10 Times Viserys Targaryen Was Actually A Good King In House Of The Dragon


In HBO’s House of the Dragon, King Viserys I Targaryen is launched because the calm and peace-loving ruler over the Seven Kingdoms. Though his placid qualities and aversion to battle would usually be thought-about admirable, his placement in a medieval fantasy world with martial requirements renders him ineffective a lot of the time.

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Viserys’ brother Daemon even factors out his weak point and the way his Small Council makes use of this to govern and management his authority. While Viserys shouldn’t be an ideal king by any means, he nonetheless has many moments that show he could be an admirable and influential ruler when it counts.

10/10 Viserys Prepares To Back Up Daemon Against The Crab Feeder

When the Crabfeeder causes havoc within the Stepstones, Daemon engages him in battle to finish his risk. Backed by the Triarchy in Essos, the Crabfeeder habitually feeds individuals to the area’s crabs.

It is true that Viserys takes a while to make a transfer in regards to the state of affairs. But when he realizes the Crab Feeder’s relentlessness, Viserys declares his intention to affix Daemon in his combat. True, it sends Daemon right into a tantrum over eager to show himself. But Viserys reveals he is not above partaking in violence and sending battle reinforcements for a rightful trigger in his place as king.

9/10 He Tries To Keep His Hotheaded Brother In Line

In true sibling trend, Viserys is each keen on and exasperated by his brother. The two are full opposites. While Viserys is calm and weak in decision-making, Daemon is fiery and cussed to a fault. Nevertheless, Viserys frequently assigns Daemon new posts at first to present his brother a goal.

RELATED: 10 Times Daemon Targaryen Proved He’d Make A Bad King In House Of The Dragon Pre TimeskipThis falls aside when Daemon pulls his “Heir for a Day” stunt. Here, Viserys demonstrates his love and protectiveness for his household, even towards his circle of relatives. He exiles Daemon from King’s Landing, incensed on the fixed disrespect. Viserys later displays his skill to reign Daemon in once more when the latter reveals suspicious curiosity in Rhaenyra, prompting one other exile as Viserys tries to defend his daughter.

8/10 Viserys Dismisses Otto As Hand After Seeing His Power Grabs For What They Are

For the longest time, Viserys willfully refuses to see Otto Hightower utilizing his place as Hand for his personal acquire. Daemon factors it out, however for years, Viserys views him as loyal counsel as a substitute of somebody searching for to increase his personal House’s energy.

But Viserys lastly catches on after Otto overextends his attain. When Otto reviews Rhaenyra’s rumored escapades with Daemon, Viserys sees him for the greedy opportunist he’s. He connects the dots between Otto’s different actions as nicely, akin to his maneuvering Alicent into being Viserys’ second spouse, and finally concludes Otto is stirring up bother for his personal profit. Subsequently, Viserys dismisses Otto as Hand, briefly relieving himself of the manipulative former Hand of the King.

7/10 He Makes Rhaenyra His Heir

After years of hoping for a son, which concludes with the demise of his beloved Aemma, Viserys realizes his folly when a correct inheritor was earlier than him all alongside. While males often inherit earlier than girls in Westeros, Viserys chooses to interchange Daemon with Rhaenyra as his inheritor, seeing his daughter as way more appropriate for the duty.

In spite of some momentary doubts in regards to the future, Viserys stays comparatively agency in his alternative. Despite help for his son Aegon by Alicent, Viserys declines to interchange Rhaenyra because the inheritor to the Iron Throne. Furthermore, Viserys decides that Rhaenyra’s firstborn will probably be an inheritor as nicely, no matter gender.

6/10 Viserys Prioritizes The Responsibilities Of The Song Of Ice And Fire

One of the burdens that drive Viserys in his kingship is information of Aegon the Conqueror’s dream. In the previous, Aegon dreamed of an excellent risk that will endanger the realm of males. Among his causes for taking on Westeros was the idea that each one males wanted to be united beneath the Targaryen banner in the event that they had been to face an opportunity towards the power.

RELATED: 15 Things House Of The Dragon Already Does Better Than Game Of ThronesViewers of Game of Thrones will know this risk to be the White Walkers. As he transfers the title of inheritor to Rhaenyra, Viserys confers on her the duty of being a powerful ruler to guard the realm within the face of this oncoming foe.

5/10 He Strongly Encourages Rhaenyra To Marry So She Will Have Support

While Viserys retains Rhaenyra as his rightful inheritor, he makes a stable level about her marital standing. When Rhaenyra doggedly refuses to marry out of a need for freedom, Viserys backs up his personal stance by saying that even he could not escape this custom by means of his remarriage to Alicent.

Though Viserys will not substitute Rhaenyra, it’s thought-about a monarch’s duty to have a legacy to inherit the throne. Lacking this weakens Rhaenyra’s place, particularly when her dissenters search for excuses to crown her brother Aegon as a substitute as Viserys’ firstborn son. That being mentioned, Viserys is accommodating towards Rhaenyra’s free will and open to her deciding on her personal husband till the controversy with Daemon.

4/10 He Attempts To Hold His Feuding Family Together

In the prelude to the Dance of the Dragons, battle erupts over time between the Blacks and Greens. Alicent resents Rhaenyra’s skill to disregard the foundations with out consequence, having her affairs and passing bastard youngsters off as reliable heirs. In flip, Rhaenyra despises Alicent’s meddling and controlling tendencies.

The enmity passes right down to their youngsters who share their dad and mom’ rivalry. Throughout, Viserys tries to maintain an uneasy peace in his household. He prohibits gossip about Rhaenyra’s youngsters and ignores any push to make Aegon his inheritor. At their last dinner, Viserys makes an impassioned speech that momentarily eases the strain between Rhaenyra and Alicent, which is unfortunately undone by the Dance formally beginning.

3/10 He Resists Adopting The Superiority Complex Of House Targaryen

One of Viserys’ traits is a stunning humility towards his esteemed origins. Unlike others of House Targaryen who view themselves as superior as a consequence of their id, Viserys is extra cynical. He views the dragons as being the one aspect that units the Targaryens other than everybody else and that they’re weak and mundane with out them.

RELATED: The Targaryen Dynasty’s 10 Greatest Accomplishments In House Of The DragonFurthermore, he sees the dragons as a harmful issue that the Targaryens by no means ought to have messed with and that to depend upon them is a nasty concept. He states that the concept they management the dragons is an phantasm, an eerily prophetic perception after the occasions of the present’s Season 1 finale.

2/10 He Defends Lucarys’ Claim To Driftmark

When Corlys Verlaryon is injured, his brother Vaemon makes his case for his personal inheritance of Driftmark. He cites the illegitimacy of Rhaenyra’s youngsters, thus making the presumed heir, Lucarys, unfit as inheritor. Rhaenyra pleads with Viserys to assist endorse her youngsters’s birthright.

This culminates in Viserys hauling himself from his deathbed to sit down on the Iron Throne on the day the choice is to be made. His emotional stroll is likely one of the present’s most gripping moments as Viserys musters the final of his power for his daughter and grandson’s sake, and undoes any hope of Vaemon and Otto maximizing their very own energy.

1/10 He Is Dubbed “Viserys The Peaceful” After His Passing

At the top of all of it, Viserys is a ruler who hesitates to trigger strife. While it does trigger issues over time as a consequence of his inaction or lack of forethought, Viserys reveals quite a few instances that his household is what issues most. He additionally values the realm’s stability over all else as he makes an attempt to calm the battle and maintain all the pieces collectively.

When Viserys lastly passes away, he’s posthumously dubbed “Viserys the Peaceful.” His affect on the realm would not maintain for lengthy, and House Targaryen will probably be thrown into civil warfare. But there’s something to be mentioned for the truth that warfare would not get away till after Viserys’ demise.

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