10 Things Only Batman Fans Know About Barbara Gordon


Barbara Gordon is a beloved DC Comics character. Though she is definitely a member of the Bat Family, she has additionally made a reputation for herself impartial of the Dark Knight, each as Oracle and as an individual dedicated to utilizing her talents—be they mental, bodily or technological—for good as Batgirl. Both informal and hardcore followers know her altruism and willpower are unwavering.

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Still, Barbara’s backstory has shifted by the years. Not solely has she held a complete host of jobs from data dealer to congresswoman, Gordon’s 50-plus years in publication have additionally supplied her with totally different, dynamic characterizations.

10/10 Barbara Is A Total Foodie, But Her Favorite Food Is Pizza

Barbara Gordon has an adventurous palette. This turns into abundantly clear as she backpacks by Naha, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore at the start of the Batgirl Rebirth collection. She goes out of her technique to strive meals which might be new to her and clearly enjoys them.

Even the foodies of the world have their consolation meals, although, and Barbara’s go-to is pizza. She has a weekly pizza evening along with her fellow Batgirls again in Gotham, and Dick Grayson is aware of simply which pizza spot to go for dinner when she stops by Blüdhaven.

9/10 Barbara Gordon Is Helping Gotham Go Green

Barbara Gordon’s background in know-how makes her a fantastic candidate to start out her personal vitality firm. So, begin an vitality firm she does.

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In grad college, Barbara whips up a schematic for a “negahedron,” a self-sustaining vitality supply. Barbara makes use of the schematic as a place to begin for her firm, which she calls Gordon Clean Energy. She cedes management of the corporate to her pals and collaborators, however in the end, the shared brainpower amongst Barbara and her colleagues permits GCE to develop and supply sustainable energy to Gotham.

8/10 Batgirl Has Been Engaged Several Times

Most followers are accustomed to Barbara’s romance with Dick Grayson. The two have been engaged a number of instances in varied timelines and even married in a handful. The two are at the moment relationship significantly in important continuity,

Fewer readers find out about Jason Bard, Babs’ cop boyfriend and former fiancé. The two dated each pre- and post-Crisis, getting engaged post-Crisis. Barbara broke off the engagement after the Joker shot her, although finally, she and Bard developed knowledgeable relationship as he transitioned from police officer to a personal investigator.

7/10 Barbara Gordon Was A Ballerina

Barbara does not point out the ballet courses she took as a baby and adolescent fairly often. Since she finally took to Judo, Karate and Eskrima (amongst different combined martial arts) and commenced utilizing them on a nightly foundation as Batgirl, it isn’t altogether stunning the subject comes up occasionally.

Still, Barbara is extremely limber, even when she is utilizing a wheelchair, and she will normally match Nightwing’s acrobatic stunts. Her grace swinging from a grappling hook is little question attributable to her historical past as a ballerina.

6/10 Barbara Gordon’s Birthday Is September 23

The 1976 Super DC Calendar lists Barbara Gordon’s birthday as September 23. This makes her a Libra, and her introduction in 1967 means she was “born” in a Year of the Sheep within the Chinese Zodiac.

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Her actual supposed age in important continuity is unclear, although she is probably going in her late 20s or early 30s since she accomplished her PhD program in 2016. Babs shouldn’t be one to make an enormous deal out of her birthday, stating outright that she dislikes events the place she is the focus. Those that know her finest normally give you different inventive methods to have fun her birthday. Dick Grayson even takes her skydiving one yr as a birthday current.

5/10 Batgirl Has An Eidetic Memory

Barbara Gordon is sensible, as even essentially the most informal Bat Family readers know. However, her mind is a product of a number of elements and cognitive talents.

On one hand, Babs has an eidetic (or “photographic”) reminiscence. She remembers every part that has occurred to her. A mentor even advises her at one level to “shut off” her good recall in an effort to higher anticipate an opponent’s future strikes in fight, which she does. On the opposite hand, Barbara is aware of put her reminiscence to good use, illustrating her problem-solving abilities and deductive talents.

4/10 Barbara Gordon’s Middle Name Is Joan

Barbara Gordon shares her first title along with her mom like her brother does along with her father. However, her mother’s full title is Barbara Eileen Gordon (née Kean) and her personal is Barbara Joan Gordon.

Babs reveals her center title in Batgirl vol. 4 #25, written by Marguerite Bennett, with pencils by Fernando Pasarin, inks by Jonathan Glapion and colours by Blond. Barbara provides herself a pep discuss within the Zero Year story, encouraging herself to be her personal hero and addressing herself by her full title.

3/10 Barbara’s Eyes Alternate Between Green And Blue

While she isn’t drawn with out her trademark purple hair (until there is a wig concerned), Barbara Gordon’s eye shade varies between iterations. She began out with blue eyes when she debuted in 1967, however since then, she has been proven to have both blue or inexperienced eyes.

During the New 52, Barbara was primarily drawn with blue eyes, although they modified to inexperienced throughout her run as Batgirl of Burnside. They have stayed inexperienced pretty constantly since then, and stay so to this point. Non-comic media additionally play with Barbara’s eye shade.

2/10 Barbara Gordon Took Over Lex Luthor’s Satellites

While contaminated with the Brainiac virus, Barbara’s consciousness merged along with her Oracle program. During this time, Barbara found Lex Luthor‘s 12 satellites he secretly launched whereas he was President of the United States.

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Barbara took the chance introduced by her an infection to take management of Luthor’s satellites. This implies that, at one level, she commanded a fleet of essentially the most highly effective non-superheroic weapons on the planet (or inside its orbit). Even after profitable remedy for the virus, her Oracle code nonetheless gave her entry to the satellites.

1/10 Barbara Gordon Is A Polyglot

Most of the Bat-family is multilingual, as are quite a lot of different DC characters. However, Barbara Gordon particularly speaks Korean, Mandarin and Japanese along with her native English. She also can learn in these languages, although she is proven Googling a Chinese character which she learns means “student.”

As although her familiarity with varied spoken languages was not outstanding sufficient, she additionally is aware of most (if not all) coding languages. Barbara is such a gifted programming polyglot, she even creates her personal coding languages each every so often.

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