10 Things From MCU Phase 2 That Aged Poorly


The fourth part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been met with combined reception from followers, however Phase 2 is usually regarded by followers to be the franchise’s weakest half. Phase 2’s films aren’t horrible or unwatchable, however they pale compared to the MCU films that got here earlier than and after. In reality, a few of them had been even retconned by later MCU films.

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The downside with Phase 2 was that the majority of its films prioritized MCU world-building, whereas others took attention-grabbing inventive dangers that did not go in addition to the filmmakers hoped. In hindsight, Phase 2 comes throughout because the MCU’s first awkward steps outdoors its consolation zone. Some errors needed to be made for the MCU to turn out to be what it’s at present.

10/10 HYDRA Was Killed Off Too Early

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Avengers opened Age of Ultron by defeating the final HYDRA stronghold. While this was enjoyable, the battle’s brevity clashed with what Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrange. HYDRA was established as a fascist sleeper cell and existential risk to freedom, however Age of Ultron decreased them to cartoonish villains to defeat.

After their unceremonious loss, HYDRA was successfully erased from Age of Ultron and the MCU when Ultron killed Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. From then on, the MCU barely talked about HYDRA. Worse, HYDRA’s standing because the antithesis to the whole lot Captain America believed and represented was forgotten.

9/10 S.H.I.E.L.D. Was Reestablished Too Soon

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

One of the largest penalties of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was S.H.I.E.L.D.’s dissolution. But simply two films later, S.H.I.E.L.D. was revived, and Nick Fury returned from his self-imposed exile. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s comeback was a comforting return to the established order, however it diminished The Winter Soldier’s stakes and HYDRA’s risk.

The Winter Soldier uncovered S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury to be politically compromised peacekeepers who wanted to get replaced. Despite letting HYDRA infiltrate their ranks, S.H.I.E.L.D. was rapidly absolved in Age of Ultron, and Fury acquired a simple redemption. Whatever accountability S.H.I.E.L.D. deserved was swept below the rug.

8/10 Thanos Was An Unnecessary Villain

Guardians of the Galaxy

After showing in The Avengers’ mid-credits teaser, Thanos correctly debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy. The downside is, Thanos was nothing greater than the Kree’s boss, and he was depicted to be a lazy tyrant. This would’ve been effective if the MCU maintained this characterization, however Thanos was fully totally different in Phase 3.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos invaded planets and picked up the Infinity Stones by himself. But in Guardians of the Galaxy, he delegated the Power Stone’s acquisition to Ronan the Accuser and was simply cheated out of it. What’s extra, Thanos’ presence watered down the Kree’s company and risk. In transient, Thanos’ first impression was disappointing.

7/10 Ultron’s Villainous Potential Was Wasted

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Part of the frustration behind Age of Ultron stemmed from the title’s namesakes, particularly the critically acclaimed comedian occasion and Ultron himself. Originally, Ultron was a monstrous synthetic intelligence and a manifestation of Hank Pym’s darkest facet. In the film, Ultron was the simply defeated embodiment of Tony Stark’s hubris.

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Even ignoring his simplified backstory and lack of Oedipal motives, Ultron was a generic evil robotic who the Avengers beat. The MCU missed the chance to show Ultron right into a memorable onscreen villain. For what it is price, Ultron’s destruction of Sokovia left such a long-lasting mark on the MCU that the fallout remains to be felt at present.

6/10 The Mandarin Twist Traded Its Gravitas For A Joke

Iron Man 3

When Iron Man 3 started, The Mandarin was implied to be the MCU’s reply to real-life terrorists. Additionally, The Mandarin appeared to be Tony Stark’s bodily and ideological foil. Instead, The Mandarin was the washout actor Trevor Slattery, who was paid to painting the terrifying terrorist by Tony’s enterprise rival, Aldrich Killian.

A terrorist chief being a false flag created by the military-industrial complicated is an impressed twist. The downside was that this poignant revelation was undermined by Iron Man 3’s insistence on being a farce. If Aldrich (the “real” Mandarin) was Tony’s petulant nuisance, Trevor was the comedian reduction.

5/10 Tony Stark’s Retirement Was Too Premature

Iron Man 3

In extra methods than one, Iron Man 3 was Tony Stark’s swan music. Not solely was Iron Man 3 the final stand-alone Iron Man film, however it additionally wrapped up Tony’s private journey. Closing Tony’s time as a solo genius hero is smart, however Iron Man 3 had a rushed and unearned sense of finality about it.

Iron Man 3 made a giant deal about Tony now not needing Iron Man, just for him to return as Iron Man in later films. Iron Man 3 would’ve had extra emotional resonance if it had been actually Tony’s final look within the MCU. Instead, his continued presence made Iron Man 3 really feel like a unusually early finale.

4/10 Jane Foster Deserved A Better Character Arc

Thor: The Dark World

MCU love pursuits are infamous for being poorly written, and Jane is without doubt one of the worst. After being launched as Thor’s potential associate within the first film, Jane returned to be the sequel’s damsel in misery and plot machine. Case in level, Jane absorbed the Reality Stone and have become The Dark World’s catalyst.

Jane did not do a lot in The Dark World, and he or she continuously needed to be saved by Thor every time the Dark Elves acquired too shut. Natalie Portman was unhappy with this, and he or she solely reprised her function as a result of contractual obligations. It wasn’t till Thor: Love and Thunderwhen Portman mended bridges with the MCU and returned as Jane.

3/10 Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff’s Relationship Was Awkward

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Giving The Hulk and Black Widow a romantic subplot is not a horrible thought. Unfortunately, Age of Ultron launched this relationship in an unsatisfying method. When Bruce and Natasha’s melodrama wasn’t being shoehorned into scenes, Age of Ultron set them up for suggestive jokes that had been extra off-putting than humorous.

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Not serving to issues was how juvenile the connection was. Bruce and Natasha’s chemistry was outlined by innuendos and platitudes, which had been then interrupted by darkish discussions about self-loathing. The Avengers confirmed how comedian e book sensibilities and critical moments may be balanced, however Age of Ultron did not observe up its predecessor.

2/10 Thor’s First Sequel Prioritized The Reality Stone

Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is concurrently the weakest Thor film and MCU entry. Besides losing the Dark Elves and being a generic fantasy film, The Dark World was extra of a launchpad for MCU world-building than Thor’s second journey. Worse, Thor was sidelined by his first film’s breakout star, Loki.

Instead of deepening Thor’s character or meaningfully advancing his relationship with Jane, The Dark World spent extra time explaining the Reality Stone’s capabilities and place within the MCU. The Dark World was a lackluster and perfunctory sequel, and it is arguably the explanation why the Thor films tender rebooted with Thor: Ragnarok.

1/10 Ant-Man Would’ve Been Better If Edgar Wright Stayed As Director


One of the MCU’s earliest issues was Edgar Wright’s departure. Wright was initially set to write down and direct Ant-Man, however then he left as a result of intense interference from the now-defunct Marvel Creative Committee. Wright was changed by Peyton Reed, who delivered a satisfactory however forgettable film.

Even if Ant-Man had a robust forged and a script co-written by Wright, Reed’s course was generic and uninspired. Meanwhile, Wright directed the visually gorgeous Baby Driverand Last Night in Soho. As seen in these films’ writing and elegance, the MCU missed the prospect to have somebody as distinctive as Wright depart his mark on the franchise.

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