The lethal talon murderer. Widowmaker is a high-risk/high-reward hero. She’s typically best leaving the security of her workforce to search out totally different assault angles. This can put her in some harmful conditions, but when she’s profitable in her sniping, her allies may have a far simpler job taking management factors.

The cold-blooded killer can wipe out enemies with headshots from far vary, however she leaves herself uncovered at shut vary. She requires good positioning, exact intention, and useful help. Because Windowmaker is likely one of the hardest characters in Overwatch to be good with, we determined to make a high ten ideas and tips for how you can enhance your performs together with her.


10. Know your counters

Since Widowmaker has the benefit of verticality and lengthy vary, heroes who can get near her are the largest drawback.

  • Winston – He has the power to leap anyplace Widowmaker can attain, and his Tesla Cannon’s electrical energy makes it exhausting to overlook Widowmaker at shut vary.
  • Genji – He’s merely too quick and cellular to snipe persistently. Additionally, he can climb any wall that Widowmaker is perched on.
  • Doomfist – Similar to Genji, he’s too cellular and may attain the identical areas. However, Doomfist has a bigger hitbox, so Widowmaker will stand extra of an opportunity preventing him.
  • Reaper – His Shadow Step teleport capacity allows him to get extraordinarily shut to Widowmaker; at shut vary, he’s too sturdy for her. However, he may be stopped earlier than or whereas teleporting
  • Wrecking Ball – This hamster simply has method an excessive amount of well being for Widowmaker to deal with, and he’s probably the most cellular character within the game, making him the worst attainable matchup for her.

9. Who Does Widowmaker Counter

Knowing which enemies are greatest to make use of Windowmaker towards will allow you to use her most successfully.

  • Mercy – Due to her fragility, Mercy tends to remain behind her workforce. Widowmaker can take the excessive floor and snipe her even when she’s behind her workforce.
  • Cassidy – He has good vary, however not so good as Widowmaker’s. She will simply out-snipe Cassidy, and his lack of mobility makes him an straightforward goal.
  • Torbjorn – He tends to grasp again along with his trusty turret. This makes him a prime goal to snipe from afar.
  • Junkrat – He destroys shields and has unbelievable close-range harm, however he’s kind of wasted at lengthy vary. He’s a key goal for Widowmaker to take out, lightening the load for her close-range allies.
  • Ana – She may snipe, however she’ll want 3 photographs to remove Widowmaker, whereas Widowmaker solely wants one. This match-up would possibly come right down to the talent of the participant, however Widowmaker has a big benefit right here.
  • Zenyatta – Zenyatta doesn’t have a lot mobility, making him an straightforward goal to remove with Widowmaker’s signature headshot.

8. Use That Venom Mine Wisely

When the venom mine is triggered, it does respectable poison harm by itself. Still, there’s a higher use for it. Place the venom mine at a flanking level in your allies or Windowmaker herself. When it goes off, you’ll be alerted to the enemy’s place, serving to you already know the place to intention.

The poison harm itself is small, however it presents fixed harm. Regardless of who it hits, the poison will assist remove the opponent, whether or not by a follow-up Widow’s Kiss or by one among her allies.

7. Stay High Up

One of the most effective methods to extend your survivability (and effectiveness) is by utilizing her Grappling Hook to acquire the excessive floor over the battlefield. Grappling to far-away rooftops, and even grappling to a excessive wall, permits you an opportunity to snipe–even when for under a quick second whereas falling. Grapping for a fast fall/snipe could be very exhausting transfer to drag off, but when staying on the rooftop is simply too harmful, then it’s the following most suitable choice.

Wherever you select to perch, pay attention to the flanks and instructions from which you possibly can be attacked. With sufficient observe, you’ll be able to study to counter sure approaches. For instance, Reaper will typically use his Shadow Step capacity to teleport close by. Widowmaker can intention at the place his head will find yourself after the teleport finishes its animation.

6. Help The Team Using Your Ultimate

Using Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight Ultimate can permit you and your total workforce to see the enemy workforce by way of partitions. This may be invaluable to counter potential flanks or help your workforce in outflanking the enemy. This may be particularly useful for Widowmaker to line up headshots earlier than the enemy rounds a nook, permitting for a neater killshot. Infra-Sight may pair fantastically with different ally Ultimates, like Hanzo’s Dragonstrike. Since Dragonstrike can undergo partitions, Infra-Sight permits him to line up the good shot.

5. Charge Your Sniper

The purpose Widowmaker is so harmful is due to her capacity to one-shot many heroes if she hits a headshot. Charging Widow’s Kiss is essential for this. When charged to 100%, it inflicts 300 harm with a headshot.

This can permit Widowmaker to remove a pesky healer, the enemy’s high DPS, and even severely harm one of many enemy’s frontline tanks. Having the ability to one-shot kill an opponent can immediately change the result of a battle, and it could possibly make for a neater push with the remainder of the workforce.

4. Use The Assault Rifle If Needed

Has an enemy gotten too shut? Using the scope on Widow’s Kiss in may be detrimental in close-quarters fight. You’re more likely to overlook. The alternate fireplace of Widow’s Kiss is an assault rifle and can assist deter an enemy who has gotten too shut. Even at medium vary, there are occasions once you’re higher off utilizing the assault rifle towards a wounded enemy fairly than danger lacking photographs with the sniper. The assault rifle isn’t too highly effective, however in determined conditions, it’d save Widowmaker’s life.

3. Keep Moving

When a Widowmaker get a number of kills from the very same spot, the enemy workforce will ultimately resolve she must be taken out. Even in a terrific spot, it turns into riskier the longer you stay. The enemy workforce might be pre-aiming at that time for Widowmaker, and they’re going to almost certainly remove her contemplating she doesn’t have that a lot well being.

Keep transferring and altering up the spots the place you snipe from as a way to preserve the enemy workforce on their toes. If something, this could work to Widowmaker’s benefit. If the enemy workforce is anticipating Widowmaker in the identical spot, she will be able to shock them from one other angle and get a straightforward kill.

2. Map Knowledge

Widowmaker may be fairly situationally efficient, and never all maps will swimsuit her playstyle. For instance, on a payload map like Hollywood, she’s nice. She has a great deal of hiding spots and good excessive vantage factors from which to snipe. However, she tends to be much less helpful on management maps. This isn’t to say she’s unusable, however she has fewer spots the place she will be able to safely snipe, and there are few long-range positions on these maps. You may be higher off utilizing a unique hero on most management maps as she might be countered rather more simply.

1. Take Out The Healers

The Tanks may be the rationale you win a push, however healers are the rationale you win a game. As Widowmaker, it’s essential take out healers and destroy any probabilities of the enemy workforce recovering throughout fights. Regularly maintaining your enemy’s help heroes out of fee can frustrate your enemies, destroy their defenses, and lead you and your allies to a crushing victory. Once the healers are handled, tanks ought to rapidly comply with since they’ve little likelihood of recovering.


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