Breath of the Wild was a breath of contemporary air for Legend of Zelda followers. It not solely took the Zelda franchise in a brand new route but in addition remained true to the sequence’ most beloved game mechanics and plot factors. In reality, gamers of the opposite video games within the franchise will uncover many hidden nods to earlier entries within the sequence.

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Some secrets and techniques in BotW embrace Easter eggs, hidden gadgets, areas, and lore that check with occasions in different basic Zelda titles. Of course, gamers who’re model new to the Zelda franchise can discover one thing to like. Still, due to the continuity of BotW with different titles within the sequence, there are just a few features of the game that solely seasoned Zelda specialists will be capable of determine.

10 Mmm, Tastes Like Cucco!

Cucco are the Zelda model of chickens and have undoubtedly turn out to be one of many recurring important characters of the franchise. They are current in practically each game and have usually had an essential position in quests. Cuccos can be utilized to drift over prolonged distances if held whereas leaping and even assault enemies in Breath of the Wild.

To gamers unfamiliar with prior LoZ video games, these chickens may look like a passing NPC. However, longtime followers of the sequence will know to by no means flip a blind eye when there are Cucco round. Just do not count on a pleasant Cucco dinner. They’ll take a chunk out of Link lengthy earlier than he can eat them.

9 The Lon Lon Ranch Is In Ruins But Epona’s Spirit Lives On

Players of the groundbreaking entry within the sequence, Ocarina of Time, have loads of causes for nostalgia in BotW. If gamers journey southeast from the Hyrule Castle, they could detect the ruins of a well-recognized web site: The Lon Lon Ranch.

While it is solely known as “Ranch Runes” on the map, gamers aware of Ocarina will acknowledge it instantly. Additionally, this is not the one reference to Epona in BotW. Players can unlock Link’s devoted steed herself by investing within the corresponding Smash Bros Series Link amiibo.

8 Something Great Happens If You Translate The Map Pins

Zelda specialists with a eager eye might come across an iconic piece of dialogue from the very first Zelda launched in 1986. More particularly, when aiming the Shekai Scope at any pin positioned on the map, scrolling up shall be a phrase written in Ancient Hylian.

If this phrase is translated immediately, a message for true Zelda followers shall be uncovered: “It’s dangerous to go alone.” This is a reference to the outdated man within the authentic Zelda who offers Link his very first sword.

7 A Swim Or Sink To The Past

Swimming in Zelda video games is enjoyable by itself, however Breath of the Wild spices issues up a bit. When floating within the water, gamers can press and maintain ZL to vary the swimming animation.

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Though this does not even have any sensible impact within the game, it makes for an fascinating switch-up to ease boredom. In addition, Zelda followers might acknowledge this secondary swimming animation as the identical one Link employed in Ocarina of Time. Sometimes, model is extra essential than substance.

6 Don’t Sleep On The Wind Waker

When gamers make their means towards Tuft Mountain within the East Neculda Region, they could come across a small, unassuming village. The identify of this village is Lurelin, but it surely’s really a spitting picture of Outset Island from Game Cube’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Lurelin is not the one nod to Wind Waker in BotW. Upon arriving in Rito Village, Zelda aficionados might acknowledge the music taking part in within the background: it is the track from Dragon Roost Island in Wind Waker.

5 Ganondorf’s Horse Needs A More Stable Home

Reincarnation is a reality of Zelda lore that connects practically all of the video games within the sequence to at least one one other. Though Ganondorf himself shouldn’t be current in Breath of the Wild, his horse in some way was reincarnated into the game. If gamers are serious about having Ganon’s horse for their very own, they want solely to seek out and tame it within the Taobab Grassland space.

Zelda followers who’ve performed Ocarina of Time will instantly acknowledge the outsized steed as the identical one Ganondorf was using in OoT. Though the enormous steed would not present a lot in the way in which of pace, it does have infinite stamina and the best power of any horse within the game.

The Master Sword is a chunk of kit Zelda followers know fairly properly. It has appeared in quite a few video games within the franchise because the strongest sword within the game. The Master Sword has the power to banish darkness, and in BotW, it additionally has infinite sturdiness — although it does must recharge after overuse.

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Link’s different iconic equip, the Hylian Shield, additionally makes an look in Breath of the Wild. However, it might break after prolonged use, regardless of having the best sturdiness of any defend within the game.

Dark Link is a shadowy apparition that resembles Link’s silhouette with purple, gleaming eyes. Dark Link has appeared in a number of the hottest video games within the franchise, together with Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and A Link to the Past. Players will at all times face an intense battle in opposition to Dark Link, and invariably be closely rewarded for victory.

Breath of the Wild is a bit completely different in its portrayal of Dark Link. Instead of an intense battle to the dying, gamers get to truly be Dark Link himself. More particularly, followers should buy the Dark Link armor from a service provider named Kilton.

2 The Iconic Green Tunic Will Never Go Out Of Style

Breath of the Wild shouldn’t be like different entries within the sequence for a lot of causes. One such purpose is that the game is not over after defeating Ganon. Instead, the character of its open world supplies for a lot of extra hours of gameplay after the very fact.

If gamers do handle to finish your entire game — together with the additional content material — they are going to be rewarded a particular piece of armor: The Tunic Of The Wild. Gamers aware of The Legend of Zelda will instantly acknowledge this tunic as the enduring outfit that Link wears in each game.

1 Zelda’s Most Famous Temple Is Still Standing

When gamers make their means out of the cave and converse to the outdated man on the very starting of their journey, he’ll level them within the route of an outdated temple up forward. Zelda specialists and followers of Ocarina of Time will instantly acknowledge this dilapidated outdated constructing because the Temple of Time.

Time journey through the Temple of Time performed an infinite position in Ocarina of Time, and Breath of the Wild has it taking part in an equally large, although completely different position. At the temple, Link meets the spirit of the King Of Hyrule and is tasked together with his quest to “Destroy Ganon.”

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