10 Reasons Romance Anime Fans Should Watch Say I Love You


When it comes to a good romance anime, drama, growth, and engaging characters are a must. say I love you is nothing less than these qualities. say I love you gives insight into the complexity of relationships in high school when two people are polar opposites.

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From roundhouse kicks to unrequited love, say I love you captivates the attention of fans in each episode. You should definitely give this relatable and romantic anime a try.

10/10 Related main character

Viewers who value realism and character growth have shown their love for Say I love you. This romance anime depicts the life of a relatable outcast named Mei Tachibana. Unable to see what comes next, Mei suddenly finds herself in a relationship with Yamato. Since Yamato is the most popular boy in school, Mei becomes a bigger target for bullying.

As Yamato’s involvement becomes overwhelming at times, Mei begins to learn what it means to be a high school student and the importance of self-expression. With bullying and gossip remaining common ground throughout the show, viewers are left to watch Mei’s development as a character.

9/10 endless drama

say i love you You is an anime where drama is around every corner, and rightfully so when high school is the setting. When they first encounter a new relationship, haunting doubts lead viewers to anticipate how their messy situation will unfold.

say I love you exhibits insecurities in a relationship as the couple has to learn to trust each other and realize when one partner is too overwhelmed. When Mei and Yamato have no room left for comfort, they find their way back to each other. The bittersweet realization of false rumors leaves the couple overcoming these challenges one by one. As Mei and Yamato’s relationship can be rocky, fans continue to support their development.

8/10 Different tropes are valued

say I love you nails the aspects of engaging different tropes through its characters. The sun and the moon are the central tropes of Mei and Yamato, as they are polar opposites. From this, the couple ends up complementing each other like no other love interest could.

Related: 10 Anime Series With Too Much RomanceAs Yamato brings Mei to life, and as Mei grounds Yamato, this pair shows each other a world of new meaning. Love at first sight is another trope in the series that shows how one person can love two people differently. what separates say I love you from other romance anime is the detailed effect these tropes play.

7/10 Actions have consequences

As the teens lead this romance anime, it shows how their actions have consequences. The fact that Yamato is popular and starts a new job as a model causes rumors to spread. Gossip about Yamato’s infidelity causes Mei to suppress her feelings to ignore her doubts. As Yamato never gives Mei the security she needs, the distance between them grows.

As time passes, more and more rumors spread that Yamato is romantically involved with his co-worker and worst case scenarios come to Mei’s thoughts. It is not until Mei’s bracelet breaks that Yamato realizes her flaws, dragging Mei along without understanding her hesitation. Picking up the beads, this couple begins to understand the importance of communication.

6/10 Communication makes the difference

Communication and the willingness to listen become the glue of any lasting relationship. say I love you it shows how a couple where one is popular and the other is isolated can work as long as the other can prioritize their relationship. Overcoming gossip and people meddling in your relationship, talking to each other becomes the key factor of trust.


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say I love you teacheshow as long as one person is willing to communicate, the difference in understanding can ultimately change the perspective of others. What fans love about this anime is the level of maturity it shows as it eventually makes its character identification appealing.

5/10 Diversity of love languages

Love doesn’t always have to mean perfect, and that’s what say i love You screens. This romance anime shows the good and the ugly that can happen in any high school relationship. Mei and Yamato’s love ends up meaning accepting each other’s faults and why unconditional love is important in their difficulties.

say I love you it opens viewers’ minds to how feeding off one’s love language can positively affect their relationship. For example, Yamato’s love language is touch, while Mei’s is quality time. Conflict occurs throughout the series when there is no commitment to their love languages, and when one gives in to the other’s love language, they can work it out.

4/10 Why not judge a book by its cover?

One of the main concepts say I love you covers is not judging a person by their appearance or their personality. Yamato, who seemingly has everything a person could want, becomes a self-imposed façade.

Mei, who initially has nothing, quickly gets everything she’s ever wanted and turns out to be more interesting than she may appear on their first meeting. Even when it comes to the development of other secondary characters like Aiko, who appears as the baddest, the reasons motivated by the past are explained. say I love you It offers all its characters the necessary background to unfold its dynamics between them.

3/10 Character development in Say I love you with confidence

Unrequited love is a repeated trope in this anime, but in a comforting way, every love that ends on one side only has its happy ending. As Aiko changes her entire appearance to suit Yamato, it is later revealed that Yamato would have preferred her more when she thought she was worse off. Weight, acne, and personality didn’t matter to Yamato and never have, so this romance anime is a treat to watch.

Related: 10 Romance Anime That Bombed But Became Cult ClassicsAlthough she doesn’t get Yamato, Aiko gains something more important: trust. After years of pressure to change, she suddenly feels comfortable when Yamato shows her that changing doesn’t mean someone will see a person differently.

2/10 Say I Love You features Trauma Bonding

As romance is the main focus in this anime, friendships and traumatic bonds are equally important details. Mei and Kai share the trauma of being bullied and having few friends. This bond leads them to be birds of the same feather, since both find comfort in each other, understanding what it means to be singled out.

Even when Kai developed feelings for Mei, he knew that she loved Yamato and knew that if he truly wanted what was best for her, it was best not to interfere. As a result, the bittersweet feelings within say I love you they are unmatched by other titles, leaving it alone when it comes to a well-executed romance anime.

1/10 Unrequited love can be concluded by saying I love you

say I love you focuses on many kinds of love, the most bittersweet being unrequited. Asami, Kai, and Aiko fall for this love since their love interests see them only as platonic friends. says I love you separates itself from other romances and allows these characters to have a happy ending.

In the end, they don’t get Yamato or Mei, but they do get the satisfaction that their love interests are happy. say I love you It ends up showing the different aspects of love and what can happen even if love is one-sided, leaving this anime appreciated by many.

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