10 Perks Of Being Hades From Lore Olympus


In rachel smythe webtoon, Lore OlympusHades is feared for his gruff personality and morbid trade. However, people’s perceptions of Hades are not accurate to his true nature. Although Hades doesn’t particularly like his position, there are numerous advantages to being the king of the underworld.

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Hades enjoys more wealth and power than most gods, and he recently found his bride, Persephone. Also, more and more gods realize the value of Hades outside of the underworld. Hades has enjoyed many benefits throughout his life, but only now are all those benefits in his place. For the first time in a long time, Hades recognizes the advantages of him.

10/10 People fear Hades

A combination of Hades’ profession and his stoic demeanor makes people afraid of him. Although Hades often views his fear as a detriment, she is extremely helpful when he needs to do something. Whether through perceived or direct intimidation, people’s fear of Hades works in his favor.

Using his bad reputation to his advantage, Hades persuades people to finish tasks, do his bidding, or stay away from Persephone. He’s not the most moral thing he does, but there’s no denying that he’s effective in helping him create his empire.

9/10 Hades is the god of wealth

Hades is not only the god of death but also the god of fortune and wealth. As such, he seems to have much more beautiful and modern things than other Olympians. Also, Hades can use his fortune for his benefit.

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After buying as many material goods as he wanted, Hades now uses his money to keep growing his business. He also pampers Persephone as much as possible. Even though she’s not a material girl, she still makes Hades feel good about being able to buy nice things for the love of his life.

8/10 Hades is the king of the underworld

As king of the underworld, Hades often feels left out. However, he uses his status to build his empire from scratch. When Zeus first gave him the kingdom, there was practically nothing in it. But now, a thriving metropolis has blossomed, thanks to the efforts of Hades.

Also, his royal status grants him many other advantages, such as (some) favors from Zeus, as well as all authority in his domain. Although he doesn’t use his title often, it comes in handy when he needs a favor.

7/10 Hades has principles

Unlike many of the Olympian gods, Hades has a set of principles that he tries to adhere to. Although he could use his incredible power for many destructive and selfish purposes, Hades chooses to go through the proper channels (most of the time). He is often resistant to Zeus throwing the title at him and usually tries to keep his own out of conversations.

Although Hades isn’t beyond violence, he also wouldn’t harm anyone unless he felt he deserved it. Hades is a man who keeps his promises and would never betray anyone. He is a loyal person who would do anything to protect his loved ones.

6/10 Hades is gaining confidence

Hades began Lore Olympus in a bit of a rut. His girlfriend was demeaning, he was lonely and a social outcast. However, after meeting the effervescent Persephone, Hades’ entire perspective changes drastically.

Today, Hades has a newfound confidence. He confronts Zeus, communicates his wishes and fights for what he really wants. Hades has come a long way since the start of the series, and fans can’t get enough of it.

5/10 Hades owns Cerberus

One of the advantages of any position in the Underworld is its proximity to the watchdog, Cerberus. In this narrative, Cerberus is a transforming three-headed dog who usually looks like a normal-sized Great Dane. As his owner and guardian, Hades enjoys the perks of having the lovable and ferocious Cerberus as his companion.

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In addition to having a cute pet, Hades also enjoys being under the protection of Cerberus. When he’s at his peak, Cerberus is a fearsome and vicious guard. With him nearby, Hades never has to worry about intruders or other unsavory characters getting in his way.

4/10 Hecate is on the side of Hades

While many Olympians fear Hades or look down on him, Hecate has always stood by his side. As the goddess of magic and spells, Hecate is an equally terrifying member of the pantheon. However, her loyalty to Hades makes her an asset when he needs to get things done.

In addition to helping him out of sticky situations, Hecate often keeps Hades from hurting her own feelings. She regularly calls Hades for his excuses and is one of the first people to get him out of a bad mood. She may not be the gentlest of souls, but she Hecate is a true friend to Hades when no one else seems to be.

3/10 Others underestimate his kind heart

Hades’ intimidating reputation drives people away. This means that only a select few know the true goodness of Hades. Although he has a cold demeanor, Hades is one of the nicest gods in the pantheon. He willingly helps those in need and tries his best to be a good person.

More specifically, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Persephone. Hades has a great capacity for love. Even in his darkest days, he tries to be considerate of his friends and family. Those who are afraid of him will never have the chance to know how kind Hades really can be.

2/10 Hades is very powerful

As befits the king of the underworld, Hades wields immense power. With just a few words and a flash of light, Hades can apply his abilities to his closest enemies. He doesn’t use his powers often, but when he does, it’s a sight to behold.

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The two main reasons Hades uses his powers are for revenge and protection. This is especially true when it comes to Persephone. Hades has been waiting a long time to find the right person for him, and he doesn’t take slights against her lightly.

1/10 Persephone is the queen of Hades

After millennia of solitude, Hades finally finds his queen in Persephone. Despite being much younger than him, Persephone makes him immensely happy. The two understand each other on a deeper level, which makes them the perfect couple.

Also, Persephone is powerful on her own. As such, she is an invaluable ally to Hades, especially when Kronos breaks out of his prison. Persephone is shown to be a caring and gentle person who has no qualms about fighting for the people she loves. Hades is truly blessed to have met her.

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