Game of Thrones had a number of the most vicious and ugly villains ever seen on tv. They fortunately massacred, tortured, and began wars. However, the present additionally took a really pragmatic and grey view of its villains. Most of them weren’t cackling, one-dimensional caricatures.

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Plenty of Game of Thrones villains made good factors on occasion. Whether they believed themselves proper or just made excuses for his or her villainy, they nonetheless stated issues that have been exhausting to refute. Sometimes, they’d an ethical level and different instances, they have been factually right. In no matter kind, Game of Thrones‘ villains weren’t all the time utterly improper.

10 Tywin Wanted To Unite The Seven Kingdoms

Throughout Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister made it clear that his major aim was bettering his household. He wished to enhance their standing at any value. To this finish, he put them on the Iron Throne and fought to maintain it. However, he additionally genuinely set about attempting to reunite the Seven Kingdoms as soon as his household divided them.

Tywin had many faults. However, he was sincere about wanting to finish the North’s insurrection, rid the Seven Kingdoms of different claimants, and strengthen alliances with Dorne. Tywin mentioned the Seven Kingdoms with Oberyn Martell and stated they have been weaker aside. As the numerous calamities all through the present show, he was proper.

9 Littlefinger Had A Point About Chaos

Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish was one in all Game of Thrones‘ most intelligent villains. He was an professional in manipulation and human conduct and knew how one can leverage these strengths. In his most memorable scene, Littlefinger defined his philosophy to Varys. He stated that he relishes chaos, seeing it as a ladder that opportunists can use.

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Littlefinger was improper about loads of issues. However, he was proper that chaos was a great factor for some schemers. The main gamers in Westeros tried to maintain issues ordered and unchanging and suffered closely for it. The smaller gamers who have been prepared to fire up carnage, like Littlefinger and Euron Greyjoy, noticed a lot greater modifications of their favor for a time.

8 Jaime Lannister Was Right To Kill The Mad King

Jaime Lannister underwent an extended and arduous ethical path, however nonetheless spent many of the present as a villain. The catalyst for his villainy was the fallout from one genuinely good deed. When Aerys II Targaryen deliberate to destroy King’s Landing and bloodbath its inhabitants, Jaime stabbed him within the again and stopped the plan there after which.

Jaime was reviled as an oathbreaker and a traitor. Only Tywin’s political affect and Robert’s forgiveness stopped him from being despatched to the Wall. However, Jaime was proper to desert his oaths and save hundreds. Notably, the revelation of his true motives brought on Brienne of Tarth to see him in a way more optimistic gentle.

7 Sandor Clegane Is Right About How Hateful Westeros’ Knights Are

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane ended Game of Thrones as a extra heroic determine. However, he spent a lot of the early present because the Lannisters’ lackey. Despite his softer sides, he was a villain. More than that, he was a bitter misanthrope who was cynical with practically each line out of his mouth.

However, the Hound was this manner as a result of he was right. His bitterness got here from the reverence that Westeros had for its knights. Sandor knew what Westeros’ knights have been actually like, having been maimed by his brother Ser Gregor as a boy. No knight in Game of Thrones ever proved the Hound’s cynical commentary on knights improper.

6 Joffrey Baratheon Highlighted The Flaws Of Feudalism

Joffrey Baratheon was the most-hated villain in Game of Thrones. Aside from his wickedness, he additionally had a vastly inflated opinion of himself and was improper about most issues. In a Season 1 scene, nonetheless, he proved shockingly insightful in regards to the flaws of Westeros’ political system.

Joffrey complained to Cersei that the monarchy was weak as a result of it did not have a military of its personal. He did not like having to depend on lords to go to struggle for his or her king. Cersei handled him as short-sighted, however Joffrey’s complaints echoed a number of critical flaws of the feudal system. As Game of Thrones depicted, any sufficiently-powerful lord was capable of begin a civil struggle.

5 Cersei Complained About Westeros’ Extreme Sexism

Cersei Lannister was the present’s longest-running villain. She was Ned Stark’s most important foe in Season 1 and Daenerys’ in Season 8. Throughout their time, she acquired loads of issues improper. Several characters made it clear that she wasn’t fairly as clever as she thought she was. However, Cersei was proper about some matters, together with Westeros’ sexism.

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Cersei argued towards it from a egocentric viewpoint, wanting extra freedom in her personal life. She wasn’t an overt feminist, as she did little to assist different ladies in Westeros. However, she was proper that she and different ladies have been good for greater than marriage and youngsters. When she argued towards being pressured to marry once more, few followers may disagree along with her.

4 Roose Bolton Told Ramsay To Be Sensible About His Evil

The Boltons have been Westeros’ most evil household, even outdoing the Lannisters in that regard. However, Roose and Ramsay Bolton went about their evil very in a different way. Roose most popular to function underneath the radar, committing his abhorrent acts away from others. He was pragmatic so he may survive underneath the honor-driven Ned Stark.

Ramsay was notoriously merciless. He was obsessive about torturing in any respect prices and did not care in regards to the penalties. Roose did not need Ramsay to cease being evil, he simply wished Ramsay to be extra refined and considerate. It was morally very improper, however the quick finish to Ramsay’s reign confirmed that Roose greater than had a degree.

3 Jaime Wanted To Make Peace With Daenerys Targaryen

In Season 7, Jaime Lannister grew to become one of many Iron Throne’s greatest generals. He noticed two battles towards Daenerys’ allies and realized how hopeless the struggle was. The Dothraki and Daenerys ambushed a loot practice from Highgarden and utterly overwhelmed Jaime’s military.

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From that time on, Jaime tried to persuade Cersei to make peace. During a number of arguments, he insisted that the Iron Throne was far too outgunned. Even with out the dragons, Daenerys’ forces have been a minimum of a match for the Lannisters. Cersei ignored him each time and misplaced her life for it.

2 Joffrey Accused Tywin Lannister Of Sitting Out The Rebellion

Joffrey Baratheon was one of many least clever characters in Game of Thrones, and Tywin Lannister was one of the crucial clever. Despite this, Joffrey managed to win an argument together with his grandfather. When a Small Council argument acquired out of hand, Tywin promised to show Joffrey higher kingship as soon as he received the struggle.

At that time, Joffrey accused him of sitting out the true struggle, Robert’s Rebellion. He stated that Robert did the exhausting work of making their dynasty whereas Tywin sat in Casterly Rock till the ultimate battle. Notably, Tywin did not have a rebuttal for this, he merely despatched Joffrey to mattress.

1 Tywin Trusted Tyrion To Be Hand Of The King

Tyrion Lannister’s story took a significant flip when he went to King’s Landing underneath Tywin’s orders. He grew to become performing Hand of the King and wielded affect and actual energy for the primary time. As Hand of the King, he masterminded the protection of King’s Landing. Tywin was capable of drive off Stannis on the Blackwater, however solely due to Tyrion’s protection.

As such, he was the fitting option to counteract Joffrey and Cersei and maintain management. However, Tywin truly noticed this as a mistake. He checked out Tyrion’s tenure within the worst potential manner and did not think about his achievements notable. However, the viewers knew that Tyrion’s time as Hand was the one motive the Lannisters beat Stannis.

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