Bleach options one in every of shonen’s best fight programs, largely constructed on the supernatural and spirits. Instead of jutsu, Quirks, or Devil Fruits, the characters of Bleach wield weapons equivalent to zanpakuto (spirit-cutting swords) and the spirit bows of the Quincy tribe. Uryu Ishida, for instance, confirmed Ichigo Kurosaki what sort of distinctive powers the Quincy have, all with spectacular outcomes.

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As a gifted Quincy and true shonen hero, Uryu is a form, courageous, and inventive fighter who has discovered every kind of how to even the chances in any battle all through the Bleach anime. Fans are used to seeing Uryu use his default Quincy bow and the mobility of the Hirenkyaku approach, however oddly, Uryu infrequently makes use of his different strikes, even after they might have turn out to be useful. In truth, a few of his talents have been used simply as soon as and forgotten.

10 Uryu Ishida Is A Skilled Tailor

This is extra of a ability than a superpower, however within the whimsically artistic world of Bleach, it nonetheless counts. Early within the anime, Uryu Ishida used every kind of expertise and objects that he evidently forgot about, since he not often, if ever, used them once more. This led to plenty of one-off expertise, abilities, and powers of his.

For a time, Uryu was the Bleach‘s resident tailor, utilizing his experience with thread and needles to make or modify garments for dolls and other people. He did this just a few instances within the first season, as soon as within the Soul Society arc, then forgot all about it in later story arcs.

9 Uryu Ishida Can Sense People’s Spirit Ribbons

This is one other quirk of Bleach‘s spirit-based fight system that was briefly explored in Season 1 after which completely deserted. Early on, characters like Uryu and Ichigo might sense the spirit ribbon of different souls, such because the white ribbons that almost all typical souls have. In distinction, a Soul Reaper’s ribbon is crimson.

Ichigo used this energy as soon as to trace a wayward Plus, then Uryu took his flip. At first, Ichigo doubted that Uryu had supernatural powers, so to show himself a Quincy, Uryu seized Ichigo’s crimson ribbon and even tore it up, forcing Ichigo to consider his claims.

8 Uryu Ishida Can Use Hollow Bait

This is a minor ability of Uryu that was used as soon as, then by no means once more. Not lengthy after he confronted Ichigo as a rival, Uryu challenged him to a Hollow slaying contest and crushed a white capsule to lure dozens of Hollows to their location.

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According to Uryu, Quincy hunters typically use these bait capsules to flush out their prey, however apart from him, nobody is ever seen doing such a factor. Interestingly, this bait was robust sufficient to lure out a Gillian-class Menos Grande, a titanic Hollow following the scent of Uryu’s bait.

7 Uryu Can Remove His Sanrei Glove To Use Letzt Stil

Right earlier than invading the Soul Society together with his buddies, Uryu donned a blue and white glove referred to as a Sanrei Glove on his proper arm. He endured rigorous coaching to spice up his energy with that glove, however when Uryu fought Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, he wanted to transcend his limits.

Uryu went Plus Ultra when he eliminated the glove and activated Letzt Stil, an enormous however momentary increase to his energy that allowed him to defeat Kurotsuchi in a fierce duel. This immense energy got here at a value, with Uryu dropping all his Quincy talents as soon as Letzt Stil wore out.

6 Uryu Can Make Collapse Chips

This energy was used extremely not often in Bleach, to the purpose most followers do not even want to essentially find out about it when analyzing Bleach‘s fight system. However, this energy actually exists, and Uryu talked about it very late within the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, proper earlier than the ultimate battle.

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The means to make collapse chips, or demolishing chips, stems from the Sanrei Glove. A Quincy carrying that glove can create the chips, collect them up, and activate the chips with their spirit vitality. Uryu believes that if sufficient chips are gathered, a Quincy might destroy a whole metropolis.

5 Uryu Can Use Seeleschneider To Harvest Spirit Energy

Uryu solely used this merchandise a few times in Bleach, however at the least he made present of issues. When Ichigo’s celebration break up up inside the large fortress of Las Noches, they fought the Privaron Espadas individually, and Uryu wanted extra energy to defeat the fallen Espada Circci Sanderwicci.

This weapon virtually seems like an anime lightsaber, being a mere steel deal with with a blue vitality blade extending from it. With Seeleschneider, Uryu can shred, collect, and take up the opponent’s spirit vitality into his physique for his personal use.

4 Uryu Can Use Ransotengai

If Uryu is paralyzed, injured, or exhausted, he’ll battle to run round or use his bow in fight. But he is obtained a manner round that. Talented Quincy like him can use a uncommon approach referred to as Ransotengai, the place the person kinds strings of spirit vitality and attaches these strings to their very own physique.

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With Ransotengai, the Quincy turns into their very own puppet, to allow them to transfer and battle regardless of their physique’s compromised situation. Uryu did this simply as soon as in his battle in opposition to Mayuri, and far later, the Sternritter Quilge Opie used it out of desperation whereas combating Ichigo in Hueco Mundo.

3 Uryu Can Fire His Arrows With Path Control

Uryu can carry out every kind of neat tips together with his bow and arrows, although he not often makes use of the identical trick greater than a few times, which is a disgrace. One instance is his path management means, which means he can information his arrows towards a goal like heat-seeking missiles.

Uryu did this to strike his Arrancar foe, Cirucci Sanderwicci, regardless of Cirucci’s fast actions along with her moth wings. This would have been helpful in opposition to different foes too, however Uryu solely fired three such arrows in all of Bleach.

2 Uryu Can Destroy His Enemy’s Spiritual Core With An Arrow

This is one other particular means that Uryu used precisely as soon as and by no means once more in Bleach. Uryu is such a crack shot together with his arrows, he can do extra than simply hit his foe’s head or coronary heart. He can purpose his arrows proper at their religious core, or the supply of all their vitality.

Uryu pulled off this trick shot in opposition to Cirucci Sanderwicci, rendering her unable to make use of any spirit vitality ever once more. Uryu did this so he might defeat her with out executing her, however ultimately, the Exequias discovered and killed Cirucci anyway to ship her corpse to Szayelaporro Grantz.

1 Uryu Can Use Ginto Sprengen

Quincy archers like Uryu Ishida can carry round a ginto bottle that shops their very own spirit vitality. They can then use that vitality for every kind of particular methods. Uryu has been seen utilizing these particular strikes a few times every, with probably the most spectacular being Ginto Sprengen.

If Uryu will get an opportunity to attract a star on the bottom, he can then pour his spirit vitality onto it and create a robust explosion of spirit vitality. Uryu did this precisely as soon as when Lieutenant Renji Abarai restrained Szayelaporro lengthy sufficient for Uryu to drag this off.

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