While Game of Thrones has cemented its legacy among the many finest fantasy exhibits in tv historical past, House of the Dragon is looking for to observe in its footsteps. The prequel collection impressed by George R. R. Martin’s e-book Fire & Blood takes place nearly 200 years earlier than the occasions of Game of Thrones. It additionally focuses on occasions constructing as much as the Dance of the Dragons, a civil struggle and a blip within the legacy of House Targaryen.

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This causes House of the Dragon‘s timeline to leap ahead in managed skips between every episode. However, many see the hole between episodes 5 and 6 as the primary time skip, leaping ahead practically a decade. The first 5 episodes present little fight, as an alternative delving into the political suspense and intrigue surrounding the succession of King Viserys I Targaryen. However, notable characters demonstrated their energy and mastery in battle.

Spoilers forward for House of the Dragon.

10 Syrax’s Strong Presence Was Felt But Not Seen In Combat

Syrax was launched within the first episode of House of the Dragon, as a fast reminder dragons was once extra frequent. Rhaenyra’s feminine dragon boasted a formidable determine, permitting the princess to make dramatic entrances. She proved an particularly intimidating presence when Rhaenyra traveled to Dragonstone to confront her uncle, Daemon.

Pre-time skip, Syrax was little greater than aggressive muscle to ascertain Rhaenyra’s safety. Yet Syrax will develop into a really energetic participant within the wars to return, as tensions develop to a tipping level, and the Dance of the Dragons commences.

9 Vaemond Proved Himself A Velaryon In The War For The Stepstones

Vaemond Velaryon was correctly launched alongside relations Corlys and Laenor throughout their efforts on the Stepstones. In the e-book, Vaemond was Corlys’ nephew, however within the collection he was his youthful brother, and Laenor’s uncle.

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In the third episode, Laenor named his uncle “The master of complaints” as a consequence of his eagerness to insurgent towards Daemon throughout the War for the Stepstones. When Daemon provided himself as bait to lure the Crabfeeder out, the remainder of the military waited to pounce. Vaemond fought bravely alongside his brother, capably holding his personal.

8 Crabfeeder Left An Intimidating Impression Despite Being Defeated By Daemon

On the opposite facet of the War for the Stepstones stood the Crabfeeder. His actual title was Craghas Drahar, a prince admiral from Myr who fought towards the crown and its allies within the Triarchy’s title. As his moniker suggests, he was identified for staking foes out by the shore as torture, leaving the ocean or the crabs to do the remainder.

Drahar proved an intimidating determine because the chief of the opposition, however Daemon and the Velaryons lured him out of the caves and defeated his numbers comparatively shortly. Drahar gave the impression to be a formidable foe, and though Daemon swiftly minimize him down, it did extra to enhance Daemon’s fame than hurt the Crabfeeder’s general influence.

7 Laenor Velaryon Showed Signs Of Greatness Early On

While the present launched Corlys Velaryon’s daughter Laena as a possible spouse for King Viserys, Laenor got here into his personal within the War for the Stepstones. Laenor Velaryon dominated the struggle council assembly along with his methods, and Daemon even went alongside along with his thought to lure the Crabfeeder out.

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Laenor then showcased his value as a dragonrider atop Seasmoke, turning the tide and profitable the struggle. When Laenor was to marry Rhaenyra Targaryen, he exchanged blows with Criston Cole on the wedding ceremony, who’d fatally struck Laenor’s lover, Joffrey Lonmouth. Laenor wasn’t in a position to defend Joffrey, however briefly showcased bravery whereas combating the damaging Criston.

6 Seasmoke & Laenor Made A Great Team At The Stepstones

Seasmoke is Laenor Velaryon’s dragon, having bonded with Laenor when each had been younger. Seasmoke and Laenor executed the counterattack on the War of the Stepstones, due to Daemon Targaryen first luring out the Crabfeeder’s military from the caves and tunnels.

Seasmoke unleashed hearth on the archers who’d momentarily subdued Daemon, then the remainder of the Velaryon males adopted swimsuit. Seasmoke wasn’t essentially the most famend dragon from the Dance of the Dragons, however was one of many few to have interaction in fight pre-time skip.

5 Corlys Velaryon Justified His Impressive Reputation

Corlys Velaryon has been constructed up as one of the intriguing characters in House of the Dragon. He has a storied historical past and legacy that predates occasions of the present. His legacy has led others to know and revere him because the Sea Snake, Lord of the Tides, and Master of Driftmark. Corlys’ accomplishments, together with the 9 nice voyages, trace towards his abilities at sea and on the battlefield, together with the 9 nice voyages.

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His solely battle earlier than House of the Dragon‘s main time-skip, Corlys thrived throughout the War for the Stepstones. He appeared like a distinct man, clad in spectacular armor and wielding a mighty axe. While Daemon claimed the glory of killing the Crabfeeder and Laenor used his dragon, Corlys additionally excelled along with his no-nonsense hacking and slashing.

4 Criston Cole Showed Glimpses Of His True Potential

Ser Criston Cole rose from nothing initially of House of the Dragon, shortly changing into one of many primary characters. He debuted on the match celebrating the upcoming beginning of Viserys’ son, the place he impressed and even compelled Daemon Targaryen to yield. Criston pissed off Daemon throughout the joust, then bested him throughout the floor melee.

Rhaenyra named Criston to the Kingsguard due to his prior battle expertise. He would showcase his proficiency as soon as once more when defending Rhaenyra from a wild boar earlier than beating Joffrey Lonmouth to loss of life at Rhaenyra’s wedding ceremony. Criston will undoubtedly make much more of a reputation for himself, post-time skip.

3 Harwin Strong’s Reputation Was Barely Broken Into Pre-Time Skip

Harwin Strong is the son of Lyonel Strong, the Hand of the King after Viserys fired Otto Hightower. While Harwin has already appeared in a number of scenes from House of the Dragon, future episodes will showcase extra of his true character.

Harwin is called Breakbones and thought to be the strongest man within the Seven Kingdoms. Yet pre-time skip, King Viserys solely referenced this as soon as. However, Harwin provided viewers a glimpse of his uncooked energy at Rhaenyra’s wedding ceremony, punching his means by means of a melee with ease, earlier than lifting the princess over his shoulder and carrying her to security.

2 Daemon Proved His Vicious Capabilities On Many Occasions

Played by Matt Smith, Prince Daemon Targaryen shortly develop into a fan favourite, regardless of his questionable choices and despicable actions. Regardless of opinion, there isn’t any disputing Daemon’s abilities and strengths as a fighter. While he misplaced his combating debut throughout the jousting match, Daemon greater than made up for his defeat throughout the War for the Stepstones.

Daemon turned a one-man military and viciously minimize by means of the Crabfeeder’s males earlier than continuing to kill the opposition chief with relative ease. Daemon had a knack for doing no matter he happy, however he continued to again up his fame with a vicious streak.

1 Caraxes Unleashed Chaos On The Stepstones

Caraxes is undoubtedly essentially the most uniquely designed dragon to point out up pre-time skip. The pink, long-necked beast was referred to as the Blood Wyrm and proved the proper accomplice for Daemon Targaryen. While Laenor’s dragon Seasmoke bought a whole lot of the motion within the last phases of the War for the Stepstones, Caraxes had already carried out a whole lot of harm to the Triarchy’s armies.

Caraxes decimated all people, foes and wounded allies alike, in a really Daemon-like means. The devilish dragon solely bought to point out a glimpse of its capabilities pre-time skip, and can wreak loads of havoc in future episodes of House of the Dragon.

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