10 Strongest DC Heroes Cyclone Can Defeat


Cyclone’s big-screen debut in Black Adam has introduced extra eyes to Maxine Hunkell than ever. Cyclone is the granddaughter of the primary Red Tornado. Ma Hunkell did not have powers, however she had a imply proper hook and children, so she fought to maintain her neighborhood freed from crime. She grew to become an ally of the Justice Society of America, and when her granddaughter was given powers, she despatched Maxine to hitch the workforce.

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Cyclone proved to be a clutch workforce member, studying the ropes from the older heroes round her. She’s quite formidable, and her powers would enable her to take down a few of DC Comics’ hardest heroes.

10/10 Hourman’s Hour Of Power Won’t Be Long Enough

Hourman is an underrated Justice Society member. Rick Tyler adopted in his father’s footsteps, utilizing the Miraclo drug to present him an hour of superhuman energy, pace, and sturdiness. He went from a brash younger hero to elder statesman of the JSA, and he is aware of Cyclone effectively. However, her powers are going to trump his.

Hourman has to get in shut to harm Cyclone, which might be very exhausting due to her flight. He can throw issues at her, however her cyclones can cease that. Cyclone can mainly keep out of his method, pelt him with particles, or lure him in an F5 cyclone and let that do the job for her.

9/10 Nightwing’s Acrobatics Won’t Do Much In 100 Mile-Per-Hour Winds

Nightwing might not have superpowers, however he is triumphed towards every kind of highly effective villains over time. On his personal or with the Titans, Nightwing can often work out a technique to beat nearly any foe, his smarts and acrobatic offense permitting him to punch method above his weight class. Cyclone’s powers are going to overwhelm him, although.

Given sufficient time, Nightwing might in all probability work out the best way to beat Cyclone, however will not let him have that point. Cyclone is a superhero nerd, so she is aware of how harmful Nightwing could be. She’ll hold him on the defensive, utilizing her cyclonic blasts to maintain him on his toes and tire him out earlier than giving him the coup de grâce.

8/10 Fire’s Powers Wouldn’t Be The Advantage They Seem To Be

Fire joined the Justice League after representing Brazil within the Global Guardians. Beatrice da Costa shortly grew to become a vital member of the group. She was extra severe than any of her JLI teammates, and that, mixed along with her fireplace powers, made her fairly formidable. Fire’s a reasonably harmful hero, however Cyclone’s powers have hers beat.

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While oxygen feeds fireplace, there is a distinction between what a cyclonic wind can do to flame. Cyclone’s twisters would shield her towards Fire’s blasts, which might reduce down on her offense. At that time, it is all about how lengthy it takes Cyclone to hit her with a strong twister blast.

7/10 Cassie Sandsmark Will Be Spun Right Out Of The Fight

Cassie Sandmark was an awesome Wonder Girl and among the many brightest stars of her heroic technology. The Young Justice founder and former Teen Titan’s tremendous energy, sturdiness, and flight has allowed her to problem many foes, and her lasso’s potential to channel lightning provides her a very good long-range assault. Cassie has some benefits, however she could not cling with Cyclone for lengthy.

Cassie’s flight would give her the flexibility to keep away from lots of Cyclone’s assaults, however that works each methods. Cassie would not have the ability to contact Cyclone both, and her lasso positively would not have the ability to hit its mark. All it might take is one good cyclone blast to disorient Cassie after which one other to take her down.

6/10 Black Canary’s Experience Won’t Save Her

Black Canary has greater than earned her spot as an exemplary Justice Leaguer. Her combating expertise are top-notch, and she or he’s identified for being a fast thinker, overcoming enemies who’re her superior with little fuss. On prime of that, her Canary cry provides her many assault choices, permitting her to even up the chances towards superpowered foes.

Against Cyclone, most of Canary’s expertise are fairly ineffective. She cannot get shut sufficient to combat hand-to-hand, so then it comes right down to utilizing her Canary cry. The solely drawback with that is she has to cease shifting to assault. That will give Cyclone the possibility to hit her with a twister blast and take her out.

5/10 Animal Man’s Versatility Wouldn’t Give Him An Advantage

Animal Man has all the time discovered himself amongst DC’s environmentally acutely aware heroes. The strongest channeler of the Red on the planet, Animal Man’s powers enable him to manifest the skills of any animal. This has made him very versatile, permitting him to combat supervillains in addition to polluters and poachers. Animal Man is excellent at what he does, however he is not going to beat Cyclone.

Animal Man can faucet into many talents, however none of them will assist towards somebody who can produce highly effective tornadoes. He’ll have the ability to keep out of her method for some time, however all it takes is one to sluggish him down, giving her the benefit she must win.

4/10 Beast Boy’s Shapeshifting Will Only Grant Him A Reprieve For A Short While

Among DC’s animal-powered heroes, Beast Boy has all the time stood out. He can rework into one thing as small as a bee or as massive as a dinosaur. His flippant type of heroing makes it exhausting to foretell what he’ll do subsequent, which has served him effectively. Unfortunately for him, Cyclone is not happening that simple.

Beast Boy goes to have to rework into one thing very massive to make it more durable for Cyclone to harm him, so he’ll go for a dinosaur of some form. However, this may reduce down on his mobility, which can give Cyclone all the possibilities she must take him down with an excellent highly effective cyclone.

3/10 Grace Choi’s Strength And Ferocity Aren’t Going To Do Much

Grace Choi is an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall. Her department of Amazons are identified for his or her ferocity in battle, and Grace positively lives as much as that. As the muscle of the Outsiders, she threw herself into battle towards anybody. Grace is understood for throwing warning to the wind and popping out unscathed, which is not going to assist a lot towards Cyclone.

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Grace’s type of combating is all about getting in shut and devastating an opponent, which will not work effectively in a combat with Cyclone. She can keep out of Grace’s method and pelt her with particles and highly effective twister blasts till she goes down.

2/10 Starfire Would Put Up A Good Fight, But It Wouldn’t Be Enough

The bravery of the New Teen Titans was always on show, and Starfire all the time stood out. The Tamaranean warrior princess was all the time within the entrance ranks, placing her life on the road so her mates would not need to. Her starbolts, energy, and flight give her quite a lot of fight choices and would enable her to check Cyclone’s resolve effectively.

This can be a troublesome battle for Cyclone. Starfire is a great fighter and has extra expertise, however Cyclone isn’t any dummy. Her finest wager can be to make use of particles to restrict Starfire’s mobility and sluggish her down. With her boxed in, Cyclone can simply hit her with a fast twister to spin Starfire round, disorienting her, which might give Cyclone an opportunity to unload.

1/10 Booster Gold Is Going to Eat Tornado

DC has many unfortunate heroes, however Booster Gold takes the cake. His armor provides him tremendous energy, flight, power blasts, and a pressure subject, however he is generally a bit too flippant for his personal good. Booster makes some quite rookie errors and is often adequate to beat them. However, one mistake towards Cyclone goes to be too many.

Booster is boastful in a good-natured method, which goes to permit Cyclone the possibility to beat him. Even together with his defend up, she simply has to lure him in a single highly effective twister, spinning him spherical and spherical. She can simply go away him there till he is knocked out.

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