10 Wonder Man Has Always Been One Of The Most Powerful Avengers

Black Adam would merely crush lots of the Avengers. However, Wonder Man possesses an influence set that locations him above many of the Avengers and would make him a formidable foe for Black Adam.

Wonder Man has the usual “Superman” stage energy set. He is tremendous sturdy, tremendous quick, flies, heals shortly, has elevated stamina, is almost immortal, and is tremendous sturdy. But for Black Adam, Wonder Man’s most damaging powers could also be his capability to weaponize vitality and ship vitality beams from each his palms and eyes. Fighting Superman already offers Black Adam problem, and preventing Wonder Man could be like preventing a Superman with the sort of vitality powers that concentrate on Black Adam’s vulnerabilities.

4/10 Squirrel Girl Would Defeat Black Adam As Easily As She Defeats Everyone Else

If the title Squirrel Girl makes it sound like she may not be a match for Black Adam’s spectacular powers, slightly refresher course into Doreen Green’s undefeated champion abilities is required.

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Squirrel Girl’s listing of victories consists of wins towards Doctor Doom, Ego the Living Planet, and Thanos. She additionally fought towards Galactus in a situation that allowed her to speak Galactus out of consuming Earth. With her superhuman power, pace, and reflexes, Doreen might simply preserve Black Adam distracted lengthy sufficient to make him see the knowledge in calling off the battle.

3/10 Richard Rider Has The Powers Of The Entire Nova Force

One of probably the most disappointing features of the Black Adam film is that it’s going to not contain Green Lantern in its Justice Society line-up. In the Marvel Universe, the closest equal of the Green Lantern Corps is the character of Nova, who takes half within the Nova Corps.

Richard Rider acquired his Nova Force powers by an vitality switch that provides him flight, sturdiness, pace, and power. The Nova Force vitality pressure additionally permits Nova to soak up and launch vitality beams. As Black Adam is inclined to lightning, Nova could possibly use the Nova Force’s vitality manipulation to defeat Black Adam.

2/10 Sentry Has The Power Of “One Million Exploding Suns”

The character of Sentry is Marvel’s reply to Superman. Robert Reynolds needs to be the perfect superhero doable, however he carries across the supervillain often known as The Void within him. As a consequence, Sentry has all of Superman’s powers together with extra powers, resembling vitality manipulation, invisibility, and teleportation. Sentry’s energy ranges are quoted as being equal to the powers of “a million exploding suns.”

To exhibit how highly effective Sentry will be, Sentry as soon as ripped the god Ares in half. Arguably, he is extra highly effective than Superman. Black Adam will surely put up a superb combat, however Sentry would overpower him.

1/10 Brian Braddock’s Self-Confidence May Allow Him To Defeat Black Adam

Mehen’s braveness offers Black Adam psychological advantages, resembling willpower, self-discipline, and the facility to proceed on in battle. As a consequence, Black Adam doesn’t endure from worry or despair in battle.

In the Marvel Universe, Brian Braddock, typically often known as Captain Britain, possesses various superhuman traits, resembling power, stamina, sturdiness, and pace. But his distinctive trait is linked to the truth that his powers are linked to his self-confidence. The extra confidence he possesses in his skills, the extra highly effective he’s. With sufficient self-confidence, Brian Braddock might simply match Black Adam’s lack of worry and despair and declare a victory.

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