10 Scariest Horror Movies Based On Urban Legends


Horror motion pictures take inspiration from all kinds of sources, from novels to fairy tales and historical myths to real-life occasions and childhood terrors. A preferred supply, although, is city legends. In a world of logic and scientific explanations, these fashionable myths faucet into humanity’s primal fears and costume them up in up to date issues.

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Urban legends have gone on to encourage a few of the most scary horror motion pictures within the style, and a few are so good that they’ve crossed cultural boundaries. Even if audiences don’t know the city legend behind a particular film, they nonetheless get their socks scared off. And whereas anytime is an efficient time to take a look at these motion pictures, the Halloween season is when nightmares are likeliest to spring to life.

10/10 Clive Barker’s Take On Bloody Mary Creates A New And Frightening Urban Legend


Based on Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden” and lifting parts from the well-known Bloody Mary city legend, 1992’s Candyman is a wonderful mix of violence and psychological horror to create a modern-day city legend that’s positive to maintain make anybody tempted however afraid to say “Candyman” right into a mirror 5 occasions.

Candyman used over 200,000 honeybees for the film, together with the scene the place they arrive out of Candyman’s mouth. To pull off the impact, actor Tony Todd wore a particular mouthpiece to reduce stings, and the ensuing scene is a splendidly gut-twisting spectacle.

9/10 Alligators In The Sewers Is A Classic Urban Legend


Anyone who has grown up in a metropolis has heard tales of alligators dwelling within the sewers. 1980’s Alligator is a creature characteristic that takes this city legend and mixes it with the identical primary plotline as Jaws. There’s a heroic policeman with an affliction, a man-eating creature performed by a malfunctioning animatronic, and highly effective males who need to preserve the monster a secret.

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The neatest thing Alligator takes from Jaws is its use of the unknown. Realizing that the animatronic alligator wouldn’t be scary in broad daylight, many of the motion takes place within the sunless sewers. The solely factor is scarier than watching characters get ambushed on this darkish, claustrophobic atmosphere, is when the alligator goes after a toddler.

8/10 Every Babysitter Fears The Urban Legend Of The Man Upstairs

When A Stranger Calls

When A Stranger Calls relies on one of the crucial well-known city legends. As the parable goes, a lone teenage lady babysitting younger youngsters begins to get calls from a wierd man telling her to test on the youngsters. Frightened, the babysitter calls the police who inform her that the assassin is asking from inside the home.

When A Stranger Calls begins with a step-by-step retelling of an city legend that originated within the Sixties and continues to terrify babysitters and oldsters alike. While most audiences discover the remainder of the film a bit boring, these first 17 minutes are a few of the most scary moments ever placed on movie.

7/10 The Man Upstairs Also Brings About A Very Bloody Christmas

Black Christmas

While Black Christmas isn’t a direct retelling of the babysitter city legend, it does take inspiration from it. Like the unique story, the assassin in Black Christmas torments his victims with creepy telephone calls earlier than getting in for the kill, and it’s revealed later that he’s calling from inside the home.

Aside from that, Black Christmas has little in frequent with the unique story. The victims are a band of sorority sisters as a substitute of a babysitter and her prices, and the true killer doesn’t get caught. However, Black Christmas is a superb twist on the city legend, and it additionally represents the primary of two traditional Christmas themed motion pictures by director Bob Clark, who’s finest identified for the by no means scary however splendidly enjoyable A Christmas Story.

Most motion pictures primarily based on the Bigfoot legend lately are typically family-friendly, selling the concepts of acceptance, freedom, and the safety of nature from company greed. Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek shouldn’t be certainly one of these motion pictures. When a younger couple goes on a visit to research the Bigfoot legend, they rapidly understand that the legendary beast shouldn’t be pleasant in any respect.

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Willow Creek is a found-footage movie, and it’s thought of to be among the finest within the style. Known for making darkish comedies, Goldthwait manages to make second intense and scary. What places Willow Creek excessive is a 20-minute static shot of the couple being stricken by unseen creatures exterior their tent.

5/10 The DeFeo Poltergeist Is Based On A True Horror

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror relies on a contemporary folks story impressed by actual occasions. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six members. A month later, a household of 5 moved into the home and claimed that they had been being terrorized by paranormal exercise.

The fantasy of The Amityville Horror has since been debunked, nevertheless it turned the idea of a complete franchise. The first movie from 1979 remains to be the gold normal by which all different haunted home movies are measured. An agonizingly scary movie, The Amityville Horror shouldn’t be watched alone at night time.

4/10 One Movie Takes On The Most Famous Urban Legends All At Once

Urban Legend

1998’s Urban Legend takes a few of the biggest city legends, together with the killer within the backseat, making a abdomen explode with Pop Rocks and soda, and the Hatchet man, and locations all of them on the toes of 1 killer. By utilizing so many city legends, every kill in Urban Legend is a novel expertise for audiences.

Urban Legend isn’t essentially the most authentic film. The plot has many similarities to Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. However, the present that the killer makes of their victims’ deaths ranks them as one of many prime 5 most sadistic killers within the slasher style.

3/10 The Hookman Comes Calling

I Know What You Did Last Summer

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, an city legend supplied inspiration for the killer. The film itself is a free adaptation of a thriller novel by Lois Duncan, however to higher match author Kevin Williamson’s imaginative and prescient, the unique attacker was changed by a model of the Hookman fantasy.

Many horror motion pictures take inspiration from this legend, however the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer is nearer to the unique legend than most. Following on the heels of Scream, which was additionally written by Williamson, I Know What You Did Last Summer manages to replace the legend and supply loads of scares.

2/10 Onryo Is A Classic Japanese Urban Legend

Ju-On: The Grudge

An onryo is a kind of ghost from Japanese folklore who seeks revenge on the dwelling. Although the determine itself technically would not qualify as an city legend since it has been round for too lengthy, it has impressed many city legends.

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The onryo legend is usually utilized in J-horror motion pictures, like Ju-On: The Grudge. Ju-On, which was remade as The Grudge for American audiences, takes the traditional onryo legend and brings it to modern-day. Here, the onryo is a household of three who murdered one another and now hang-out their home, killing anybody who enters. Ju-On: The Grudge, together with Ringu, introduced the J-horror style to Western audiences and continues to maintain folks correctly frighetened.

1/10 The Little Girl In Red Is A Newer Taiwanese Urban Legend

The Tag-Along

The Tag-Along is a Taiwanese horror film primarily based on a preferred city legend about “The Little Girl in Red.” The legend began with a video of a household climbing within the woods and making an newbie movie about their experiences. Afterward, they noticed that they had been adopted by a little bit lady in a crimson costume the entire time. The unusual half although was that nobody remembered seeing her.

Photos and movies have been the beginning of many city legends, Slenderman being a preferred instance. Before the rise of Photoshop, it was tougher to inform if one thing was actual or not. Even now, one can’t inform if the household made it up or if there actually was a little bit lady in crimson.

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