10 Strongest Marvel Villains Atom Smasher Can Defeat


Landing a job in Black Adam, Atom Smasher has a a lot richer historical past than lots of his new followers know. The grandson of the villain Cyclotron, he was raised by the Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt. He first joined Infinity Inc., the JSA equal of the Teen Titans, as Nuklon and would also have a brief stint within the Justice League earlier than changing into Atom Smasher to homage his deceased godfather, Pratt.

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In time, Atom Smasher turned a outstanding member of the Justice Society of America. Gifted with tremendous energy, the flexibility to extend his density, and develop to titanic sizes, Atom Smasher proved a formidable hero. Even going through down Marvel’s strongest villains, Atom Smasher would defeat probably the most harmful.

10/10 Atlas Is Outclassed By Atom Smasher

First generally known as Power Man after which Goliath, Atlas joined the Masters of Evil. He was a part of the roster of the group that took over Avengers Mansion, his energy and rising powers making him a harmful foe. He’d later be a part of Zemo’s Thunderbolts, altering his identify to Atlas. Atlas proved to be a formidable Thunderbolt, and has switched between heroism and villainy since leaving the ‘Bolts.

At first look, it looks like Atlas and Atom Smasher can be an excellent combat. However, Atom Smasher’s density management takes him out of Atlas’s league. He could make himself far more sturdy than Atlas, which is able to give him the sting to take down Atlas.

9/10 Blastaar’s Energy Powers Won’t Give Him An Advantage

Blastaar The Living Bomb-Burst hails from the Negative Zone. The highly effective conqueror is presented with nice energy and the flexibility to cost his blows with explosive vitality. This has served him properly in his battles towards the Fantastic Four, however towards Atom Smasher, it will not be the trump card he must win.

Atom Smasher’s energy will increase as his measurement does and his density management powers provides him superb sturdiness even at smaller sizes. This will assist him defeat Blastaar. The greater Atom Smasher will get, the tougher it’ll get for Blastaar to harm him, and that may give Smasher the time he must defeat the alien.

8/10 The Blob May Unmovable But That Won’t Win The Fight

The Blob is a means harder villain than he will get credit score for being. His tremendous energy places him among the many X-Men’s bodily strongest villains. He has improbable sturdiness, bolstered by the elasticity of his bulk, and full management of his heart of gravity. He’s the proverbial immovable object when he must be, however that will not assist him beat Atom Smasher.

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In a slugfest towards somebody his measurement, Blob is as robust as they arrive. Atom Smasher can get a lot greater and stronger, which is able to render a number of Blob’s powers ineffective. Blob could make himself unmovable, however a fifty-foot tall Atom Smasher can merely knock Blob unconscious the place he stands.

7/10 Sabretooth’s Savagery Won’t Make A Difference

Sabretooth is a brutal killer. It’s simple to underestimate him, although he has lots of the similar powers as Wolverine. Sabretooth is bodily stronger than his rival, however would not have an adamantium skeleton. However, Sabretooth is a group beater all by himself. He gives the look that he is a berserker, however he is a artful strategist. Unfortunately for him, all of the methods on the earth will not let him beat Atom Smasher.

Atom Smasher has each benefit on this combat, however Sabretooth would nonetheless shock him. He’s the kind of villain who would positively scale Atom Smasher in a ploy to slash his throat. It would not work due to Smasher’s density powers, however Sabretooth would give it a attempt. His therapeutic issue would preserve him within the combat for a bit, however Atom Smasher would ultimately triumph.

6/10 Atom Smasher Would Overwhelm Morlun

Spider-Man has confronted some cool villains over time, however few of them have the fashion of Morlun. The multiversal vitality vampire wears the garments of an 18th century nobleman, however he is not only a style killer. Morlun’s powers have allowed him to not simply problem, however defeat and kill the Wall-Crawler. Morlun is a critical menace, however Atom Smasher would not have a lot of an issue.

Morlun may be very sturdy and has years of combating expertise, however he will not have the ability to grasp with Atom Smasher for lengthy. The hero can improve his density to ranges the place even Morlun’s strongest photographs would not matter. Once he begins rising, Atom Smasher can simply one shot the villain.

5/10 Doctor Octopus’s Arms Wouldn’t Be That Great Of A Weapon

Doctor Octopus could be dorky, however he is been battling Spider-Man for years. His octopus arms make him a bodily menace, however it’s his intelligence that makes him extraordinarily harmful. Doc Ock has give you complicated, crafty schemes, ones which have allowed him to get the bodily superior Spider-Man proper the place he needs him. As good as Ock is, he’d nonetheless fall to Atom Smasher.

Doc Ock’s arms are nice weapons, however towards Atom Smasher, they don’t seem to be the very best weapon. Smasher can develop sufficiently big the place they would not be efficient in any respect. At that time, it is a big with tremendous energy towards a scientist who is not in the very best form. That’s a simple combat for Atom Smasher.

4/10 Kang Would Want To Win Fair And Square So He’d Lose

Kang is an iconic Avengers villain. The Conqueror has traveled by means of house and time looking for difficult opponents, doing his greatest to defeat the best heroes of all of them: the Avengers. Kang is a superlatively expert fighter, and his armor is armed to the enamel with all method of weapons and future know-how.

All issues thought of, Kang might actually defeat Atom Smasher, however there is a purpose he would not have the ability to. Kang is an honorable man who likes a problem. He’d need to beat Atom Smasher man to man. That would give the hero the prospect to defeat him. All it could take is one good shot from Atom Smasher and the battle can be over.

3/10 Red Hulk Wouldn’t Be Able To Increase His Strength Against Atom Smasher

Red Hulk made a idiot of the Marvel Universe when he first appeared. The villain ran by means of each hero he battled, his Hulk energy serving him properly. Much just like the Hulk, Red Hulk had infinite energy potential, however his energy solely elevated when he absorbed vitality. This makes him harmful, however it provides Atom Smasher a bonus.

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Without the flexibility to extend his energy by absorbing vitality, Red Hulk will not have the ability to sustain with Atom Smasher. On the opposite hand, there’s nothing stopping Smasher from manipulating his personal energy, measurement, and sturdiness, permitting him to realize the ability to land the knockout blow.

2/10 Abomination Would Get Outpaced By Atom Smasher

Abomination is Hulk’s hardest foe. The gamma irradiated monster has some benefits over the Green Goliath and a few deficiencies as compared. He retains his intelligence and is stronger than the Hulk is at a base stage, however he cannot improve his energy.

Abomination would give Atom Smasher a great combat at first, however would not have the ability to sustain with him. Atom Smasher, in contrast to Abomination, can improve his energy, sturdiness, and measurement. That’s going to provide him the benefit. He’ll get greater and stronger and ultimately have the ability to knock the Abomination out.

1/10 Ultron Couldn’t Stand Up To Atom Smasher’s Onslaught

Ultron has amassed a excessive physique depend in his quest to destroy all organic life. He’s a harmful combatant, however it’s his sturdiness that’s his greatest attribute. Ultron’s adamantium shell has allowed him to tank each assault thrown at him. However, he is not indestructible and Atom Smasher would show that.

Ultron is product of adamantium on the surface, however his inner parts aren’t. That’s going to provide Atom Smasher the prospect he wants. He can improve his density a lot that Ultron cannot damage him, all of the whereas rising his measurement and energy. Then, he can bludgeon Ultron till one thing important within him breaks.

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