Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild turned a milestone within the Zelda franchise. It upended the established method and included many unimaginable improvements that elevated the game past its predecessors. One of the various improvements launched in Breath of the Wild was the inclusion of various armor units.

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While the idea of Link donning totally different outfits for various advantages isn’t a brand new idea to the Zelda sequence, Breath of the Wild took the idea to an entire new stage. Armor units may provide distinctive benefits, be upgraded, and might be combined and matched with items from different units. While each set had its use, there have been a number of that stood out from the remaining.

10 Become The Shadows With The Sheikah Suit

The Sheikah set seems to be just like the garb from the Sheikah clan. True to its title and design, it offers a significant increase to Link’s stealth. When worn, the armor set helps to dampen the quantity of noise Link makes whereas sneaking and will increase his motion pace at night time.

While the Sheikah set is ideal for sneaking previous enemies and nighttime missions, it offers little or no protection for Link, each bit solely including 17 factors to his protection when absolutely upgraded. With its huge increase to stealth, the Sheikah set is great for sneaking into corners of Hyrule and discovering all its hidden secrets and techniques.

9 Dive Beneath The Waves With The Zora Set

Fashioned after the aquatic Zora folks, the Zora set provides Link an edge when taking to the water. Swimming in Breath of the Wild slowly depletes Link’s stamina, and he’ll drown if his stamina will get used up whereas under the floor. The Zora go well with helps stop this by reducing the quantity of stamina Link makes use of to swim.

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Besides serving to Link swim extra effectively, the Zora set has a good quantity of protection, going from including 3 protection per piece to twenty factors per piece. For aquatic adventures, there’s no higher armor than the Zora armor.

8 Live Amongst The Stalfos With Radiant Armor

The glow-in-the-dark Radiant armor set seems to be like an outfit worn by a wrestler, however at night time, it glows to disclose a skeleton sample throughout the armor. This sample provides Link the power to stroll amongst Breathe of the Wild‘s skeletal enemies with out being attacked.

In addition, bone weapons deal extra harm whereas Link wears the Radiant set, making it good early within the game when higher weapons are more durable to get. The set additionally provides Link an honest increase to his defenses, going from granting 3 to a 20 when absolutely upgraded. This armor makes touring throughout Hyrule’s open world at night time much less of a problem whereas lighting up that very same night time sky.

7 Travel The Frigid North With The Snowquill Set

Extreme temperatures in Breath of the Wild may be lethal. The second Link begins sweating or shivering, gamers want to unravel the temperature drawback, or he’ll begin taking harm with loss of life quickly to comply with. When touring across the coldest locations in Hyrule, the Snowquill armor set is an ideal selection.

When worn, Link turns into immune to the chilly and resistant to being frozen. The Snowquill armor gives the same old middle-of-the-road defensive bonus, each bit going from a small bonus of three to a bigger bonus of 20 as soon as it’s absolutely upgraded. Aside from its perform, this armor set additionally seems to be nice, serving to Link keep away from dying an embarrassing weather-based loss of life.

6 Beat The Heat With The Desert Voe Set

Anyone who’s performed Breath of the Wild will in all probability be aware of the Gerudo armor set because it’s essential to progress the principle story, however the Desert Voe set is arguably the superior armor set when it comes to stats. It offers Link with a robust increase to his protection whereas additionally including a couple of further resistances for good measure.

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When worn, Link turns into immune to sizzling climate results, and he turns into immune to electrical assaults. This is particularly helpful as electrical assaults could cause Link to drop his weapons, that means the Desert Voe set packs a pleasant one-two punch of stats and buffs.

5 Walk Through A Volcano With The Flamebreaker Set

When it comes time for Link to go to the Gorons, their residence on Death Mountain will show tough to succeed in because of the intense warmth created by its volcanic setting. When Link lastly reaches Goron City, he can get the Flamebreaker armor set, which provides a normal defensive increase.

In addition, the vital armor additionally permits Link to stroll throughout the volcanic panorama of Death Mountain with out struggling harm. Even outdoors of Death Mountain, the Flamebreaker armor set is ideal for touring by way of the Breath of the Wild sandbox.

4 Carve Through Foes With Barbarian Armor

For anybody trying to battle their method by way of hordes of monsters, the Barbarian armor set is your best option for them. While it doesn’t present a a lot increased defensive bonus than most different armor varieties, it offers a lift to Link’s assault.

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The Barbarian set decreases the quantity of stamina used when Link does a cost assault. When it involves preventing giant teams of enemies, there’s no substitute. The Barbarian set lets Link use his spin assault for an extended time frame and hit many enemies without delay, due to the lowered stamina utilization.

For these trying to journey throughout Hyrule within the conventional inexperienced garb of the hero, the Hero of the Wild set is the right armor. It offers an honest protection increase however provides a very attention-grabbing potential as effectively.

When Link is sporting the total Hero of the Wild set, beam assaults from the Master Sword go farther than ever earlier than. With this, Link can carve by way of enemies with out having to get shut. He can even use the Master Sword’s signature potential with out having to fret about getting hit and dropping it.

2 Fight Like Hyrule’s Military With The Soldier Set

The Soldier set is a go well with of armor designed to appear like the armor worn by Hyrule’s guards. As such, it offers one of many highest defensive bonuses within the game. Without upgrades, each bit of this armor set offers a 4-point bonus to protection. When absolutely upgraded, each bit provides a whopping 48 factors.

While the Soldier set offers a excessive bonus to protection, it doesn’t do a lot else. With an absence of different stat boosts, this armor gained’t be helpful for lengthy, however the large defensive bonus is helpful for surviving Hyrule’s harsh panorama.

1 Boldy Take Down Guardians With The Ancient Set

Everyone is aware of the fear guardians inflict in Breath of the Wild. Extremely highly effective, quick, and tough to kill, these automatons can kill Link with a single shot from their laser. The Ancient set stays the right go well with of armor as a result of the total set grants resistance to the guardians’ assaults.

Additionally, the armor set will increase the facility of assorted historic weapons that may be discovered all through Hyrule, that are already fairly robust. The armor set even offers an honest increase to Link’s protection. All of this collectively makes the Ancient armor set the strongest armor set within the game.

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