10 Spider-Man Villains Who Deserve Their Own Horror Movies


Spider-Man has a fantastic rogues gallery because his various villains commit heinous acts and often represent the darkest aspects of himself. His villains can also be very scary, which makes them great candidates for horror movie villains.

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From stalkers to assassins to animal creatures, Spider-Man’s enemies have distinctive personalities and expressive designs, making many of them interesting choices to star in a horror/thriller film. Movies based on Spider-Man villains may incorporate horror tropes with supervillain/comic book tropes, which could lead to a new era of supervillain horror movies.

10/10 Hobgoblin has a Halloween design and can create a great mystery

While not as popular as the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin has a great Halloween design and unique plot to it. Spiderman comic books The Hobgoblin’s identity was shrouded in mystery, with readers trying to figure out who he was.

A Hobgoblin horror/thriller movie might have characters trying to figure out who the villain really is, taking inspiration from detective/horror movies like Se7en. Also, thanks to the batmana similar Hobgoblin horror/detective movie has a strong chance of attracting the interest of casual audiences while setting itself apart from others. Spiderman Films.

9/10 The Lizard is a tragic story of a scientist turned monster

Popular archetypes include the friendly monster and the scientist who turns into a monster. Doctor Curt Connors, who had become the Lizard, checks both boxes.

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Although Doctor Connors accidentally turned into a giant lizard, the reason he did so is understandable: he wanted to regrow his right arm. A horror movie can emphasize Curt Connors’ desire to be “whole” again, desperate to get his arm back. The film may also detail his mental decline as the Lizard, with his human mind shrinking as his lizard brain grows.

8/10 A carnage movie can delve into the life of Cletus Kasady

Weather Venom: Let There Be Carnage touched the life of Cletus Kasady, there’s a lot of potential left for a standalone Carnage/Cletus Kasady movie. The film may focus on Cletus’ childhood and psychopathic transformation, leading to his incarceration at Ravencroft.

A Cletus Kasady/Carnage movie can demonstrate Cletus’ transformation into a serial killer, showing how his abusive home twisted his mind. It would be a unique movie among the crowd of Spiderman movies as it can take a gritty, realistic approach to what a serial killer can create.

7/10 Poison used to stalk Peter Parker

While the Poison The movies succeed, they give up their terrifying involvement in Spider-Man’s life. In the comics, Venom was a terrifying stalker who haunted the Web-Slinger’s mind, making Spider-Man incredibly terrified and anxious all the time.

A Poison The horror film may focus on this aspect of the Venom story, playing into how dangerous the stalkers can be. It would be a great psychological thriller and put Spider-Man in a unique position for movie audiences, who aren’t used to seeing the hero in a horror movie like that.

6/10 The Thousand is a Monster Composed of Spiders

In the comics, Spider-Man went up against a dark villain called the Thousand, whose real name is Carl King. Carl was Peter Parker’s goon and discovered that Peter was Spider-Man, stalking the young hero. Jealous of Peter’s power, Carl consumed the radioactive spider that bit Peter, turning Carl into a thousand spiders. What followed next was a horrific onslaught of murder and devouring humans.

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Carl King as the Thousand is a great concept for a horror movie because he can easily play on people’s fear of spiders. Carl’s abilities include eating people’s entrails and wearing their skin, which is reminiscent of movies like John Carpenter’s. The thing. Carl was also completely evil, he didn’t care who he hurt and acted cruelly, which made him a big unfriendly monster.

5/10 The black version of the vulture was a cannibal

In the Spiderman: Noir universe, the villainous Vulture is a cruel murderer and cannibal, bonding with his namesake. The videogame Spider-man shattered dimensions it also showed how petrifying creators could make Noir Vulture for a potential movie.

A horror film based on Noir Vulture may be inspired by the shattered dimensions game, replicating the Vulture’s mannerisms and 1930s noir style. The film is able to use dark shadows and the Vulture’s twisted design to its advantage, making for a stylish horror film in a Spiderman universe. The public would also be interested in the film, thanks to the appearance of Noir Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the black environment in the batman.

4/10 The jackal had an obsessive love and made clones

Miles Warren as the Jackal is a noteworthy villain in Spiderman due to the Jackal’s obsession with Gwen Stacy and the creation of clones such as Kaine and Ben Reilly. The Jackal also has a puzzling animal design, perfect for a horror movie.

A psychological thriller can dive into the Jackal’s mind, examining why he’s so obsessed with Gwen Stacy and why Miles tries to create artificial life. The clones of him would also add more to the psychological aspect, making people face twisted versions of themselves and acknowledge their inner demons.

3/10 Electro can be quite sticky and dangerous

Various versions of Electro became mentally unstable, unhealthily clinging to others out of psychological necessity. Also, after Max Dillon becomes Electro, he likes to use his powers in scary ways, like murder and stalking.

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An Electro horror movie can mix different versions of Electro, combining his worst traits for one terrifying monster. The movie may show Electro as a dangerous stalker and how far he would go to please those he clings to or how he might try to get back at the person he “loves”. Horror movies also often depict monsters in the shadows; The Electro movie can show off his brilliant electrical powers, contrasting him with other monsters in the movie.

2/10 Morbius had a strong hunger for human blood

Although Morbius the Living Vampire recently got a movie, Morbius, the character can benefit from having a new horror movie. A Morbius horror movie can take inspiration from vampire mythology and the show. Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

In Spiderman: TAS, Morbius is the victim of a scientific accident and has an insatiable hunger for human blood. The series shows sympathy for Morbius, whose need for blood is so strong that he can barely control himself. A horror movie might focus on Morbius trying to fight his bloodlust, showing his guilt for hurting people and his endless battle against his vampiric instincts.

1/10 Willem Dafoe showed how creepy the Green Goblin can be

sam raimi Spiderman trilogy and that of Jon Watts Spider-Man: No Way Home showed how terrifying the Green Goblin could be. The Green Goblin was murderous, vengeful, and cruel, mercilessly killing those who stood in his way.

A horror movie based on the Green Goblin can emphasize how he inflicts pain on others, including Peter Parker and his loved ones. Drawing inspiration from Willem Dafoe’s portrayal, the film may show Norman Osborn fighting a darker manifestation of himself. Also, it would be a great opportunity to bring a similar skin to the first screen tests for spider man 2002where the Goblin’s mask moved with the actor’s facial expressions.

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