10 Scariest Video Game Bosses Of All Time


Bosses are the largest and baddest enemies that video video games will throw at gamers. They typically come on the finish of a big chapter or portion of the game and are far more troublesome to defeat than a typical enemy. Bosses are often intimidating, however some may be downright scary.

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Bosses in video games with fantasy or supernatural parts typically tackle monstrous types. While these can be scary to come across in actual life, it takes a particular sort of boss to scare gamers and make them neglect they’re seated safely of their houses. These actually scary boss monsters are more likely to stick to gamers lengthy after they’ve completed the game.

10/10 The Last Of Us Part II’s Rat King Is Gross & Terrifying

The Last of Us video games do not function too many boss fights, so gamers weren’t anticipating one thing just like the Rat King on their first playthrough. This large boss is made up of many alternative individuals who had been stricken by the game’s Cordyceps an infection, who all fused collectively.

The Rat King is not simply scary due to its horrifying look, but in addition from a gameplay standpoint. It is without doubt one of the more durable enemies in The Last Of Us: Part II, and gamers will probably be afraid for his or her lives all through the complete struggle.

9/10 Mr. X Is Resident Evil 2’s Creepy Stalker

What makes Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 so scary is that he’s launched lengthy earlier than gamers can really defeat him. Instead, he’ll relentlessly pursue gamers by the game, not slowing down for any injury achieved to him.

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Mr. X makes Resident Evil 2 a lot scarier than it could usually be as a result of he’s a persistent menace. Players know that in the event that they take too lengthy throughout anybody a part of the game, they’ll inevitably be discovered and killed. There’s no worse sight than turning round to search out Mr. X on the finish of the corridor behind you.

8/10 Dead Hand Is One Of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’s Scariest Mysteries

The Bottom of the Well in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is already one of many creepiest dungeons within the game. Things solely worsen when gamers enter a room to discover a ring of pale disembodied arms rising out of the bottom.

When gamers method one of many unnaturally lengthy arms, it would seize them and maintain them tight because the fleshy mass often called Dead Hand springs from the bottom. There is not any clarification of the place Dead Hand got here from, and its existence has haunted The Legend of Zelda followers for years.

7/10 Creature Laura From The Evil Within Consistently Scares Players

Many of the horrific creatures in The Evil Within video games are twisted variations of real-life folks. The creature model of the character Laura is designed to mirror the horrible burns she sustained as a younger girl. The flesh on her twisted physique is horrifically burned with the kind of element that forces gamers to think about the ache she should have gone by.

Apart from Laura’s design and the traumatic occasion behind it, the creature model of Laura can be chargeable for among the game’s scariest encounters. She will shock gamers by leaping out at them and, in lots of cases, is impervious to any injury. This will go away gamers scrambling to determine a technique to escape earlier than she tears them aside together with her large claws.

6/10 Marguerite Baker From Resident Evil 7 Is Pure Body Horror

Of all of the horrific members of Resident Evil 7’s Baker household, Marguerite goes by probably the most terrifying transformation. When gamers first encounter her, she has the identical pallid pores and skin and unnerving white eyes as the remainder of her household. However, because the game progresses, she solely will get extra disturbing.

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Marguerite’s space of the Baker home is infested with swarms of enormous bugs. When gamers lastly face off towards her throughout a boss battle, they are going to be horrified to study that the bugs have been coming from her. Like bloat flies, the bugs have burrowed into her decaying flesh, utilizing Marguerite’s physique as a nest, and can burst from her stomach all through the struggle to assault Ethan. It is a picture that gamers is not going to quickly neglect.

5/10 Bloodborne’s Brain Of Mensis Embodies The Fear Of The Unknown

When getting into the Nightmare of Mensis in Bloodborne, gamers will probably be touring down a path towards a distant tower. Out of nowhere, an eerie orange glow will begin emanating from the tower, and the participant will endure immense quantities of frenzy injury.

This unknown menace is certainly one of Bloodborne’s scariest, as gamers don’t know what is going on on. On prime of that, the concern of dying and shedding progress in a Souls game is all the time a lot worse than in a standard game. The Brain of Mensis makes for one terrifying entity. Like all unknowns, the Brain is definitely quite a bit much less scary as soon as gamers work out what it’s, and killing it is not too troublesome.

4/10 Pyramid Head Soaks Up Bullets In Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head is Silent Hill’s most iconic monster. He has appeared in a number of Silent Hill video games, each film diversifications, and even spun off into different video games like Dead by Daylight. Though his distinctive design is unquestionably a part of the enchantment, gamers’ terrifying first struggle towards him in Silent Hill 2 helped construct up his intimidation issue.

Players are pressured to struggle Pyramid Head in a tiny room, trapped inside by a locked door and a flooded stairwell. They enter the room to see Pyramid Head killing somebody earlier than he begins lumbering towards the participant together with his large knife. What makes the struggle even scarier is simply how little assaults appear to part the boss. The struggle provides gamers the terrifying sense that they’ll inevitably be caught, and any effort to cease Pyramid Head is ineffective.

3/10 Resident Evil 4 Puts Players In A Cage With U-3

U-3 from Resident Evil 4 is a horrifying sufficient boss in its personal proper. In its first stage, it seems just like the scientist from The Human Centipede tried to make a centaur, and it solely will get extra horrifying as soon as a large earwig-like bug erupts from its again. What’s even worse is the setting gamers are pressured to struggle this boss.

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Leon Kennedy first squares off towards U-3 in a maze of cages that dangles above an abyss. To escape the monster, Leon should navigate the maze, all whereas cages drop on quick timers, and U-3 tries to tear him aside. It’s an extremely aggravating boss struggle made that a lot scarier by the visible horror of the creature being fought.

2/10 The Xenomorph Continues To Scare In Alien: Isolation

With how a lot publicity audiences have needed to Alien’s Xenomorph over time, it is shocking that the monster can nonetheless be scary in any respect. In the unique film, a lot of the monster is saved in shadow, and seeing it in its entirety in later movies takes away from the concern issue. Despite this, Alien: Isolation managed to make the Xenomorph scary once more.

Alien: Isolation places the participant within the position of an unarmed crew member aboard a spaceship {that a} Xenomorph has infiltrated. Because gamers don’t have any approach of combating the Xenomorph, they’re pressured to cover or else be killed. The alien is far scarier when it’d leap out of an air vent and seize the helpless participant in first particular person than it’s with the separation of a film.

1/10 Lisa From P.T. Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

P.T. or Playable Teaser was an interactive trailer for the tragically canceled Silent Hills. The game had gamers journeying by a brief gameplay loop, looking for clues of what was occurring whereas terrifying supernatural occurrences went on round them. Though not a boss within the strictest sense, Lisa is the principle antagonist of P.T., and he or she is unquestionably scary.

Lisa’s presence is first hinted at by the sound of footsteps following the participant or shadows off reflective surfaces. When Lisa does seem, it’s within the type of an unnaturally pale girl sporting a horribly stained nightgown, and he or she can be often convulsing sooner than appears doable. Her look may be very unnerving, particularly in VR, and when she catches gamers, they’re in for fairly the leap scare.

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