10 Things DC Fans Need To Know About Cyclone


With his live-action debut in the most recent DCEU movie, black adam, Cyclone is one of the most talked about characters in DC right now. Mainly known for TV shows like Trinkets Y In treatmentactor Quintessa Swindell plays Cyclone in the film, leading to a lot of new eyes on both the character and the DCEU.

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Cyclone is among DC’s most subscribed characters, and the black adam The film is the first time in a long time that it has received the legitimate attention it deserves. While Cyclone doesn’t have the historical pedigree of some of her fellow JSA members, she is an incredibly effective and admirable hero.

10/10 The original red tornado is the grandmother of the cyclone

Although most DC fans associate the name Red Tornado with the android inhabited by Ulthoon, the title initially belonged to Abigail Hunkel, Cyclone’s grandmother. Although Abigail first made her comedic debut in american comics #3 by Jerry Siegel, William Smith, and Stan Aschmeier, only became Red Tornado seventeen issues later.

Although Abigail had no superpowers, she was an effective superhero with top-notch hand-to-hand combat skills. After retiring and renaming himself Ma Hunkel, Ma became the official caretaker for the JSA and quickly earned a reputation as the best chef in DC.

9/10 Cyclone first appeared in Kingdom Come

Considered one of DC’s best Elseworlds stories, kingdom come is a four-issue series by Mark Waid, Alex Ross, Todd Klein, and Bob Kahan. Although she had a different name at the time, Cyclone first appeared in kingdom cometaking up the mantle of Red Tornado in honor of his late grandmother.

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Taking place in the near future, kingdom come revolves around former members of the Justice League in a world where traditional superheroism is dead. Although she did not play a vital role, Cyclone is seen fighting alongside Superman’s new Justice League in numerous panels throughout the comic.

8/10 Cyclone made her main universe debut in JSA Volume 3.

Although it first appeared in kingdom comeIt wasn’t until Justice Society of America Vol 3 #1 by Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham, and Art Thibert that Cyclone made her main universe debut. In the comic, Cyclone meets with Mister Terrific and Power Girl to join the JSA.

Forming a new roster, Cyclone joined the young hero, Damage, the son of the original Atom, Al Pratt, as the two rookie members of the team. In her early days with the Society, Cyclone assisted in numerous important missions, such as aiding the Justice League during the Lightning Saga and defeating the Heartbreak Slayer.

7/10 Cyclone is a very smart DC superhero

A Harvard University graduate, Cyclone is one of the most intelligent heroes in DC comics. As shown throughout his comic history, Cyclone is exceptionally intelligent; he graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA and an SAT score of 1300.

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However, Cyclone’s superior intellect often causes her to feel alienated from her peers, and her perceived know-it-all personality alienates them. As a result, Cyclone suffers from depression at a young age. This has a lot to do with why she’s glad to become a member of the JSA; she can be close to those who see her intelligence as an asset rather than a nuisance.

6/10 The cyclone has wind manipulation powers

Although Cyclone’s powers are often confused with large-scale weather manipulation, her powers are geared explicitly towards wind. Cyclone cannot create new weather, but it can create massive, tornado-sized whirlpools of wind capable of dealing massive amounts of damage.

Cyclone is not only great at attacking; he can use his powers for defense, effectively creating a windshield around his body to block incoming attacks. Also, like The Flash, Cyclone can create focused wind tunnels by spinning his arms. While Cyclone isn’t necessarily one of the most powerful members of the JSA, his skill set makes for a unique challenge to combat.

5/10 Cyclone received her powers by force

Although Cyclone is the granddaughter of the original Red Tornado, she did not inherit any superpowers as her grandmother never had any. Instead, Cyclone forcibly received her powers from her when she was kidnapped at age six.

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Taken by Thomas Oscar Morrow, a supervillain who created the second Red Tornado, Cyclone was injected with nanobytes that Morrow hoped would transform her into a new Red Tornado. However, the effects of the nanobytes did not manifest until years later, her aerokinetic abilities not showing until her high school years. Although Morrow originally intended to use Cyclone as a pawn, he only used her powers for good.

4/10 Cyclone is the niece of Cyclone Kids

The original Red Tornado isn’t the only former superhero Cyclone is related to. In fact, Cyclone is the niece of Red Tornado’s cronies: the Cyclone children. Two powerless children who helped the Red Tornado fight crime, the Cyclone Kids first appeared in american comics #24 by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell.

One of the Cyclone Kids is Amelia Hunkel, Red Tornado’s daughter, and the other is Huey Jibbet, Amelia’s childhood neighbor whom she later married. As adults, the Cyclone Kids joined Old Justice, a short-lived superhero team made up of some of DC’s most capable peers from the golden age.

3/10 Cyclone has a pet monkey

Easily one of the coolest mascots in DC Comics, Cyclone has a pet monkey named Frankie the Monkey. Frankie first appeared in Justice Society of America Vol 3 #14, thirteen issues after Cyclone’s debut. Although Frankie does not have any powers, he is a loyal companion to Cyclone, often accompanying her on dangerous missions.

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An animal lover to the core, Cyclone’s relationship with Frankie largely symbolizes her friendly and innocent nature. Although his appearance is seemingly limited to marketing, Frankie the Monkey recently appeared in the DCEU as a blue stuffed animal.

2/10 Cyclone is a huge fan of Stargirl

Aside from the ability to create tornadoes, Cyclone’s most memorable trait is her unwavering fanaticism for her fellow JSA members, especially Stargirl. As mentioned above, Cyclone was first invited to the JSA by Mister Terrific and Power Girl; two characters he openly fangirled the moment they entered the room.

In fact, Cyclone was so giddy and excited when she saw them that Power Girl nearly revoked her invitation. Upon meeting the members of the JSA, Cyclone was overwhelmed with her emotion and immediately let Stargirl know that she was her biggest fan.

1/10 Doomsday Clock brought Cyclone back to DC

Like most other members of the JSA, Cyclone was mysteriously absent for most of the New 52. It is later explained in Doomsday ClockA twelve issue series by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the JSA was wiped out of existence after Doctor Manhattan made drastic changes to the DC timeline, officially creating the New 52.

Thanks to an effort led by Superman, at the end of the series, the JSA returned to the DC universe and restored numerous events to the timeline. This included a massive group of returning heroes, including Cyclone, who went on to play a major role in the story’s final battle.

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