10 Scariest Movie Road Trips


Most highway journey films are humorous and heartfelt. Characters bond over their mishaps, overcome their variations, and finish the journey with nearer friendships and nice reminiscences. However, some film highway journeys are horrifying

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Some scary highway journey films terrify audiences with a journey into the unknown. Taken removed from something acquainted, the heroes are pressured to struggle killers who know extra in regards to the space than they do and have loads of assets at their disposal. Some of those films are so horrifying that viewers won’t ever need to journey once more.

This article comprises horror film trailers, which have violent imagery

10/10 A Hitchhiker Is Stalked And Tormented

The Hitcher

There are many films about murderous hitchhikers or hitchhiking victims. The Hitcher, nevertheless, is up there with the very best. Spawning a sequel and a 2007 remake, The Hitcher is a highway journey thriller a couple of younger man being stalked by a serial killer.

For probably the most half, The Hitcher depends on psychological torment, with the hero being made to query if the hitchhiker is even actual at one level. Nonetheless, its rare bloody and gory scenes pack an enormous punch. The waitress’s grotesque loss of life scene has even gone down as probably the most brutal deaths in horror film historical past.

9/10 Leatherface Has Become An Iconic Horror Movie Villain

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

While The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is taken into account an iconic slasher film franchise, very like A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the thirteenth, and Halloween, the unique movie stands out. The different movies within the franchise happen within the suburbs, however The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a highway journey gone flawed.

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Stumbling upon an odd home in the midst of nowhere, a bunch of younger buddies finds themselves hunted by a cannibalistic household, which is led by the notorious Leatherface. After the others have all been picked off, the film’s closing woman, Sally Hardesty, jumps into the again of a truck and escapes. It is a tense and gory film that turns the viewer’s abdomen with each scene.

8/10 Wes Craven’s Movie Follows The Carter Family On Vacation

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The Hills Have Eyes is a extremely influential horror film that comes with a number of horror tropes, comparable to highway journeys and a house invasion. Unlike most ensemble horror films of the time, it focuses on a household somewhat than a bunch of teenagers and there’s no closing woman.

The Hills Have Eyes performs on some horrifying fears, like dropping youngsters, loss of life, abusive caregivers, villainous youngsters, and the lack to guard one’s household. The Carter household’s trip turns into a deeply disturbing story of survival when the household encounter cannibals.

7/10 A Terrifying Tale Of A Religious Cult

Children Of The Corn

Stephen King’s quick story, Children of the Corn, turned the supply materials for a whole franchise after the primary film adaptation was launched in 1984. After an extended string of sequels, a tv remake was launched in 2009.

Despite the numerous variations, each variations comply with the identical primary story. A married couple happening a highway journey stumbles right into a city run by youngsters. The youngsters worship a demonic god and brutally homicide any grownup they arrive throughout. The unique film offers the youngsters extra humanity, however they’re nonetheless a terrifying presence.

6/10 Alfred Hitchcock’s Iconic Movie Still Gives Fans Chills 60 Years Later


Before Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there was Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, one of many earliest slasher films in cinema. Featuring an iconic rating by Bernard Herrmann and probably the most well-known loss of life scenes in horror, Psycho is each lone traveler’s nightmare.

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On her method to meet her fiance, Marion Crane stops at a motel for the evening, solely to be murdered within the bathe by the motel’s proprietor. An investigation of her loss of life results in probably the most disturbing twist of the last decade. Spawning sequels, rip-offs, and remakes, Psycho stays a mainstay of the horror style.

5/10 Southbound Proved That Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unanswered


Southbound is an anthology movie that options 5 loosely-connected tales, which all happen in a small city. Each story entails vacationers who attempt to escape the demonic forces current within the city and although some are profitable, others meet a merciless destiny.

Southbound is a disturbing tackle humanity, but it surely leaves audiences wanting extra. Several questions are left unanswered, like what occurred to the person’s daughter or what the floating creatures are. Southbound is a chunk of a bigger story, and never accessing that bigger story is the scariest a part of the film.

4/10 Baby’s Family Are The Creepiest Villains In Horror

House Of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses was impressed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. In this film, a bunch of younger folks is heading on a visit, however they’re captured and butchered by a household of murderers.

Where its predecessors’ are gritty, House of 1000 Corpses is wacky and colourful. Instead of getting one individual because the household’s mascot, like Leatherface or Pluto, the complete household is instrumental within the protagonist’s torment. Each member has power and character, and their world is simply as evil and vibrant as they’re. Furthermore, House of 1000 Corpses’ ending is a inventive inversion of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Instead of escaping, the presumed closing woman is recaptured by the household.

3/10 A Demonic Hunter Plays Mind Games With The Siblings

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers looks like a supernatural rip-off of The Hitcher, but it surely’s infinitely extra heartbreaking. While returning dwelling from school, a brother and a sister are stalked by a demonic hunter who performs evil thoughts video games earlier than threatening to take certainly one of them.

Trish and Darry have a pure camaraderie as siblings. Their bickering is informal and relatable they usually present how a lot they love one another. At the climax, when it’s time to select one or the opposite, each Trish and Darry need to save their sibling. Jeepers Creepers may not be one of many best highway journey films of all time, but it surely’s one of many saddest.

2/10 A Hitchhiker Meets A Cruel End

Road Games

Although Road Games shares a title with the thriller from 1981, it tells a special story. Road Games is a terrifying highway journey film that takes the hitchhiker trope and the villainous household trope and turns them on their heads. In Road Games, two hitchhikers are taken in by a creepy couple who usually are not practically as hospitable as they fake to be.

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One of the extra inventive issues Road Games did was use a language barrier to restrict the characters’ data. While audiences are let in on the reality, the principle character doesn’t perceive what anybody is saying, which makes the twist that rather more horrific.

1/10 The Zombie Apocalypse Is At Its Finest In The 1968 Film

Night Of The Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead is especially recognized for popularizing a contemporary tackle the zombie apocalypse. However, the complete journey begins with a highway journey. Two siblings visiting their father’s grave be a part of different survivors in preventing the zombie plague. What begins as a peaceable household journey turns into a battle of survival.

Unlike many horror films, there aren’t any survivors in Night of the Living Dead. While justice is often in brief provide in horror films, there’s often not less than one survivor or a closing woman who can put an finish to the villain’s terror. In Night of the Living Dead, there isn’t a hope; there’s simply worry, loss of life, and violence.

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