10 Things We’d Like To See In House Of The Dragon’s Ninth Episode


house of the dragon brazenly hurtles to a stormy conclusion in the long-awaited season finale. Alicent and Otto decide to crown Aegon in direct contravention of King Viserys’s wishes, angering Rhaenyra and his allies. Decades of discontent and hostility reach the boiling point and turn into a cascade of outright violence.

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As the Greens and Blacks challenge the claims of the Iron Throne, House Targaryens will finally demonstrate the true meaning behind their motto. The common people of Westeros will be engulfed in fire and drowned in their own blood, forcing fans to look at the big picture. Does it really matter who wins the Dance of the Dragons when innocent lives are about to be extinguished?

10/10 Rhaenys takes a one-way flight to Dragonstone

Otto Hightower intimidates various Great Houses into changing allegiances and brutally kills any who refuse to submit. Fortunately, Queen Alicent shows Princess Rhaenys the basic courtesy of not murdering the latter in her sleep. Rhaenys escapes the Red Keep with the help of Ser Erryk, but she is soon lost in the swarm of commoners who are herded into the Dragonpit.

As a spoiled royal, Rhaenys clearly doesn’t know how to deal with the tired, poor, huddled masses. However, he eventually makes his way to Meleys and invades Aegon’s coronation. Rhaenys leaves Dragonpit without incinerating his enemies, so he probably heads to warn Rhaenyra in Dragonstone.

9/10 Rhaenyra becomes the black queen with her father’s crown

The tenth episode is titled “The Black Queen”, a reference to Rhaenyra. According to George R. R. Martin fire and blood, the Blacks are a group of inveterate Targaryen sympathizers, whose identities have been redacted to avoid television spoilers. The preview for the season finale shows Erryk donning King Viserys’s crown and betrothed to Rhaenyra, effectively acknowledging his birthright.

However, Rhaenyra’s birthright will not be universally recognized, as many Houses have transferred their loyalties to Aegon. With Westeros on the brink of civil war, fans are excited to see how Rhaenyra handles his new mission. If it’s anything like the book, the Black Queen is not going to be happy.

8/10 Criston Cole is finally punished for his insolence

Criston Cole was once a fan favorite: a brooding but devoted member of the Kingsguard whose mission in life was to protect Rhaenyra. However, when she reminds him of his royal duties, Criston is instantly transformed into a vindictive wretch. He tells Rhaenyra’s secret to Alicent, causing conflict between the princess and queen.

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Criston refers to his Rhaenyra using printable insults, torments Jace and Luke, kills both Lord Beesbury and Joffrey Lonmouth, to name a few of his heinous atrocities. After Aemond mentions Aegon’s misogyny, Criston self-righteously declares that “every woman is the image of the Mother, who should be spoken of with reverence.Criston is practically asking for punishment at this point.

7/10 A variety of assassins converge on Dragonstone

Though Alicent is delighted at the prospect of her son on the Iron Throne, she adamantly refuses to harm Rhaenyra and her children. Her father, the so-called Hand of the King, lightly announces that “the former heir cannot […] you will be allowed to remain free and get support.Scandalous or not, Otto’s plan of action is logically sound.

On a positive note, the Queen is considerably softer and kinder than before. Alicent implores Aegon to “reject [his grandfather’s] lawyer”, stating that he “must not rule with cruelty and callousnessHowever, Otto’s unpredictable thought process is likely to make the situation worse. Fans wouldn’t be surprised if a troop of assassins suddenly materialized in Dragonstone.

6/10 The rapidly deteriorating relationship between Alicent and Otto

Princess Rhaenys triggers Alicen’t’s metamorphosis by asking a simple question: “Have you never imagined yourself on the Iron Throne?Audiences waited a long time for the Queen to come to her senses, but Alicent may not have the fortitude to reverse her father’s meticulous brainwashing. And yet, the Queen is now aware of the Hand’s malicious Machiavellianism, so she is arguably right. path.

Alicent first confronts her father in “The Green Council”, where she accuses him of playing political mind games. Otto tries unsuccessfully to recondition her daughter, but Alicent just doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with her feeble attempts. This deteriorating relationship is likely to play a major role in “The Black Queen.”

5/10 King Aegon is even more intoxicated by his new power

Aegon expresses his hatred for the Iron Throne on numerous occasions. In “The Green Council”, he begs Aemond to let him out of Westeros, only to be forcibly taken back to the Red Keep. Despite his overwhelming ignorance, Aegon’s assessment is accurate: he really does have “no taste for duty.

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That said, fans have seen what happens to those who wear the crown. Though Aegon complies with his family’s wishes under protest, his eyes take on a carnivorous gleam after the citizens of King’s Landing applaud and celebrate his coronation. Among all the characters game of ThronesAegon is more similar to Joffrey Baratheon, a fundamentally terrifying idea.

4/10 Jace and Luke Velaryon enter the battlefield

Jacaerys is next in line to the Iron Throne, but only if he survives the impending showdown with his uncles. Meanwhile, Lucerys is supposed to inherit the Throne of Driftwood through her “dead” father Laenor. In the trailer, Jace asks his mother to send him and his brother to the battlefield, eager to prove his worth.

Rhaenyra may not like risking her children’s lives, but apparently she doesn’t have much of a choice because Luke and Jace are later seen in Storm’s End. While their admittedly bold hearts are in the right place, these two kids are woefully incompetent warriors. Prince Aemond is uniquely capable of defeating and killing his nephews, especially with the overpowered Vhagar under his command.

3/10 Where are Larys Strong’s loyalties?

Larys Strong quietly serves as the Queen’s unofficial enforcer for several years. Alicent trusts Larys to do her dirty work for her, even if she refuses to address her own role in the outcome. The parameters of their relationship remain unclear, but there appears to be a sexual transaction involved. The Queen’s hypocrisy is particularly notable, given her overreaction to Rhaenyra’s indiscretions.

At the same time, Alicent clearly doesn’t know the whole story because Larys has been cheating on the Queen with her father. Anyone with the title of Lord Confessor is bound to have at least a few skeletons in their closet, and Larys is by far the most reserved character in house of the dragon.

2/10 History could (temporarily) change Winterfell

game of Thrones focuses on three main locations: Red Keep, Castle Black, and Winterfell. The story begins with the Starks at Winterfell, which is also where the Night King meets his final fate. house of the dragon he has yet to explore the northern half of Westeros, but the season finale trailer briefly highlights Winterfell as a key location.

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This tidbit of information, combined with House Stark’s unwavering sense of honor, means the narrative could (temporarily) change Winterfell. Fans will be able to see what the old castle looked like 150 years earlier. game of Thrones, maybe even a few cameos from the Wall. That said, the North may not appear until Season 2. It’s all conjecture at this point in the story.

1/10 The dance of the dragons will mark Westeros beyond recognition

A dance with dragons is the fifth installment in the epic saga of George RR Martin. The Dance of the Dragons, on the other hand, is the historical name given to the next war in house of the dragon. King Viserys I Targaryen succeeds in holding the Six Kingdoms together for nearly three decades, a remarkable achievement considering all the factors working against him.

Unfortunately, his death plunges Westeros into a two-year period of nightmarish darkness. Countless battles scar the continent beyond recognition, leaving thousands dead, wounded, homeless, orphaned, or worse. People should never have to pay the price for their leaders’ ineptitude, to quote Samwell Tarly, “perhaps the decision about what is best for everyone should be left up to everyone.

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