Over the years, Game of Thrones has constructed up a status for being ruthless and brutal within the dealing with of its characters and storylines. Naturally, the world that performs host to all of this carnage and chaos is extraordinarily unforgiving. While not a lot is understood of Sothoryos, the opposite two continents of Westeros and Essos are proven within the TV sequence — the fun and the horrors.

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Westeros and Essos are filled with distinctive folks and locations, however a whole lot of them are to be prevented. Game of Thrones thrives in its suspense and stress, particularly when it will possibly apply horror vibes to as many conditions as attainable. Numerous scary areas in Game of Thrones are deserted, haunted, or just play host to some horrifying moments.

10 The Iron Islands Can Be Unforgiving

The Iron Islands are one of many primary areas of Westeros. Despite being ridiculed for his or her previous failures, they’re residence to the intimidating and harmful ironborn. The ironborn are recognized for his or her ships, which comes into play afterward in Game of Thrones when Euron joins Team Cersei.

The Iron Islands are dominated by the Greyjoys on the formidable Pyke Castle. While it appears to be like intimidating sufficient throughout the day, Pyke at night time is one other story fully. In Season 6, Balon Greyjoy is pushed off one in all many treacherous bridges to his dying by his personal brother, Euron. The villainous Euron on the helm of Pyke and the ironborn is a terrifying prospect for the remainder of Westeros.

9 Meereen’s Deepest Issues Become A Big Problem For Daenerys

The nice metropolis of Meereen serves as a check of a personality for Daenerys Targaryen as she prepares for her eventual conquest of Westeros. However, her status for releasing slaves in neighboring cities has reached Meereen, who ship a warning of crucified slave youngsters alongside the approaching highway.

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Everything about Meereen is unsettling, even after Daenerys’ conquest of it. The Sons of the Harpy shortly rise to turn out to be the brand new risk, and it by no means looks like a possible aim to count on peace and tranquility. Yet nonetheless, it seems to toughen up her resolve in time for the journey to Westeros.

8 The Haunted Forest Is As Ominous As It Gets

The Haunted Forest lies past the Wall, however not so far as the open icy plains of the Lands of Always Winter. It is the place the primary scene of Game of Thrones takes place, with the three males of the Night’s Watch being ambushed by White Walkers. Uncle Benjen can also be believed to have gone lacking whereas looking out these woods.

Craster’s Keep can also be positioned on this space. Craster is the disturbing outdated man who lives with and marries his daughters in a vicious cycle, whereas he casts out any new child child boys as choices for the White Walkers. This total area is terrifying, even whether it is grounded nearer to humanity than additional past.

7 The Lands Of Always Winter Are An Icy Wasteland Of Nothing But Dread

The Lands Of Always Winter is the identify given to the uncharted lands on the far outskirts past the Wall. Glimpses of this frozen wasteland are proven in direction of the start of the White Walkers’ march south. For occasion, it’s the place the male infants provided by Craster are taken to be turned by the Night King.

The Lands Of Always Winter was as soon as inhabited by the Children of the Forest and different races similar to giants and was wealthy with nature and life. Now, it’s simply infinite chilly and never a lot else.

6 The House Of The Undying Preys On The Minds Of The Weak Or Troubled

The House of the Undying is launched when Daenerys and her followers arrive in Qarth. It is a headquarters for warlocks, particularly, the creepy Pyat Pree. He takes Daenerys’ dragons there and the Khaleesi is greeted with a number of disturbing illusions. The illusions tease the destruction of the Red Keep in King’s Landing in addition to taunt her together with her lifeless husband, Drogo, and their son.

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Pyat Pree is intent on preserving Daenerys captive there without end, however he by no means actually stands an opportunity. Once discovered, the dragons are free sufficient to assault the warlock and burn him alive. The House of the Undying reveals Daenerys extra horrors within the books, that make this place much more disturbing.

5 Below King’s Landing Is As Dangerous As Above

King’s Landing is a horrifying place. Kings and queens rule, satisfying their very own egos and thirst for energy on the expense of everyone else. Over the course of eight seasons, King’s Landing is residence to numerous murders, schemes, and betrayals. This is just delivered to an abrupt finish by Daenerys and her descent into insanity when she burns the complete place down.

However, there are horrors lurking beneath King’s Landing, too. Not solely are there caches of wildfire saved beneath town, however Qyburn’s numerous experiments additionally happen beneath the floor. Whether it’s testing out the modified scorpion on a dragon cranium, or experimenting with black magic, Qyburn makes use of the depths of King’s Landing as his playground.

4 Harrenhal Is A Ghostly Fraction Of What It Once Was

Harrenhal was as soon as an enormous towering fortress earlier than the Targaryens and their dragons got here calling. It has been thought of an ill-fated citadel ever since, primarily simply getting used for strategic functions in battle. It serves as a reminder of the havoc that dragons can wreak at their strongest.

Much of Harrenhal stays in destroy, with a lot of those that have since taken cost of it not being prepared to endure the massive however mandatory reconstruction. It serves as the placement the place Arya meets Tywin Lannister, who seemingly stays unaware of her true id. The haunting setting taking part in host to this intense interplay makes for some charming tv.

3 Old Valyria Is An Eerie Reminder Of The Past

Valyria was as soon as the capital of the best civilization the world had ever seen. Its legacy nonetheless lives on, however apart from the remaining Valyrian metal swords and the dragons that used to name it residence, there is not a lot left. The Doom of Valyria was a volcanic disaster that destroyed every thing.

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Tyrion and Jorah go by Old Valyria on the best way to Meereen in Season 5. The ruins solid a dismal but unnerving shadow over the encompassing space. The solely life they see right here is Drogon flying overhead and a shock assault by the Stone Men.

2 The Hall Of Faces Is A Disturbing Reminder Of What The Faceless Men Do

The House of Black and White is the place Arya goes to coach in Season 5. Despite being uncertain of what to anticipate when she arrives in Braavos, she shortly learns extra concerning the guild of assassins generally known as the Faceless Men. These assassins be taught to turn out to be “no one,” shedding their outdated identify and life and permitting them to placed on new faces and assume new personalities.

The complete idea is horrifying when correctly thought of, nevertheless it will get creepier. The Hall of Faces is positioned within the depths of the House of Black and White. All the faces which have been collected are saved right here in an enormous vault.

1 Hardhome & Other Sparse Areas Beyond The Dark Forest Are The First Hit By The Undead Invasion

The haunted forest and the Lands of Always Winter are treacherous areas past the Wall, however so is the remainder of all of it. Hardhome is one instance of many. Jon Snow learns the arduous approach how Hardhome’s remoted existence is extraordinarily harmful when a risk such because the undead comes calling.

The onslaught of wights and White Walkers make “Hardhome” one of the crucial intense and scary episodes of Game of Thrones. The different locations north of the Wall which might be lined in snow and ice are hauntingly eerie, particularly the place Jon and firm go to retrieve a wight.

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