10 Times Nintendo Made Us Root For The Villain


It’s rare that Nintendo’s bad guys are anything but unequivocally evil. Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that the purpose of a game should be to give players a sense of accomplishment, so it’s understandable why he would hesitate to pit players against an enemy he would feel bad about thwarting.

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While bad guys like Ridley, Ganon, and many others have been content to be as bad as they can be, there have been some deviations from the formula. Sometimes a villain has an element of sympathy or has so much charisma that players may lean more towards him. These villains are hard to beat for completely different reasons.

10/10 Wario is greedy, but ambitious

Wario made his debut as a villain in Super Mario Land 2 Six gold coins. It was created as a means for developers to express their frustrations with working on a franchise they didn’t create. Since then, Wario has become the focus of his own titles through subseries such as the Wario’s Land Y Wario’s Merchandise games.

Unlike the portly red plumber, Wario’s interests are purely id-driven: the massive accumulation of riches and treasure. However, during his greedy escapades, he somehow manages to unknowingly help those oppressed by a force greater than himself.

9/10 Pious Augustus shows so much taste in eternal darkness

Once a celebrated centurion who served under Caesar, Pious Augustus allied himself with the ancients during his quest to uncover their insidious tome. Over the span of several centuries, Augustus carried out his bidding, causing catastrophic events throughout human history, such as the death of Charlemagne the Frank and World War I.

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The sheer energy and zest he shows when doing his master’s work make him an effective villain. It’s never a dull moment when Pious is on screen as he plays mind games with the heroes, he taunts an ancient deity for falling from grace and laughs at a fallen foe.

8/10 Edelgard from Fire Emblem is simultaneously devoted and ruthless.

Fans may hesitate to call most of the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses an ultimate hero or villain. This is especially true in how their behavior and alliances can vary wildly depending on which route players take during the campaign. On some routes. Edelgard is a fiercely loyal and determined ally and champion of the common people.

However, some players have reservations about the actions he takes to overthrow the church, such as starting a war based on inaccurate information. Certain routes portray her in a considerably evil light, viewing the church and all those aligned with her as enemies to be vanquished.

7/10 Skull Kid from The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask just wants a friend

Skull Kid is notable for being one of the few Zelda antagonists to actually achieve his goal. Once he turns Link into a Deku Scrub, he successfully crashes the moon onto Termina. However, thanks to the Ocarina, Link is able to go back in time to thwart Skull Kid’s ambitions.

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As the player progresses through the game with the fairy Tatl, they discover that the young man was a sad and lonely misfit who was desperately looking for some company. Really, it’s not too hard to see the Skull Kid as a mischievous punk who went a bit overboard with me.

6/10 The eponymous bunnies outshine the famous plumber in Mario + Rabbids

In this bizarre crossover between Nintendo and Ubisoft’s Milan division, the mushroom kingdom is invaded by mischievous rabbids, undergoing strange transformations. Mario joins several of them to defend the kingdom and rescue his friends. The game changed to a turn-based strategy affair similar to XCOM.

In-engine cutscenes show off wonderful, lively character animations of enemies like the Ghost Rabbi, Rabbi Kong, and many more. Fans will be surprised at how much the furry invaders manage to outshine Mario in what is supposed to be its own title.

5/10 Bowser is more developed in Mario RPGs

While Bowser has been framed as the Mario recurring villain of the series, he has been further developed in other games. In RPG titles, Bowser is often depicted in a much more complex way. super mario rpg Y superstar series See the King of the Koopas teaming up with Mario to take on threats bigger than him.

Paper Mario and the Millennium Door even allows players to control Bowser in fun side-scrolling platformer callbacks to the original Super Mario Bros. In another harrowing example, Bowser’s Inside Story has the brothers navigate inside the aforementioned villain and help him take on various enemies.

4/10 Count Bleck lost his fiancee in Super Paper Mario

Before donning the nickname Count Bleck, the villain of Super Paper Mario once it was by the name of Blumiere. Long ago, she stole a mysterious book known as the Dark Prognosticus to prevent his dark power from being misused. Wounded searching for him, a kind woman named Timpani nursed him back to health. The two fell in love, but Blumiere’s father forbade their relationship and cursed his son’s fiancée.

After a vain attempt to find her, Blumiere despaired and became the dark Count Bleck. He proceeds to force Bowser and Princess Peach to marry in order to summon Chaos Heart.

3/10 Lusamine lost her fiancé in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Head of the Aether Foundation and mother of two, Lusamine’s stated goal is the preservation of Pokémon. However, as the player progresses through the game, she will discover that Team Skull are not the only poachers. It is not long before the player and her daughter Lillie discover a collection of frozen Pokémon.

It is speculated that her obsession began with the disappearance of her husband during his investigation of the Ultra Wormholes. In a vain attempt to get it back, she set about harnessing the Ultra Beasts. Although she becomes cold and hostile towards her children, Lillie insists that she was once kind and compassionate.

In link between worlds, the players receive help and finally face a princess from another world: Princess Hilda. Unlike bad guys like Ganon, Ghirahim, and Vaati, she’s not trying to destroy the world. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: Princess Hilda desperate to save her own kingdom.

Unfortunately, his version of Link is a cowardly coward, leaving him no choice but to take matters into his own hands. After tricking Link into getting her the Triforce of Courage, she harnesses his power to protect Lorule at Hyrule’s expense.

1/10 Donkey Kong sought revenge against his captor

Players may not realize that the famous ape started out as an antagonist before becoming the hero of the game. donkey kong country games. The premise behind the great ape’s arcade debut is that his owner, Mario, mistreated him. Out of revenge, he broke free and kidnapped Pauline.

Ironically, players who aren’t familiar with this synopsis don’t know that they’re controlling the person responsible for all this mess. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mario even tortured Kong’s son in the following title: Donkey Kong Jr.. It’s really hard to blame DK for her reaction to all of this.

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