SpongeBob Sq.Pants is a comedic present that has no scarcity of scenes that may make each children and adults chortle. However, the present additionally has loads of episodes which are simply pure nightmare gas. SpongeBob Sq.Pants options unsettling imagery and scary moments that may give many individuals the creeps. In the animated present’s 13 seasons, there are a number of surprisingly terrifying scenes.

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The present could also be a barrage of snickers, however sure issues in SpongeBob Sq.Pants would not be misplaced in a horror sequence. For such a pleasant cartoon, SpongeBob Sq.Pants has some horrifying scenes.

The scariest episode of SpongeBob Sq.Pants is, by far, “Wormy.” The episode misleads its viewers into pondering they’ll get pleasure from a narrative a couple of candy little caterpillar, however after he turns right into a butterfly, “Wormy” showcases unnerving live-action footage of an actual insect.

“Wormy” makes use of actual footage of a horsefly, full with unsettling buzzing sounds. The footage could also be a meme now, however many viewers had been legitimately fearful of the live-action footage, mockingly simply as afraid of the “butterfly” because the Bikini Bottom residents had been.

9 The Show Had Scary Fleas That Sucked The Characters’ Blood

Similar to “Wormy,” the episode “A Flea in Her Dome” showcases fleas that suck the blood from Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob, and Patrick Star. Although there may be fortunately no live-action footage, the fleas are very life-like and are even proven giving start.

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“A Flea in Her Dome” doubtless made a whole bunch of viewers’ pores and skin crawl watching semi-realistic fleas continuously assault the SpongeBob characters. The fleas gave start to tens of millions of others, creating a whole swarm that trapped SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick in a sea of blood-sucking parasites.

8 The Cyclops Murdered SpongeBob And Patrick

In The SpongeBob Sq.Pants Movie, SpongeBob and Patrick ventured out to Shell City to search out King Neptune’s crown and save Mr. Krabs from execution. The Cyclops, an evil human hardhat diver, kidnapped SpongeBob and Patrick and introduced them to the floor.

It was revealed that the Cyclops was murdering sea creatures and promoting them at a present store. In probably the most surprising SpongeBob moments, the Cyclops slowly killed each SpongeBob and Patrick. It was flabbergasting for a kid-friendly sequence to kill off its primary characters, particularly in such a torturous, methodical manner.

7 Gary Had To Run Away From A Snail Murderer

In “Have You Seen This Snail?,” Gary the Snail ran away and an aged lady determined to undertake him. It appeared that Gary had it good, however the woman stored overfeeding him and the episode revealed that Gary was in mortal hazard.

The woman had a closet that was full of dozens of rotten, empty snail shells, revealing that she had been killing her pet snails and holding their stays. The snail killer could be any pet’s worst nightmare. Fans can solely think about how children whose pets ran away should’ve reacted to the snail killer in “Have You Seen This Snail?”

6 SpongeBob And Squidward Turned Into Snails

SpongeBob Sq.Pants’ “I Was A Teenage Gary” utilized physique horror transformations. The episode parodied movies like I Was A Teenage Werewolf by having SpongeBob and Squidward rework into snails.

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As humorous because the parody was, “I Was A Teenage Gary” lingered on SpongeBob’s transformation, showcasing the painful, unnatural contortion of his physique. The episode then noticed SpongeBob attempting to achieve Squidward, making it appear like a monster stalking his prey. It might have been enjoyable watching Squidward fearful of SpongeBob, however some followers might have had disturbing desires about turning into snails.

5 SpongeBob’s Brain Scared Everyone

In “Scaredy Pants,” SpongeBob stored failing to scare individuals. Instead, he solely managed to scare himself. By the top of the episode, nonetheless, SpongeBob unintentionally managed to frighten everybody, together with the Flying Dutchman.

As it turned out, Patrick unknowingly shaved off SpongeBob’s head all the way in which to his mind. Not solely was SpongeBob’s mind uncovered to everybody, however he additionally seemed terrifying. SpongeBob might have been as cheery as ever, however his creepy look might’ve given the Xenomorph from Alien a run for its cash.

4 Rock Bottom Was An Unknown, Unsettling Place

The “Rock Bottom” episode performed on individuals’s fears of darkness and the unknown very nicely. The precise Rock Bottom location was virtually pitch black and extremely unsettling in comparison with the colourful and cheery Bikini Bottom.

“Rock Bottom” actually captured the sensation of being misplaced and alone in an unknown space. Without anybody’s assist, SpongeBob was consistently apprehensive about potential attackers and getting again dwelling. “Rock Bottom” makes viewers assume that somebody is legitimately out to get SpongeBob. Fortunately, it was a pleasant Rock Bottom resident who lastly helped SpongeBob get again dwelling.

3 Sandy Became Dangerous While She Was Sleepwalking

In “Survival of the Idiots,” viewers received to see an evil model of Sandy Cheeks. During hibernation, Sandy grew large and deliriously sleepwalked, mistaking her buddies SpongeBob and Patrick for Texas outlaws.

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It’s one factor to take care of an attacker, nevertheless it’s dreadful to think about being caged with them. SpongeBob and Patrick had been in peril close to Sandy, who believed them to be criminals named Pinhead Larry and Dirty Dan. She beat them and buried them, even giving them their very own tombstones. SpongeBob and Patrick tried to get away from her, however they had been trapped within the tea dome.

2 A Kid Was Fished Out Of Bikini Bottom In “Hooky”

The episode “Hooky” discusses fishing hooks from the ocean creatures’ perspective. Although the episode is principally about SpongeBob studying to not danger his life over momentary enjoyable, “Hooky” does not draw back from the explanations for fishing hooks.

Mr. Krabs defined that the fishing hooks deliver sea creatures to the floor to be cooked and eaten. Later on, SpongeBob and Patrick went close to an space with hooks and Patrick talked about that “there was one kid here earlier.” As he stated that, the digital camera centered on a pair of sneakers within the foreground, indicating that the kid was taken to the floor. It was a morbid second that allow viewers think about what horrible destiny the poor youngster went by way of.

1 The Bitter, Miserable Woman In “Chocolate With Nuts”

SpongeBob Sq.Pants showcased the horror of spending the remainder of one’s life with somebody who makes them depressing. The episode “Chocolate with Nuts” launched Incidental 87, an aged lady and her impolite mom.

The aged lady waited patiently for her mom to die, however her mom comically and horrifyingly would not move away. The mom was virtually a skeleton however nonetheless managed to dwell to verbally torment her daughter. It’s a nightmarish state of affairs and the mom’s look was definitely unsettling. “Chocolate With Nuts” ends with SpongeBob and Patrick going out to dinner with Incidental 87.

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