10 Strongest Marvel Heroes Doctor Fate Can Defeat


The big screen debut of Doctor Fate in black adam has put more attention on the character than ever before. Fate debuted in the Golden Age comics, joining the Justice Society and using his magic to defend the world against all manner of villains. Over the years, Fate has been all over the DC Universe, joining multiple teams, and various heroes have worn the Helmet of Fate, wielding Nabu’s sorcerous power.

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Fate is superlatively powerful, with few beings capable of defeating it, regardless of who is wearing the helmet. Marvel heroes may be formidable, but even the strongest will lose to Doctor Fate.

10/10 Iron Man won’t last long against fate

Iron Man is an accomplished hero and has faced many enemies. His armor is quite formidable and he has created multiple versions and upgrades for every threat imaginable. His greatest attribute has always been his mind. Iron Man can do more with less when he needs to, discovering a way to triumph against incredible odds. It’s a great ability that won’t matter in the slightest against Fate.

The easiest way to stop Iron Man is to stop the armor. For many, this would be difficult, but the armor doesn’t last long against a magic user empowered by a Lord of Order. Fate has almost infinite ways to take it from him, and at that point, he’s just a really smart naked rich guy against a full-powered Doctor Fate. That is an easy fight.

9/10 The titanic power of the Invisible Woman will not save her

The Invisible Woman is the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, and she’s not even close. Her powers make her an incredible infiltrator and give her offensive and defensive options that far outnumber her teammates. She is very versatile, which would help her in a battle against Fate, but would by no means win for her.

Sue Storm’s invisibility is useless against Fate, making this a shooting war. They can both protect each other, so it’s basically a deadlock for a while. However, the Invisible Woman’s powers, great as they are, do not give her the options that Fate does. Fate can alter her mind, make her drop her shield and knock her down quickly.

8/10 Black Bolt’s greater power can’t do much against fate

Black Bolt’s dual status as the king of the Inhumans and the most powerful member of the race has given him great stature in the Marvel Universe. He has gone toe-to-toe with Thanos and battled the deadliest threats imaginable. Bolt’s voice is his most dangerous weapon, but it’s not all he has. Despite all the power of him, he will continue to fall to Doctor Fate.

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Bolt would have a chance if he screamed early on, but he’s always been one of those who senses the enemy first. That is not the way to beat Fate, as the longer the fight lasts, the harder it will be to beat him. Fate’s shields can take all of Bolt’s shots, and he can easily overpower the Inhuman monarch with his magic.

7/10 Silver Surfer’s power would fall short against Doctor Fate

Silver Surfer is Marvel’s most powerful cosmic hero, the Power Cosmic grants him a wide variety of abilities. Few enemies aside from cosmic beings can challenge the Sentinel of the Spaceways. He can control cosmic energies, has Hulk-level strength and durability, can fly at superluminal speeds, and manipulate matter. However, he does have weaknesses that Fate can exploit.

Destiny is powered by Nabu, who is basically a cosmic being. So that gives Fate the power advantage that she needs. Additionally, the Silver Surfer has been shown to be weak against mental attacks. That gives Fate the perfect strategy to use against him, shattering his mind before the Power Cosmic can do too much damage.

6/10 Magic triumphs over the strength of Hercules

Hercules is the strongest demigod in Marvel. The Prince of Power has been fighting evil for millennia, joining the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in the modern age. Hercules is a ridiculously strong fighter and has shown his power in battle many times. Hercules is a challenge for most heroes, but Fate wouldn’t have that much of a problem with him.

Hercules isn’t far behind, but he’s pretty one-dimensional. Fate can easily stay out of her way or protect herself from the blows of the son of Zeus. With no way to offend, Hercules can’t win. Fate can just rain magical pain on him until he falls.

5/10 Thor will learn a thing or two from fate

Thor is Marvel’s main warrior. The God of Thunder has anchored the Avengers for years, his power and ability made him a key member of the team. Between his years of experience, sheer brute force, and the power of Mjolnir, many enemies have learned the folly of facing Thor. However, fate is a different story.

Fate and Nabu work well together. One of them will quickly realize that Mjolnir is the key to Thor. Separating him from him is difficult, but not impossible, especially with Nabu’s power. With Mjolnir gone, Fate is able to unload on Asgard’s favorite son, taking him down before he even knows what hit him.

4/10 Jean Grey’s brainpower won’t be enough

The X-Men’s Omega-class mutants are formidable, with Jean Gray topping the list. Her combination of telepathy and telekinesis makes her a multifaceted threat that can affect minds and pulverize mountains. Underestimating Jean is usually the last mistake enemies make, but it won’t be a problem for Fate.

Battling Fate will be a double competition for Jean Grey. Nabu is able to shield Fate’s mind from Grey’s telepathy as she attacks as well. Fate’s shields can protect her against Grey’s telekinesis while he finds a spell that works against her. With Nabu’s help, Fate is able to tailor her attack to Grey’s weaknesses and end the battle.

3/10 Scarlet Witch is a glass cannon

Scarlet Witch is the magic specialist of the Avengers and helps the team defeat the biggest threats. In recent years, her reality-altering powers have come to light, making her even more dangerous in battle. She has a variety of powers, but she is also quite weak to physical and mental attacks. That will give Fate the time she needs to win.

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Scarlet Witch is powerful, but she doesn’t do everything right away. That will be her downfall. Fate and Nabu know much more magic than her and would feel how powerful it is. Resorting to mental attacks would be the best option to start with, distracting her and then overwhelming her with spells. Keeping her on the defensive is key, and she will give Fate the victory.

2/10 Hulk doesn’t stand a chance against fate

The Hulk stands out among Marvel’s most violent heroes. The Hulk is basically the scariest person on Earth because nobody knows what he’s going to do next. His infinite strength potential is matched by the bottomless pit of rage that feeds him. He has defeated Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains, but he wouldn’t last long against Fate.

Fate would not take it in stride with what would simply be a giant rage monster for him. He has too many options to deal with the Hulk, from messing with his mind and pacifying him to draining the gamma energy from him and teleporting him to Pluto.

1/10 Doctor Strange can’t hang out with Doctor Fate

Doctor Strange quickly rose to the top of the list of Sorcerers Supreme. Strange earned his appellation as a master of the mystic arts, facing and defeating the greatest threats to creation ever seen. He is smart and powerful, a combination that has won him many battles. However, he is not at Fate’s level.

Fate has every advantage over Strange. He has access to more magical knowledge when he needs it and greater power. Strange has defeated enemies like him before, but Fate is not a power-hungry monster. He is a calculating and powerful sorcerer. With the advantages of it, Doctor Fate would destroy Doctor Strange.

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